Hanger Trophy in Assassin's Creed III: Liberation

  • Hanger


    Hang an enemy on the gibbet at the Place d'Armes

    How to unlock Hanger

    The Place d'Armes is the area where your first riot (with Blanc) takes place. It is also located in your Location DNA in the main menu if you want a visual image of the place. Just go there, place yourself on the gibbet and hang an enemy with the whip.

    Credit to abdullahkankuro for the video.

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  • Location: [New Orleans] To get this trophy you will have to hang a enemies on the gibbet But first you must completed Sequence 4 To get the whip ? After you get the whip go to the center of the square where there gallows ( You will see the Location in the video )There you will see a bribe, kill the two guards who were with him in order to avoid trouble with them Then kill a single enemy in order to make the other enemy following you to the gallows ( You can use smoke grenades to stop his movement ) My Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVwCuSFL51o

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