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    Climb 8848 meters

    How to unlock Climber

    Yes, that's the exact height of Mt. Everest. Getting this trophy without grinding is...impossible. You should have around 3KM (3000M) after getting every other trophy so prepare for quite a grind (1-2 hours). You should go and search for a wall that is too high for Aveline and just keep pressing forward. This will reward you with 1.5M per jump and is by far the easiest way to achieve this trophy.

    You can always check the Navigation tab under options->stats to check your climbing stats.

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  • Captain Obvious speaking: this is the height of the Mount Everest :) Over and out
  • @#1: Cheers Captain
  • lol cool
  • I hope this is cumulative. :D
  • This will take a long time...
  • This took a while and I was wondering about that height so thanks @FfredericC. I just aimed Aveline at a wall to high to climb, placed a book on the left analogue stick and wrapped an elastic band around my right trigger and went to dinner. When I came back the trophy had popped. Hope this helps. If you need any help feel free to contact me on PSN or (DiBB_94)
  • The easiest way to get this trophy is to find a wall where you can keep jumping but you aren't able to grab anything. Take an elastic band and wrap it around the right trigger then find something to keep the left joystick propped up. Leave it for a few hours at the most and you'll be all set. Good luck :)
  • Don't know how Guide Creator played (or the above two posters), but I've just started Sequence 6, and have just under 5K climbed . . . Should be able to get this without grinding, just stick to the rooftops/trees . . .
  • 1. Find a wall or tree that you can't climb. 2. Get 2 elastic bands and wrap it around the left stick and the R button. 3. Let her run up the wall/tree and fail continuously. 4. Have a cuppa tea.
  • Actually, the height of Mount Everest is 8850 meters. Oh no, I'm *that* guy
  • The Tower in the middle of the Villiage is 40meters so just climb that for an hour or so, crappy boring Trophie that dosnt work when you die. 3 MP Trophies left for me, everything else is done =)
  • my last trophie lol
  • @Stee, It's been an hour and a half, and I'm still 2km away... One hell of a cuppa tea... If anyone is looking for a wall to climb with a save point next to it, go to the ramp at HQ, and run up the wall to the right of that. This way when you wanna use your Vita for something else, or you get bored, you can just run inside to save :P
  • I have discovered BY FAR the fastest and easiest way to get this trophy. Find a tall ladder(Aveline can climb ladders VERY fast)get on the ladder and climb up and down, don't climb off the ladder that will just waste time, just stay on and climb up and down. The reason this method is so fast is because you get credit for climbing up AND down the ladder. Using this method you can climb 700 meters in 5 minutes.
  • I did it using #6's idea, and I had no rubber bands >.> Left it on overnight with around 3,000m and woke up with 30,000m.
  • I did the rubber an and trick, took about 4 hours to get the rest of the way there
  • Remember to make the game save because, if you don't do it in one run and leave the game, when you restart it, the stats resets to the ones of the last game saved (loosing all meters not saved).
  • Ladder worked for me, thanks #14. It does require you to pay attention to the game, but you can easily do this while watching something on TV for half an hour.
  • @#10 You do realise that through tectonic shift, mountains grow and shrink, right?
  • @#19 rofl

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