Diarist Trophy in Assassin's Creed III: Liberation

  • Diarist


    Collect every diary page

    How to unlock Diarist

    Collect every diary page. They can be found in New Orleans, De Bayou en Chichen Itza. Some of them are hidden inside empty trees, houses etc. An icon will also appear on the mini-map if you're close (or if you've used eagle vision nearby).

    Head over to the collectibles guide for every location.

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  • I'm only missing page 14
  • How many pages are there? I have pages 1-29 and the trophy hasn't popped. How many pages am I missing?
  • These maps are your friend and make all collectibles easy. http://www.gamefaqs.com/vita/640108-assassins-creed-iii-liberation/faqs
  • I have made an interactive map to make it even easier again :D http://nerdburglars.net/gamechecklists.php?game=Assassins%20Creed%203%20:%20Liberation
  • I have 29 diary pages... i searched at every location at least 4 times!!!! WHERE IS THE FINAL PAGE???? I so wanna eat my vita xD those pages make me hate the game... is there something i need to do before getting the last page?
  • Nvm i got it... its in sequence 4 where you follow the footprints, look for all clues and at the end you see the page
  • 2 are in sequences and are not really hard to miss. 1 is, as stated above, in #4 and for the record there are #30 total. Go into database and view which ones you are missing and then go to the PS3 HD version on this site for this game and locate the number you are missing in the diary pages. Hope this helps
  • I’m not able to pick the one in chicken itza- it’s marked on the map but nothing is there - it’s the one behind a building seems likes it’s supposed to be on the table there.

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