10 Wicket Defeat Trophy

  • 10 Wicket Defeat


    Win a Test Match by 10 wickets in single player or ranked online match.

    This is a pretty easy trophy, but one that requires both good batting & bowling. Pick a weak team as your opponent, and pick a good team to play as such as England or Australia. Make sure you field first, and just bowl the opponent out, it doesn't matter what score they get at this point. If they score 50/60, make sure to hit about 70 with your batsman, then bowl them out again. If they get 50 again (like the 1st innings) you will need 31 to win (one more than their total over both innings in the Test Match). To get this trophy, you need to win by 10 wickets, which means you cannot lose a wicket while chasing their total. Bat carefully, play ground shots, don't take any risks. Win the match without losing a wicket in your 2nd innings and this trophy will unlock.

    If you are struggling, save every over in the 2nd innings and if you lose a wicket in your 2nd innings for any reason, load up that save game.

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