Prizes, Plunder, and Adventure! Trophy

  • Prizes, Plunder, and Adventure!


    Win every trophy.

    Earn all the non-DLC trophies, to get this one.

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  • I like the new colour there useing for the picture, better than there dark blue for revelations or bright blue in AC3, the name tho isn't very good but I guess it has to match the theme of pirets so I forgive you ubi but not for the lvl 55 multiplayer, there just pushing something on us that isn't fun for 3/4 of assassins creed fans.
  • Now that is one bad ass looking platinum
  • @2 Couldn't agree more!
  • This will be added to my AC platinum collection~
  • I want this!
  • It's going to take a while before i get this platinum lvl 55 c'mon I liked lvl 20 in AC Revelations.
  • Another easy platinum game good!
  • @7 i totally agree with you on that
  • I will get this platinum. Well when I get my ps4 since I'm waiting lol.
  • Just got me-self a Patinum-filled chest, ARGH!!!
  • How hard would you rate this plat at? Doesnt look too difficult easier than 3. Lets just hope its not glitchy....
  • I got it!
  • How's the leveling in mp??? How long did it take to reach lvl 55? This is the only trophy that bugs me in this list... Can you do it thru Wolfpack mode like in AC3?
  • Done, Did most through wolfpack. I wish they would have done an open world online. With ships and all.
  • I now, yet again, have every Assassin's Creed trophy ever! This game was one of the easiest; for the single player trophies, it just took time and some skill/practise for 100% sync and for the multiplayer trophies, it just took time. AC3 on the other hand took raw skill for some of the trophies, so this game was missing some challenge. ACR was a piece of cake, did it in 2 weeks, the only annoying part was uninstalling updates that glitched trophies. ACB was incredibly annoying for the multiplayer trophies; they brought one of the difficult ones back in this game: the all rounder trophy. AC2 was definitely just as easy as ACR, you just need a picture on your computer showing where the feathers are. All in all, a time-consuming trophy that is missing some of the challenge from the previous g
  • Got It Yesterday :)
  • I like the name of the trophy
  • Got this last night. Feels so friggen good. Great game though, probably up there at the top with AC2. Will play all over again, sad the rides over for now.
  • how are you guys getting this sharing is caring trophy??? am not able to find the chest n convoy
  • You don't have to start a new game to get this trophy, right? You can just replay memories or whatever it's called if you've messed up or missed out on something?
  • Just got the platinum. It was relativly easy but it takes sometime.
  • The trophies in this game were so easy to get, but they were pretty time consuming as the ship and co-op mode trophies were the last ones i got.
  • can't wait to platinum this getting it next week
  • this will be me 10 platinum
  • only missing the online ones :D
  • Awesome trophy and game :D Forth platinum now :)
  • Just platted this one :) Wasn't that hard, only the MP lvl 55 was grinding..
  • This will be my 3rd out of possible 5 ac platinums for me, perhaps my favourite also.
  • This shall be my 15th platinum and shamefully my 1st AC platinum, might have to re-visit the rest, got to get the set xD
  • After 40 hours I got this smexy trophy :) Oddly enough I didn't even have to buy all the abilities to get the All Rounder trophy (Tripwire Bomb is still not bought). I just used Wipe for the first time (which was my last ability purchased) and it popped. Guess the game said to itself "This guy is just too pro, just give it to him." And thus I now have my 5th platinum :)
  • Great game can't wait for Unity!
  • I got the platinum for this game last night, I happy I got it. It was an easy platinum to get, the only hard part was level up to 55 in multiplayer, that took a while to get, time consuming for the trophy, other then that, it was a fun game to play and I enjoyed it :)
  • anyone able to help me play some gamemodes online? Need them for 2 trophies. message me, PSN: Rubenownage

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