• Estimated Platinum Difficulty: 3/10 (Platinum Difficulty Thread)
  • Approximate Time To Platinum: 20+ hours for SP. MP depends on how much you can grind at once, but will take several hours.
  • Trophy Breakdown: (22, 21, 1, 1)
  • Offline: (20, 20, 1)
  • Online: (2, 1) (No PSN pass required)
  • Missable Trophies: None
  • Minimum Playthroughs Needed: 1
  • Difficulty Affects Trophies: No difficulty
  • Glitched Trophies: N/A

1) Complete the Story and try to get 100% Sync

The fun thing about Assassin's Creed is the 'open world', meaning you can backtrack. This also means you are NOT required to get every collectible from start. You can revisit each zone in Liberation after finishing the story, which means you can not possibly miss any mission(s), collectibles, shops or any trophy at all.

However, you should try to get 100% sync on every mission during your 1st (story) playthrough. The reason for this is the low difficulty of each objective and the fact you won't have to replay certain sequences after finishing up the story. Like Assassin's Creed III, there is also a new checkpoint system that resets the 100% sync if you fail.

Another important thing to note in Liberation are the personas (costumes). Aveline has three different costumes with unique collectibles and moves. To get every trophy/collectible, you'll have to wander around with every costume. For most missions though, just use the Assassin outfit as that is by far the best one. As for collectibles, the Lady uses her charm ability to gather gems from certain gentlemen, the slave pickpockets Voodoo Dolls and the Assassin beats up thieves for coins.

The most important thing in this step though, is to enjoy the story in Liberation, relax and try to get every sequence up to 100% sync. You should also try and get most viewpoints, buy most of the shops and complete several side quests. This will make the cleanup shorter, although it is not required.

2) Clean up

If you missed certain viewpoints, collectibles, shops or side-quests, now is the time to get them. The same for any of the weapon trophies, such as murdering five guards with the Sugarcane machete. The length of this step depends entirely on you.

3) Multiplayer

The multiplayer in AC:L is not your average Assassin's Creed multiplayer. It's somewhat like a Facebook game, where you send troops to battle/economic missions, which make use of energy. Your troops need this energy to get the most out of missions so you'll have to take breaks between missions. For "Completionist", you will have to reach lvl 15. If you're in for a grind, you could reach that level in only a few hours, (0 energy characters can still battle and earn the exact same amount of xp). You'll also have to do 100 battles and 30 economic missions, which is not that hard. You keep getting more troops each level and each troop has about 5 base energy.

Looking at the bright sight of things: the MP does not require any PSN pass, so you can safely buy a second hand copy of AC:L and still get the platinum. Renting is an option, as you can grind the MP in a few hours if you've got the attention span for it.

4) Game corruption

Unfortunately, this step is important enough because quite a few people have encountered this so far. While typing this, no patch has been made to fix it. Ubisoft has been emailed and they are aware of the problem. Basically, there's a small chance the game can corrupt on you. You will notice this when you want to continue the story and Aveline simply disappears in the Animus after a second, (after which the game restarts). There is simply no way to fix this, except for restarting the entire game. Some people, including myself, had this happen after completing the game which can cause much frustration. Because of this, achieving 100% sync during the story should be your main target just so you can at least rush the story without 100% if the game gets corrupted. Getting every collectible, which is quite easy thanks to the collectibles guide, should be your second target. Getting both these targets before getting corrupted saves you a lot of fuzz. This is, however, optional as you may not get corrupted at all but getting both 100% and the collectibles is easy enough anyway.

Note: If you completed every mission and 100% was the final thing you had to do, you can create a new game (without deleting the "corrupted" game data) and you should still be able to access the DNA's via the menu. This way you can still get 100%.

PS3T Would Like to Thank GuerrillaDawg for this Road Map]

Assassin's Creed III: Liberation Trophy Guide

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45 trophies ( 21  22  12  )

  • Collect all other 44 Trophies for this Trophy

    As always, nothing is true, everything is permitted.

  • Achieve 100% Synchronization in all Sequences

    Simply achieve 100% in every sequence. There are a total of nine sequences. This trophy can be achieved during the story, as the requirements are quite easy. Remember: Once you fail, do not give up. Simply go the menu and restart the memory from the last checkpoint. This will reset the 100% requirement.

