What is she doing? Trophy in Assassin's Creed III: Liberation

  • What is she doing?


    Kill 7 guards on rooftops in the Lady Persona

    How to unlock What is she doing?

    The Lady Persona cannot jump/climb buildings so this trophy might sound hard, it is not. Simply head over to the Assassin HQ and target it with a blue marker on your map. Then simply walk away from the location and finds guards. Any number will do. Once you got them, lead them back to the HQ and walk up your HQ till you're at the balcony. Keep walking till you reach the fence that blocks you and then kill the guards. You do not have to kill all seven at once, so just keep searching for guards and keep leading them back to the balcony.

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  • Can't get this trophy. Not sure what I am missing here. Using the parasol and poison darts.
  • same here, i got the trophy for 25 kills, but cant get the ''what is she doing''
  • This trophy might require the pistol that only slave and lady personas can use. I cant confirm it yet because I don't have the money for the pistol.
  • Nope, tried it with the pistol. No luck:/
  • Maybe this trophy means kill 7 guards who are on rooftops.
  • Here's my theory, you must use the lady persona to climb onto the rooftops and kill the guards with your hidden blade Before I get hate comments telling me that the Lady Persona can't climb buildings, she can climb ladders. And I know of two buildings (so far) which have ladders and guards. Here's where I'm starting to doubt though, I wait for the same guards to re-appear and then go back up to kill them, but I'm still unable to get the trophy, so I think that you need to kill 7 guards without changing into any other persona or leaving New Orleans. Can someone help me find 5 more buildings with guards and ladders?
  • I haven't gotten it yet but based on various trophy guides people say it's killing 7 guards with the hidden blades. The balcony of the HQ is supposed to count so you can lure guards up the balcony to the end and kill them and that's supposed to work.
  • To do it, I raised my notoriety level to max, and get the 7 guards to follow me around, I went to the balcony of the HQ. And, the Trophy popped up after killing them. Good luck http://s1282.beta.photobucket.com/user/styve2ns/media/2012-11-11-125514.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0
  • You can also get the guards by the eyewitnesses and take them to the balcony too, to get this achievement.
  • THIS WORKS GUARANTEED: Piss off some guards (as many as you can at a time) and get them to chase you back to the Assassin's HQ (while in Lady Persona). Lure them up the ramp of the HQ (on the left hand side, facing the docks) and simply stab them to death on the balcony. I did this using the 1.01 patch in about 10 minutes. Good luck, if you need any help feel free to contact me on PSN or Playfire.com (DiBB_94)
  • This video works : But indeed : you need to kill between 20 et 35 guards and not 7 ! Use smoke grenades and its childs play :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nrwv1mI4ct0
  • Got it glitched...i brought there in one time only 2 guards and 6 of the "guys" that pickpocket you. I killed them all and the trophy popped up. Strange, i know, i'm surprised too, but this game is so glitched...
  • I finally got this (last I needed for plat). Not sure what I did different than what I was trying before. DEFINITELY took more than 7. I killed about 30.
  • This one is last i need for platnium trophy :o
  • This one is not glitchy for me... it was easy, i did it this way: piss of some guards so you can kill the witness, don't kill him so nobody sees... kill him so his guards see and run to the balcony then kill them.
  • There is another set of stairs that lead to a roof by the big section with the hanging area and i think the building is a big church right if you are facing the guards that are in formation you just run straight through them and get them to chase you up the stairs to the roof, only problem is I killed at least 50 guards over there and at least 50 guards over by the hq and still no trophy
  • Had the same problem, but fixed it after using hidden blade on the rooftop, btw I just charmed few guards to follow me to the rooftop.
  • I did like sXa said and its really worked. Thanks for the help
  • Did exactly what the guide says and it worked flawlessly. Thank you! :)
  • Weird every solution was the same one mentioned in the walk through above. Balcony HQ. Although getting guards angry and then climbing a ladder was a new one for me, so shots out to whomever mentioned it first above. Aw-keypad
  • I came back to mention that when you go after the brooches, you do a lot of ladder climbing anyway...well i just filled up the poisons and while on the roof used eagle vision and shot everyone red. Again HQ was the best but thought I'd add that because that's how I got it via PS3. Oh and rooftop is a no go because the same guards do not count. Also every enemy is NOT a guard.
  • Killing the same guard I mean.
  • Are you kidding me, look at all these posts... this is a lady you guys, piss off no one. The Assassin HQ is the best place, yes! Rooftop is a must, yes! Weapon of choice, the umbrella. Reason, there are 8 guards surrounding the HQ 4 on each side. There is a long ladder around the back. Climb and shot. If for some odd reason you can not do the other 4, do a side mission and come back. Time is tremendously reduced. Sheesh piss off guards, this is my lady, she does not fight. AW-KEYPAD
  • Oh and mymethod was exactly 7 fir me not 25-30men. Plus i killed this on the ps3 also.

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