Completionist Trophy in Assassin's Creed III: Liberation

  • Completionist


    Reach the maximum player level in the multiplayer

    How to unlock Completionist

    The multiplayer in Assassin's Creed III: Liberations is unique to say the least. A lot of people expected a smaller console experience but were left disappointed. In this MP you get a world with every country listed and you have to choose either Abstergo or the Assassins. Pretty much everyone chooses the Assassins and the gameplay is broken as hell since the Assassins get the winning nodes too quick and the game ends, so you're probably better off picking the Assassins as well.

    The maximum level is level 15 and will require grinding. The fastest way to do this is to keep battling the strongest enemy in a zone (the one on the right when you have to pick an enemy out of three choices). You can keep grinding this, even when your energy is 0. The amount of experience is constant and does not drop on 0 energy. It's quite a grind though so watch some television or something while you do it, as you can never make this process automatic and it still requires your attention to tick the screen and start battles.

    Statistics of a lvl 15 player, thanks to yazter.


    • You cannot lose a battle. You only gain city points (CP), earn global/troop experience and lose energy.
    • Some people might not know but you can use troops several times until their energy (lightning icon) is 0. It's a little confusing with the timer starting as soon as you spent 1 energy, but this is how it works.
    • You can still attack cities with 0 energy, and it's the best way to grind yourself till lvl 15.
    • Attacking enemy territory uses Attack Points
    • Attacking your territory uses Defense Points
    • Attacking higher level players is the best way to grind to lvl 15
    • Assassin nodes are red, Abstergo nodes are blue and the grey nodes with treasure chests are economy nodes:

    Economy mission, Brazil.

