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    Complete 100% of all main mission constraints.

    You don't have to get 100% completion to get this trophy, you only need to get 100% completion on the 13 Sequences that are story related. This means that you are not only aiming to complete the mission but to complete all the optional objectives as well. Most of the objectives are pretty simple, sometimes the hardest part is noticing objectives popping on-screen. To make sure you don't miss any I would recommend you press any time you enter a new stage of the mission to see if there any new objectives.

    Do not worry if you miss some objectives though, every mission is repayable. Just keep in mind that you will have to complete the whole mission for the objective to count. If you leave a mission halfway through, the objectives you done on that playthrough will reset. Unlike previous games, objectives stack so if you complete an objective once you won't have to do it again on subsequent replays.

    There are some missions that can cause a bit of trouble, especially the stealth missions and early naval missions where the Jackdaw isn't upgraded yet.

    If you're having trouble getting 100% in a certain mission, PLEASE check IGN's 100% Sync Guide.

    Once you get 100% Synchronization in all Sequences the trophy should pop.

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  • Oh, well!
  • I thought we could do what we want now how lame >.
  • @1 @2 Both of yous are completely stupid, you don't know anything about AC IV.
  • @3 Will you kindly tell us about it then?
  • Not again this trophy.
  • It took me a week to get the platinum on my second Playthrough. I am at sequence IV with 25% completition. ^_^ It's seems easier than AC III's one.
  • It is just the main missions which exists since ACII, not EVERYTHING in the game like the glitched trophy in ACIII. So, shut the fuck up.
  • @7 agreed Stfu and play the game. You don't have to go for the trophy.
  • @6 You've had the game for weeks? How? I just got mine today.
  • @9 I agree i just got mine about 2 hours ago right after work how is it possible to have it for weeks unless your apart of the developing team which i highly doubt
  • @9 I was saying about AC III. That it took me a week to get the platinum trophy. Though... I have AC IV about six days now. You see, it got released on my country on October 23. It's good to be Greek xP Only thing is, The trophies and multiplayer were not available till yesterday :I
  • @11 Must be nice. Do other games come out that early as well? :)
  • Unlikely. Europe release date had to be moved to be in line with NA.
  • Consider it ALLOWS you to sum up your different runs through a mission, so completing one objective during one play and the remaining one(s) during subsequent replays will neat you a 100% not needing to do them in a single run, and also the Checkpoint system from AC3 remains, allowing you to retry after a condition has failed without it being permanently lost until a complte retry like in the days of ACR. These two points make this trophy a worthy Bronze.
  • I mean, *A worthy silver, so it is actually pretty good, just taks a bit of time, but after my 1st playthrough I found myself at 96% sync, with all other single player trophies gotten, without even aiming for a single one.
  • way easier than AC3
  • most of you are just winey. I have played all 6 AC games before this and i always get 100% because these games are ridiculously good including the first game which didn't even have trophies and this game is no different. i am at 63% total sync and 56% of that is main sequences. I am yet to play sequence 8 and still confused as to some of the story to come but as far as playing and side missions AC4 has been the most enjoyable and i still have shit loads to go. So don't moan about how long its gunna take and fucking enjoy it!
  • Glitch. Having trouble with seq 8 mem 2 (damage Royal with upgraded) Didn't have any upgrade when I did this one 1st time but now that I've finished the game I got all upgrades but can't get 100% sync. I ram him but no sync. Anyone else got this problem? Any suggestion? No way I'll start a new character and do all missions 100% again!
  • I had uplay points so I used a free ram they gave me, got it on the first play trough. It counted although I never consider it an upgrade.
  • @3 are you stupid? #1 wasn't saying it was bad?
  • Tackle the Ubisoft employee from above
  • @20 Hey fat fuck shut the fuck up before I slam your face into the fucking concrete and watch a truck run you over and over again!!!
  • For Sequence 8 I found a glitch. For the fort to kill a ship first off kill the 2 pursuing ships. Then run away from the ship that you're supposed to board. When you are far from it, it will return to its original spot and will just look around for you. Destroy the fort, get off your ship, enter the fort, and then die to the enemies (DO NOT TAKE THE FORT). It will then spawn you in your ship. Drive towards the fort (that now just has the objective to kill the leader). The 2 pursuing ships are back, let them kill you by the fort, you should spawn on foot inside the fort. This time take over the fort. All 3 of the ships will now be around your fort. The fort will automatically destroy the two pursuing ships. The ship your supposed to board will even RAM your ship and that will
  • @18 me too i found out that you have to upgrade your ram but not elite ram because it wont count. can anyone help? my last trophy for the plat
  • the only way is to start the game all over and do it with 3rd lv ram. ubisoft alwsys put glitches to the trophies like completionist for ac 3
  • @ # 24 and 25... dude wtf! You dont have to start the game over again. And I had the elite ram and had totally no problem getting 100% sync first time and Im no gaming-gunn. Youre just doing it wrong. Platinum last night =D Feels good!
  • I got some missions to replay :)
  • This is easy so long as you have the patience, will and knowledge.
  • In case anyone is worried, if you get 100% on all missions before you complete the game then this trophy unlocks at the end the closing credits.
  • 26 just tell me what to dothen.
  • 11, are you sure? I'm from Greeceand I got this game on 28th October. Europe always releasee games later than America. (Ecxept killzone)
  • #26 no i mean one mission that needs upgraded ram not full 100%
  • As of now this trophy unlocked after mopping up all constraints ????

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