Poison Trophy in Assassin's Creed III: Liberation

  • Poison


    Use berserk poison to force an enemy to kill 5 enemies

    How to unlock Poison

    To do this trophy, you'll require the berserk poison and you'll need to play/replay Sequence 3 mission three. After a series of conversations, you should run with Eline to a checkpoint. From there on, free run via the tree next to you till you end up near the white veteran soldier. Bring up your berserk poison and hit him. He will successfully murder every enemy, which unlocks this trophy.

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  • This glitched on me twice but it unlocked after my 3rd attempt
  • I don't know what the above meant by glitches, but the elite would end up attacking the slaves after killing two soldiers. Used a poison dart to kill the far left soldier, on elite's side, and then hit elite with berserk after the other five grouped up around the dead one. Finally worked.
  • thank you Strivinglife! i kept trying and could not get it. i tried your sergestion and i got it! :D
  • The poison always kills the elite before he gets the last two.
  • Thank you strivinglife, i used your advice, just few tries and got it!
  • #2 Works perfectly!! Thx mate!!
  • Good tactic... Poison the guy in white and jump to the middle of them, just run around them while the commander kills every single one of them :P

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