Test Match Domination Trophy

  • Test Match Domination


    Score 600 runs or more in an innings of a Test Match in single player or ranked online match.

    You need to score 600 runs in one innings, which as you can imagine which take some time. You have 10 wickets at your disposal, so play ground shots which get you fours until you hit 200, then you can slog it, but be careful not to lose too many wickets. If you have lost half of your wickets before you reach 300, keep playing ground shots, and aim for perfect timing, if timing is poor you may get an inside or outside edge which could lead to the batsman's dismissal. You don't need to score 600 runs with one batsman, 600 has to be the team's total, so you can pick a good team like England or Australia, or you could create your own team using custom players; remember to max out their batting skills to help you. (The latter way was how I earned this trophy)

    Remember to use the save function regularly after every over. If you lose a wicket or two, you can always reload the game and start from where you left off. Also make sure to bat first as then you can combine this with 'Innings Defeat'.

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