    For additional information, check out the 100% Walkthrough thread.

    Caution: Make sure you restart from the last checkpoint instead of restarting the entire memory. I personally had this twice, since I clicked too fast so make sure to always select the bottom option.

    PS: Side quests and their 100%s are not a requirement for this trophy.

  • Block 10 firing lines with a human shield

    Simply block ten gunshots by using an enemy as human shield. You can recognize a firing line by the yellow triangle that will appear above enemies. Once this happens, quickly grab a nearby enemy by pressing to use him as a human shield. You'll have to be quick, as enemies will move away from you once this happens. The best place to do this is either Place d'Armes or the fort in the most NW corner of New Orleans. Credit to apsyka for the video:

  • Collect every diary page

    Collect every diary page. They can be found in New Orleans, De Bayou en Chichen Itza. Some of them are hidden inside empty trees, houses etc. An icon will also appear on the mini-map if you're close (or if you've used eagle vision nearby).

    Head over to the collectibles guide for every location.

  • Collect every alligator egg

    Crocodile to the left, egg to the right.
    Also see "Survivor".
  • Collect every Mayan statuette

    These are similar to the diary pages but can only be found in Mexico. There are a total of ten statuettes and two of them can only be found in one unique underwater level that you get to explore twice, once during Sequence 4 and once during Sequence 6.

    Head over to the collectibles guide for every location.

  • Collect every persona-specific collectible

    Since many people were asking this, these collectibles will appear after you start sequence 4.

    Every Persona in AC:L has unique collectibles to collect. The assassin can gather coins, the Lady can charm gems and the Slave can pickpocket Voodoo Dolls.

    To quickly collect each of them, head over to the collectibles guide for every location.

    Pocket watches and any remaining NEAR collectibles are NOT required for this trophy.

    Assassin: Find a money icon and beat up/murder the thief. Then loot him

    Lady: Find a gem icon and charm the guy. This will reward you with one gem

    Slave: find a 'voodoo' icon and pickpocket the guy.

  • Kill 5 guards in 15 seconds using only the Sugarcane Machete (without using the Chain Kill)

    If you want to make this very easy just gather some guards around you (the more the easier) and throw a smoke bomb. The guards will be stunned and you'll be able to kill one after another without the need to even think about countering etc, don't forget to use the machete of course. Place d'Armes is a good place to do this.

    Thank you Kolm.

  • Climb 8848 meters

    Yes, that's the exact height of Mt. Everest. Getting this trophy without grinding is...impossible. You should have around 3KM (3000M) after getting every other trophy so prepare for quite a grind (1-2 hours). You should go and search for a wall that is too high for Aveline and just keep pressing forward. This will reward you with 1.5M per jump and is by far the easiest way to achieve this trophy.

    You can always check the Navigation tab under options->stats to check your climbing stats.

  • Survive 5 alligator encounters

    You heard that right, you have to survive five battles with alligators. Don't worry though, as it only takes one QTE to finish one of them. If you're quick enough to spot one before it spots you, you can prepare yourself to press a button, as you can murder them with one hit if the first button gets pressed correctly. If not then you'll have to mash and hit the right button again.

    Head over to the collectibles guide as this trophy can be collected while doing. Also see "Egg Hunter".

  • Charm 50 NPC's

    Use the Lady costume and charm () 50 persons. This can be unlocked quite fast if you make use of the following method. Just charm one guy, lead him to another guy and keep charming them over. This can pretty much be done anywhere but an easy location is the pier where you can find both travel points (thank you Yazter).

  • Change your persona 50 times

    As the trophy states, simply change your costumes 50 times. Re-entering the same shop and choosing a different persona each time works. It's the quickest approach.

    Note: This has to be done in shops and not the HQ.

  • Buy the maximum number of ships (8)

    Go the desk in your assassin HQ to access the economic ship mini-game. You'll need to own 8 (the maximum) ships to unlock this trophy. Every port can only hold four ships so just split your purchases in two harbors. You should already own one ship thanks to the tutorial, so you'll only have to buy seven ships. The cheapest way is to buy the 3700 écu version seven times. This will require 25900 écu total.

    Economic bureau.

    World Map of Economic mini-game, click castle tower to buy ships.

