20 Over Champions Trophy in Ashes Cricket 2009

  • 20 Over Champions


    Win a full-length 20 Over Tournament in single player.

    How to unlock 20 Over Champions

    This is the same as 'ODI Champions', except this time it's 20 Overs. You cannot change the amount of overs you play in this mode. Again, select 'Tournament', and then 'Quarter Final' and win it. The structure is the same as the ODI tournament, this will take longer, but using the method for 'The Hat Trick' earlier on in this guide you can still bowl out the opponent in less than 10 overs (this will also unlock 'Demolition with the Ball' if you haven't already). Their total will be small again, more like 50 this time, but you have 20 overs to beat it so there's plenty of time, remember a couple of tips: Play carefully and when you get a bad delivery hit it, for six, Win the quarter final, semi final and final to unlock this trophy.

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