    Thanks to breakxedge & rospondek

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  • I really enjoy AC multiplayer so even if its like brotherhood(level 50) I will still enjoy it.
  • Same. I only recently got into assassins multiplayer nut after getting revelations platinum i am looking forward to this and III. shame i have to wait till xmas to get my vita and this lol.
  • *but
  • Oh god why.
  • Disappointing. I was hoping that I wouldn't have to deal with online trophies for this one.
  • Sad... i Hate online trophy ... if the game starts right away you arrive it will be less painfull then waiting the horrible loading like the other games and lvl 50 was a pain to obtain !!! it's getting boring at lvl 20 0_o
  • I'd love to see games coming with 2 platinum trophies, one for finishing all single player & the other for completing all the multiplayer
  • @#7 I think that is a good idea. It would mean that everyone could have a chance at saying they have got platinum on their fave games without the need for online grinding. Plus sometimes multiplayer on games just plain sucks and you dont want to bother with it :-p
  • This is the worst "multiplayer" ever. All it is is a stupid social-esque game. It is really similar to free iOS or facebook games, but this one has no depth or story at all. You don't even control a character. It is terrible. This trophy is going to be a grind.
  • Anyone know what the maximum player level is?? How long this will roughly take?
  • @#10 Max level is 15, it will take about 650/700 fights.
  • @#11 thanks but on level 10 75% and done 500 matches so i reckon be more 1000 matches for me
  • finally got it took me 1080 missions
  • i have know 623 matches and level 12 almost 13.
  • whats the best one to fight 1 2 or 3? when you choose an opponent? do they all give the same exp?
  • how do you know what your level is and how many matches you have
  • #16 while in the world map press start and go to lifetime stats. Rank is your level.
  • i think its better to fight lvl 1 because you save energy and get more exp than with a higher lvl one
  • It wasn't so bad... it took a few days and a total of 8 hours with 900 battles
  • Wow, this sucked. The first 2 trophies were done within an hr or 2 and weren't bad, but the grind for this was another 8 hrs. So sucky
  • It just take me 5 hours and about 500 fights o-o
  • For this trophy, I did the following: Indianapolis was my city I selected (closest to my geological location). The Thief was the person I chose to battle for me. I battled the far right person each time. I got to Level 8 at 150 battles (I did about 90% of what I explained above this way). I got to Level 9 at 191 battles. Level 10 at 255 battles. Level 11 at 307 battles. Level 12 at 363 battles. Level 13 at 424 battles Level 14 at 488 battles. Level 15 at 559 battles. What a stupid grind!
  • This is a truly terrible trophy. I cannot fathom where the 'fun' is supposed to be in this dreadful multiplayer game. There is no skill involved, there is nothing interesting, all you do is repeatedly tap attack hundreds of times over. Basically, it's about as much fun a watching paint dry. This is a test of patience and nothing else and if there weren't a trophy to grind out I am certain no one would ever play this. Antway, rant over. One useful tip I found was the XP you get is tied to the control points you earn so its well worth starting this off by doing the economic missions in Canada that allocate extra energy to the operatives. Get them upgraded and then grind for the levelling up to 15. I have 250 attacks and am at level 10.5 using this approach.
  • Guessing theres no way to skip the Cooldown for 30 minutes every damn time the characters are used. Painful Trophie to say the least and the last 1 before the Platinum.
  • #24 same for me i wish this trophy did not exist. Level 9 with 272 fights
  • 621 fights and 3,52h. Guess this was one of the most boring Trophies Ive done but Plat now =)
  • Pain in the arse trophy!!!!! Level 9 244 fights 4 hrs 53 mins.... So boring!!!!!!!!
  • My stats: Rank 7 - 102 Fights Rank 8 - 138 Fights Rank 9 - 175 Fights Rank 10 - 217 Fights Rank 11 - 264 Fights Rank 12 - 319 Fights Rank 13 - 378 Fights Rank 14 - 441 Fights Rank 15 - 512 Fights Took 5hr49mins using the Thief for every battle to quickly rank attacks up to level 10. There have been far longer grinds but this is by far the worst and most pointless part of any game I've ever "played".
  • Here are my stats right after getting lvl 15, to give you an idea : lvl 15 after 626 battles and 6:07H played!
  • Can't get on multiplayer :(
  • It's working as of now, there was some down time for almost a week but all seems fine now, albeit the worst grind ever!!!
  • lvl 15 after 566 battles and 6:06 h played. finally I'm done
  • boring =.=
  • 510 battles in 4:59 hrs and I'm done. So glad that's out of the way, it was horrible. Now I can sit back and enjoy the game and not worry about the multiplayer afterwards. :)
  • I agree... this takes way too long, and its not even remotely fun.
  • So do any of the boost help u rank up faster because ive been using Feild kits and so on and seems to be working a little better and faster
  • My boosting tech is little faster than this one i'll post my wife's stats as proof
  • Took me exactly 650 fights,05:39 time online and 30 economic nodes.
  • This trophy was relatively tame compared to what some people are making it out to be. It took me 578 fights in 5 hours and 25 minutes of play time. Just have the TV on in the background and do it in small increments if you're the type who gets bored easily.
  • This trophy is stupid to be honest. It was a long and terrible grind for no payoff whatsoever. Why did they put this trophy when it serves no purpose apart from exercising your fingers while you watch TV. sigh :(
  • Most depressing multiplayer ever. What were the developers thinking?
  • Just be thankful you cant lose a battle. Now that would really suck :(
  • vagos2600 search me on psn
  • its not SO BAD of a grind, BUT they should not of included this mode just watch netflix and do it
  • 638 fights in 6 hours 16 minutes...what a waste of time but hey! Plat!
  • Currently 500 fights in, and level 14. Not that much of a grind. Honestly don't know why all the complaining.
  • Almost 7 hours to get this, and I found that measuring up the best CP with the Energy expenditure is the fastest way to go. This was after 5 hours of the mindless grind of 0 Energy for 3 CP runs. With the Energy by taking a 30 minute break between runs, I went from Level 11 to 15 in no time.
  • Got it 2022 August 28. Heard Ubisoft is shutting down some old game servers Sept 1st. AC Lib vita wasn't on the list, but PC version and AC 2-3 mp were so who knows.

    This was the most mindless trophy I've ever seen. Final time was 4:55 and 626 battles just doing the same 8 screen touches over and over to make Thief attack same city. Watch movies while you do it.
  • Painfully working on this trophy now. Wish there was a way to reset those cooldowns! Guess it gives me a chance to focus on something else for 20 minutes.

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