    The cheapest ship.

  • Tree Run for 10 branches without touching the ground

    This becomes unlockable after reaching De Bayou. Simply freerun on the tree paths and this will come naturally. The paths are made in such a way that this trophy is very easy.

  • Complete 15 Air Assassinations from trees

    Simply target enemies () when you're on a tree and press to assassinate them. Note: This has to be done with the hidden blade.

    Okay so Tree Ninja DOES work. Here's how I did it.

    1) I played Sequence 3, Mission 3, at the part with the carriage.

    2) I used the HIDDEN BLADES (Also Assassin's outfit, but that's a given)

    3) I attacked from a branch (not v-shaped) of a FULL tree (not a broken tree or fallen one).

    4) DOUBLE air assassination DOES NOT COUNT. Dunno why it just doesn't.

    5) Once I assassinate one from a tree. I run around and go back to climb quickly to another branch on a full tree. When the red radar turns yellow (you don't have to wait for it to be completely gone), I find the right branch and then re-assassinate. Do it to as many guys as possible.

    6) Kill them all to finish the memory, because restarting from checkpoint, even during the cutscene, resets the progress. Replay the memory again, 2 or 3 times overall.

    Credit to Yatzer for the tip.

    Another method to get Tree Ninja is shown in this video by Zanfire:


  • Kill 7 guards on rooftops in the Lady Persona

    The Lady Persona cannot jump/climb buildings so this trophy might sound hard, it is not. Simply head over to the Assassin HQ and target it with a blue marker on your map. Then simply walk away from the location and finds guards. Any number will do. Once you got them, lead them back to the HQ and walk up your HQ till you're at the balcony. Keep walking till you reach the fence that blocks you and then kill the guards. You do not have to kill all seven at once, so just keep searching for guards and keep leading them back to the balcony.

  • Move through New Orleans for 10 minutes in the Assassin Persona

    Simply walk around in New Orleans with the Assassin Persona for 10 minutes. You'll prefer doing most of the missions with this persona, so it should come naturally. I unlocked it during one of the first Acts, so it's near impossible to miss this one during the story.

  • Kill 50 enemies from haystacks using the Blowpipe

    The Blowpipe is the weapon both the Assassin and Slave Persona use to fire poisonous darts. This trophy requires you to murder 50 enemies with this weapon, whilst hiding in hay. You'll most likely have to grind this, so just find some haystacks in New Orleans and keep killing guards with the blowpipe.

    I have added several pics to give you a simple but effective grinding way. You can get about 10 Blowpipe kills each time and you can keep doing this, since the first enemies will be respawned once you deal with the last. Pics below:

    The last two guys in the last picture doesn't always work the 1st time. You may have to enter_exit the haystack a few times until you can lock on the closest enemy. Once that happens, the second guy will move a bit closer (to the first enemy's corpse) and you should be able to kill him as well.

  • Kill 25 enemies with the Parasol Gun

    As said earlier, this is the 'gun weapon' of the Lady Persona. You won't have this at the start of the game, so just complete missions until your associate, Blanc, introduces the weapon. From that point on just kill 25 enemies with it. Note: It might take some time between shots, since the reload time is quite long. Don't forget this or you'll be left wondering why you can't shoot again after the first shot.

  • Buy your 1st Dressing Chamber

    See "Buy All Dressing Chambers".

  • Buy every Dressing Chamber

    Dressing Chambers will be introduced near the start of the game, and are found in New Orleans and De Bayou. Just buy all of them to get this trophy. Each Dressing Chamber is 500 écu. Tailors and blacksmiths are not required and serve as optional purchases.

    Dressing Chamber icon.

    The Dressing Chamber after you bought it.
  • Pickpocket 5000 écu

    écu is the currency in Assassin's Creed III: Liberation. To pickpocket 5000 écu, you'll have to change things around compared to the console titles. In this handheld version, you have to target any NPC () and then swipe the back touchscreen from top to bottom.

    Easy tip:

    I found a very fast way to get the thief trophy. While in the assassin persona, kill a bunch of guards to get to full notoriety. Now get to a corrupt magistrate and bribe him the 2250 to get rid of your notoriety and pickpocket your money back... Worked like a charm for me and they're easy to pickpocket so there's no worry of losing your money.

