Disguised Trophy in Assassin's Creed III: Liberation

  • Disguised


    Change your persona 50 times

    How to unlock Disguised

    As the trophy states, simply change your costumes 50 times. Re-entering the same shop and choosing a different persona each time works. It's the quickest approach.

    Note: This has to be done in shops and not the HQ.

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  • This is extremely glitched, easily 100+ persona changes and no trophy. What worked for me was this... Try staying at the same Dressing Chamber and simply doing 50 changes there and then, in and out repeatedly until it pops. It seems as if any time you do anything to break the free roam (leave the city, enter cutscenes, etc.) it resets the counter for this trophy.
  • This one is bugged. You must do what's in comment #1. Your stats aren't saved and so you must change 50 times in a row to get this trophy. I wish devs would actually test these before releasing an incomplete game.
  • YEAH HORRIBLE. dumb trophy
  • @3 Yeah... there's plenty of those in this game
  • I doubt this is glitched but is likely instead just a very poor trophy-trigger decision. It does require you to take the time to change 50 times in a row, which doesn't take very long but is pointless and boring, two hallmarks of a very bad trophy.
  • Urggggggh, this is a chore... Stupid OCD...
  • I really despise tedious trophies such as this one.
  • I wish I had read this before. :(
  • Ah damn, probably 3 or 4 times I've changed outfits 20-30 times each, plus whatever from the story... Wish I'd known this.
  • I am having a problem with a lot of the trophies I don't know if its me or the game, i ran and walked around new orleans for probably 2 hours in the assassin persona and still do not have the notorious trophy, i killed about 75 guys on the rooftops in the lady persona and nothing.
  • People at Abstergo did a very bad job...

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