Complete 100% of all Mission Constraints Trophy in Assassin's Creed III: Liberation

  • Complete 100% of all Mission Constraints


    Achieve 100% Synchronization in all Sequences

    How to unlock Complete 100% of all Mission Constraints

    Simply achieve 100% in every sequence. There are a total of nine sequences. This trophy can be achieved during the story, as the requirements are quite easy. Remember: Once you fail, do not give up. Simply go the menu and restart the memory from the last checkpoint. This will reset the 100% requirement.

    For additional information, check out the 100% Walkthrough thread.

    Caution: Make sure you restart from the last checkpoint instead of restarting the entire memory. I personally had this twice, since I clicked too fast so make sure to always select the bottom option.

    PS: Side quests and their 100%s are not a requirement for this trophy.

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  • Silver? Rly?
  • 100% Sync trophies have always been Silver, only Gold Trophy in AC is for completing the Story.
  • Well, completing story, is one thing... But, completing history with 100% (doing the challenges) is another one... Deserves a gold... Nothing against, just my opinion...
  • It's really not that bad. Resetting to checkpoint resets the sync failed so it's not nearly as painful as the older games to get the 100%'s. That and half the sequences have no requirement so you get those automatically.
  • I agree with @LadyKatala on this one, much easier than Revs or Brotherhood. The only one I had trouble with was in Sequence 9 "Hold off the guards for at least 1 minute." Kept glitching on me around the 45 second mark, but I just kept grinding it and then it popped around 30 seconds into an attempt for some reason. It didn't save in the DNA menu, but I got the trophy so no complaints from me.
  • how do you know which sequences you didn't fully 100% so that you can replay that specific one?
  • Lynzxer, you go to the pause menu with start and they are all in the DNA section. Just look around and you'll find it.
  • I can tell you from experience, the sequence 9 missions are the hardest to get full sync, unless you use a few tricks to get past each stage without taking any damage, which is difficult with the crap controls not responding at times. Make sure you upgrade your smoke bomb belt and use them often with the hidden blades to get double assassinations. Using the whip against Davidson while your chasing Agate' as it is a two button press kill and having at least the 2 shot pistol helps immensely too. Just make sure to reload after each encounter. For the big guys with the axes, just use the kick a couple of times and then kill them when they fall to the ground. It's easy if your prepared with smoke bombs and strategy, if you're not, it's gonna take a long time thanks to the crappy devs who progr
  • Trophy (dramatic pause)... did not pop for me. I've checked and double checked. Even got 100% on all side stuff. Has this happened to anyone else?
  • 98% with everything at full sync... sigh been searching for a solution with no luck.
  • that 9-1 full sync, all you gotta do is run to the corner of the balcony and hold circle to defend them all...if one fires, grab a human shield and go back to defending after you won't get hit, it won't skip to the cutscene ahead of time (like it usually does), so you get full sync =] and also, i keep hearing to reload the whole memory if you mess up, since reloading the checkpoint will cut a few seconds off your time and you won't be able to get it
  • Does someone knows where to buy smoke grenades? I searched everywhere but can't find it... i need to for seq9-1
  • @joebulldozer check the smuggler! you can find him on your map in some different areas.
  • my full sync for this trophy popped up after just 40-45 seconds >.>
  • the easy way is to just stay in a corner and keep blocking the hits and Tadaa! Thanks for the tip @futurerising
  • i got 100 percent and the trophy don t pop up.i hate ubisoft.any tips?
  • I have Full Sync eveything, even Citizen E. But i dont get the trophey. Also my Citizen E is still red and I have 100%. I have gone back to see if I missed one and I have not, and the 6th one will not show up anymore at the end of the game. Anyone know how to fix this?
  • 9-1 is CANCER.. been at it for 4 hours straight, WITH STOPWATCHES... ive gotten as far as 71 seconds (no 100%) and 98% of the time it glitches and goes to cinematic at 40ish seconds.. it also randomly drops combat when you use too many smoke gernades so i had to stop that... it seems to just glitch all the damn time.. ive only goten past the minute mark ONCE in about 150 attempts
  • not jk... 9-1 is enough to never recommend this to anyone, save your $ even if the games free.. dont load this trash heap the game was fun until this mission, the bayou was cool, the ice level was cool, it had under water levels (small mind you) the city was decent size ETC.. but this ONE MISSION GRRRRRRR

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