    Credit to the TheBlackHalo420 for this tip.

  • Perform 10 predator moves using the Whip

    The Whip is another weapon you will unlock later in the game, at Chichen Itza. At first you might think the Predator move is simply pulling an enemy () to you, which triggers an assassination but it's not. You'll have to climb to the roof of a building and simply 'pull enemies' on the ground with . You'll have to keep pressing until they're dead (stats can be tracked under the menu->stats->kills). Doing this ten times awards the trophy.

    Select  your Whip.

    Stand on the roof, target enemy and keep pressing until he's dead.
  • Collect all the mushrooms collectibles

    See "Bayou Fever".

  • Use berserk poison to force an enemy to kill 5 enemies

    To do this trophy, you'll require the berserk poison and you'll need to play/replay Sequence 3 mission three. After a series of conversations, you should run with Eline to a checkpoint. From there on, free run via the tree next to you till you end up near the white veteran soldier. Bring up your berserk poison and hit him. He will successfully murder every enemy, which unlocks this trophy.

  • Synchronize all viewpoints

    Nothing new for the average Assassin player, just find the bird icons on your map, climb the designated building and synchronize () on top. Viewpoints can be found in each of the three zones and cannot be missed. Their icons are always placed on the map as well, so you won't have to look for them.

  • Complete every Business Rivals mission

    Business Rival missions can be found by the crosshair icon on the map. Each mission usually involves murdering a business rival. They're the same difficulty as any other mission and also open up shops that were previously owned by rivals (tailor, blacksmith, dress chamber).

  • Complete every Pirates mission

    Pirate mission can be started by finding captain Dominguez on the southern docks. His first mission will be reclaiming his ship documents. After completing his mission, you will start to find "crew" icons the map, which are also pirates missions. One of them is a speed track where you have to pass 11 markers under one minute, which might turn out difficult depending on your reaction. You can't be hit either, or you'll lose 100% synch. Since you will meet two guards on top, pick the Assassin Persona and shoot the first guard with your gun. The second guard proves to be more difficult (don't have time to reload gun), but it is possible to run fast enough and assassinate him before he shoots.

    PS: Health seems to regenerate since the second guard shot me and I still completed it with 100% synch. I cannot confirm this works for sure so I'll have to wait on more player response. I will keep this updated.

    PPS: 100% sync for these missions is not required for the 100% sync trophy.

  • Complete every Bayou Fever mission

    You'll have to start the De Bayou Fever sidequest, which the 'witch doctor' near the middle of the map will give you. (skull icon) After doing his small tutorial mission, you'll have to find mushrooms in De Bayou and help random strangers who have fever. Mushrooms are hidden all over the zone and can be seen by the white glow, the same glow as the statuettes, diary pages etc. To apply the mushroom, first knockout the patient and then press

    The collectibles guide has every mission and each mushroom listed.

  • Complete every Free Slaves mission

    Slave missions can be found by the fist icon on the world map. There should only be three of them and they're all easy enough to exclude any need of a walkthrough. Your stepmother will give you one (follow up for the main quest) and the two others can be found in New Orleans and De Bayou.

  • Participate in 100 fights in multiplayer

    Simply participate in 100 fights. A fight can be accessed by clicking on a contested zone (near your base) and then selecting one of your troops. Note: you can still fight if your soldier has 0 energy. The red timer underneath your soldiers explains how long it will take to regain energy, but energy is only useful to gather City Points. For more info see "Completionist".

  • Complete 30 economic missions in multiplayer

    Economic missions can be found by their "grey icon" on the world map. The easiest way to do this is probably the grey icon in America. That one only takes 8 minutes (if you pick the first mission). For more info, see "Completionist".

  • Reach the maximum player level in the multiplayer

    The multiplayer in Assassin's Creed III: Liberations is unique to say the least. A lot of people expected a smaller console experience but were left disappointed. In this MP you get a world with every country listed and you have to choose either Abstergo or the Assassins. Pretty much everyone chooses the Assassins and the gameplay is broken as hell since the Assassins get the winning nodes too quick and the game ends, so you're probably better off picking the Assassins as well.

