Bayou Fever Trophy in Assassin's Creed III: Liberation

  • Bayou Fever


    Complete every Bayou Fever mission

    How to unlock Bayou Fever

    You'll have to start the De Bayou Fever sidequest, which the 'witch doctor' near the middle of the map will give you. (skull icon) After doing his small tutorial mission, you'll have to find mushrooms in De Bayou and help random strangers who have fever. Mushrooms are hidden all over the zone and can be seen by the white glow, the same glow as the statuettes, diary pages etc. To apply the mushroom, first knockout the patient and then press

    The collectibles guide has every mission and each mushroom listed.

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  • BEWARE!!! This trophy glitched for me. The only one I have left, too. Make sure you collect all the mushrooms before you do the bayou fever missions. I finished the missions before finding all the mushrooms. The game let me, but took the missions off the map and no trophy. Now they won't come back. Have to restart just for this one trophy.
  • Same thing happened to me. Didn't realize it was because I didn't do the mushrooms first. Sucks.
  • Wow yeah same for me, this trophy popped before i got all the mushrooms :s
  • Follow the ign maps here:
  • damn me too. i do not know what to do now. any ideas or help please.
  • Hey Guys! It can be done afterwards! Just use this map as a reference. or the link FrankJaeger provided. It works!

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