Master of the Blade Trophy in Ashes Cricket 2009

  • Master of the Blade


    Successfully complete all of the batting lessons and challenges.

    How to unlock Master of the Blade

    This is a pretty easy trophy. All you need to do is complete the batting lessons and challenges, some are tricky and may take longer than others, but you should get this trophy pretty easily. There are 6 challenges: the only one that will give you any trouble is challenge #6 because of the tight field but you should achieve it within a couple of goes.

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  • The only challenge that's caused me trouble was last batting. Defend and leave all kumble balls that are pitched to the on side. And Singh bowls at the wicket so hit them all for 4 & 6 to the off side. When you have 48 runs just defend everything else as that's all you need.
  • the last challenge was so annoying and spent 2-3 hours before looking at #1 which helped so much thank you thestoney6. it was the only thing stopping me from the platinum.
  • Have done the batting and fielding but the trophies have not poped up
  • Kumble and singh dont bowl in the last batting challenge

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