    The maximum level is level 15 and will require grinding. The fastest way to do this is to keep battling the strongest enemy in a zone (the one on the right when you have to pick an enemy out of three choices). You can keep grinding this, even when your energy is 0. The amount of experience is constant and does not drop on 0 energy. It's quite a grind though so watch some television or something while you do it, as you can never make this process automatic and it still requires your attention to tick the screen and start battles.

    Statistics of a lvl 15 player, thanks to yazter.


    • You cannot lose a battle. You only gain city points (CP), earn global/troop experience and lose energy.
    • Some people might not know but you can use troops several times until their energy (lightning icon) is 0. It's a little confusing with the timer starting as soon as you spent 1 energy, but this is how it works.
    • You can still attack cities with 0 energy, and it's the best way to grind yourself till lvl 15.
    • Attacking enemy territory uses Attack Points
    • Attacking your territory uses Defense Points
    • Attacking higher level players is the best way to grind to lvl 15
    • Assassin nodes are red, Abstergo nodes are blue and the grey nodes with treasure chests are economy nodes:

    Economy mission, Brazil.

    Thanks to breakxedge & rospondek


Secret trophies

  • Complete Sequence 1

    Complete all of the following missions in DNA Sequence 1 to get this trophy:

    • Only a Nightmare
    • New Orleans by Night
    • A Slave in Trouble
    • The Safe House
    • Taking Care of Business
    • Your Father's Troubles
    • The Key to the Problem
    • The Colony's Good
    • At the Pub
  • Complete Sequence 2

    Complete all of the following missions in DNA Sequence 2 to get this trophy:

    • The Loas Guide You
    • The False Mackandal
    • Meet the Smugglers
    • A Faithful Acolyte
    • The Second Camp
    • Eve of Saint John
    • The Whole Truth
  • Complete Sequence 3

    Complete all of the following missions in DNA Sequence 3 to get this trophy:

    • Prelude to Rebellion
    • Elegant and Deadly
    • Vanishing Slaves
    • Storming the Fort
    • In Vito Veritas
    • Getting Ulloa's Attention
    • A Governor No More
  • Complete Sequence 4

    Complete all of the following missions in DNA Sequence 4 to get this trophy:

    • Southbound
    • A New Life
    • Gathering Tools
    • The Company Man
    • Trail of Truth
    • The Secret of the Cenote
  • Complete Sequence 5

    Complete all of the following missions in DNA Sequence 5 to get this trophy:

    • Prodigal Daughter
    • Rotten Barracks
    • Power of Voodoo
    • The Lighthouse
    • Stolen Goods
  • Complete Sequence 6

    Complete all of the following missions in DNA Sequence 6 to get this trophy:

    • Return to Mexico
  • Complete Sequence 7

    Complete all of the following missions in DNA Sequence 7 to get this trophy:

    • An Urgent Favor
    • Supplying the Revolution
    • The Last Dance
  • Complete Sequence 8

    Complete all of the following missions in DNA Sequence 8 to get this trophy:

    • A Fool's Errand
  • Complete the game (fake ending)

    See "The Truth".

  • Kill all Citizen E and experience the true ending

    In AC:L there are two endings. The trophy "Complete Aveline's Story" unlocks when you have not murdered every Citizen E appearance (this the fake ending). Citizen E will appear six times (there's a small tutorial when you face him the first time). You have to murder him each time to get the true ending. Remember that he can only be killed with the hidden blade.

    The first Citizen E cannot be missed and will show up during a story mission in De Bayou.

    The second and third Citizen E (New Orleans):

    The fourth Citizen E (Mexico):

    The fifth Citizen E (De Bayou ship):

    The final Citizen E will appear during the final story sequence. He will show up at the end.

    There have been comments about people who have had different locations but it seems to happen to a smaller group of people. If this happens to you and you had another location, feel free to reply to this thread with a picture.

  • Hang an enemy on the gibbet at the Place d'Armes

    The Place d'Armes is the area where your first riot (with Blanc) takes place. It is also located in your Location DNA in the main menu if you want a visual image of the place. Just go there, place yourself on the gibbet and hang an enemy with the whip.

    Credit to abdullahkankuro for the video.

  • Kill an enemy from a tree, with the blowpipe, while using eagle vision

    This is a very simple trophy. There's even a story mission where you have to do this. Also, although it might just be a bug for the moment, just sitting on a tree and using eagle vision has worked for some people.

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