Innings Defeat Trophy

  • Innings Defeat


    Win a Test Match by an innings or more in single player or ranked online match.

    You need to win by an innings, this basically means you must bat first. Set a very high total (400/450), just slog it really, though don't slog it too much if you are losing wickets. If you are, resort to ground shots, finding gaps in the field. Declare at about 450, and bowl the opponent (select a weak team again) out for a small score, say 30. The game will ask you if you want to enforce the follow-on, this means making the opponent bat again, select yes. Just bowl them out again, making sure they don't surpass your total of 450. If their added total from both innings is less than 449, the match will end, you winning by an innings, and this trophy will unlock.

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