ODI Champions Trophy in Ashes Cricket 2009

  • ODI Champions


    Win a full-length ODI Tournament in single player.

    How to unlock ODI Champions

    This trophy is actually fairly easy, the description says you need to win an ODI tournament (ODI's are 50 overs in real life unless rain affected) but you can actually choose how many overs you want to play. Select 5 as this is the lowest you can have, then select 'Tournament', then 'Quarter Final'. Then when it comes to selecting teams, select the worst teams. These are:

    · Zimbabwe
    · Kenya
    · Ireland
    · Bangladesh
    · West Indies
    · New Zealand
    · Sri Lanka
    · Choose England/Australia (best teams) as your team, remember to toggle between CPU/player.

    In the quarter final you will get the opponent above or below you in the select teams list, example in the list above it would be Zimbabwe vs. Kenya etc. But if you were England you would be drawn second so it would be Zimbabwe vs. England.

    Semi final & finals are just a random draw I think, just win both to get this trophy. Remember to always field first, they will get a small total if you bowl well (I think Sri Lanka got 5 or something when I played through this tournament), and you should be able to beat that total and the win the match in a couple of overs.

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