The Triple Ton Trophy in Ashes Cricket 2009

  • The Triple Ton


    Score 300 runs in an innings with a single batsman in single player or ranked online match.

    How to unlock The Triple Ton

    You need to score 300 runs in one innings with a batsman, this is a pretty difficult trophy and may take some time. Firstly I'd recommend starting a test match, as 50 overs may not be enough to get this and in a test match you have a lot more time. Put the difficulty to easy as well.

    Make sure to choose a team with lots of strong batters (e.g. Australia or England) or if you want you could create a few custom players and max out their batting skills (this is what I did). Now be careful not to slog the ball, especially with spin, as even the slightest nick of the bat could make the ball go straight into the hands of any of the close fielders. Use grounded shots, in the first few overs there should be no-one to the batter's leg side, so use back foot shots to get 4's. If there is a massive gap in the field and you are confident enough, slog it as the gaps in the field will decrease your chance of getting out. Try and keep a strong partnership going between two batsmen and if one of your batsmen gets out you can switch to the other batsman who should also have a high score.

    You will get all the other run trophies going for this.

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  • very easy, easiest difficulty and use a strong batting team, get all the score trophies with one batsman

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