The Hat Trick Trophy in Ashes Cricket 2009

  • The Hat Trick


    Take 3 wickets in a row from one bowler in a match in single player or ranked online match.

    How to unlock The Hat Trick

    This can be quite tricky for most people, but it is quite simple if you use the following tips:

    Create a player and set him as a leg spinner, max out most of his stats except the spin/cut, put this at about 95. Put him in the England or Australia line-up. Play as England or Australia vs. Zimbabwe and choose 20 Overs (the batsmen will take more risks and they will be easier to get out). Zimbabwe's batters are mostly right handed, so select the 'Wrong-Un' delivery type by pressing . Now pitch it the same length as the batter's leg and just left the off stump, then bowl a perfect delivery. When I did this, the batsmen kept missing the ball and I bowled them comprehensively. Again use the save function, every time you get a wicket save, then reload if you don't get a wicket the following ball. You can also just keep switching and swapping delivery types to see which one works best for you, in my opinion the 'Flipper () and 'Wrong-Un' () work the best.

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