If You Want Something Done Right Trophy in Ashes Cricket 2009

  • If You Want Something Done Right


    Take 10 wickets in an innings with a single bowler in single player or ranked online match.

    How to unlock If You Want Something Done Right

    This is a pretty hard trophy, this will take some time, probably about 20/30 overs to get. You will want to use a spinner, as with these bowlers there is more chance of you getting an edge off the bat which then in turn goes straight to the wicket keeper. You could use the method stated in 'The Hat Trick' trophy description, which will get you a few wickets quite fast. Some tips:

    · Save after every wicket, so if somehow your other bowler does get a wicket, you can reload your game.
    · Use your custom player that you created before: his max stats will help you get the trophy quicker.
    · Remember to play on easy difficulty, and against a weak team like Zimbabwe or Kenya.
    · Choose a test match if you didn't get this trophy while playing through the Ashes.

    Don't worry if bowling isn't your strength, you will be likely to get edges off the bat at some point, when you are bowling make sure the bowling icon is yellow for top results: this means you are bowling at the perfect length. If this fails use the method for 'The Hat Trick'.

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