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  • Ashes Champions


    Win an Ashes series in single player.

    You need to win the Ashes series in single player, it doesn't matter if you are England or Australia for this. Remember to select easy difficulty. You can use a team of custom players with their bowling skills maxed out, it doesn't matter about batting because easy A.I are pretty terrible at batting, you can bowl them out for next to nothing. The Ashes is a 5 match series but unfortunately the trophy only pops at the end of the series. If you have won the Ashes by the end of the 3rd test at Edgbaston, you will have to play through the 4th and 5th tests for this trophy to pop, it will pop at the end of the 5th test.

    Remember to use all the tips mentioned throughout this guide for this one.

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  • very very easy trophie, best tip i can give you all when it comes to the longer matches like the test matches, when it comes to team select you can edit you opposition, change the opponents team to all bowlers, meaning when you come to bowl it is very easy to bowl you're opponents out and batting is pretty standard, win the ashes series and any other matches you need to unlock trophies, using this technique is a quick way of bowling out teams and saving alot of time. hope this helped guys

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