• Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 39 (22trophy_bronze.png,12trophy_silver.png,4trophy_gold.png,1trophy_platinum.png)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 21-25 hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 but 2 is advised for the speedrun
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No Cheats
Ary the Secret of Seasons is an action adventure platformer very much inspired by the Legend of Zelda series. From humble beginnings you will gain the power of the seasons and look to make things right in the world of Valdi. A lot of the trophies for this game will come naturally and the only ones to really look out for are Pride Fighter trophy_gold.png, Distracted Intolerant trophy_bronze.png for completing the game without dying and without starting a side quest (this includes picking up any collectibles).
Step 1: Normal playthrough of the game
I would suggest that for your first play through you play as you normally would, and with no difficulty related trophies feel free to do so on easy. Explore the world, get used to the season sphere mechanics and figure out how to do the puzzles. There is no real challenge in this game combat wise but some of the platforming sections can be fiddly, and the puzzles can be head scratchers so it is best to do this first so you know what needs to be done for Step 2. Make sure to make a save after this playthrough in the epilogue, and do not overwrite it as it will come in handy for Step 3.
Upon completing Step 1, you will earn: 
Step 2: Complete a second playthrough in under 5 hours, without dying or starting any sidequests
I would suggest to do this before the cleanup whilst the puzzles are fresh in your mind. 5 hours can seem daunting but once you know the solutions to the puzzles and what is coming up next, you shouldn't have too much issue with this. Not dying on the other hand may cause some difficulties as there are some sections that cause insta-death. Therefore, make sure to save often! Thankfully it does state how many deaths you've had on the save file screen so you will know if you're not sure if something counted as a death or not use one of the many spare save slots to check rather than overwriting your main. Make sure to look at Pride Fighter trophy_gold.png and Distracted Intolerant trophy_bronze.png for some more tips.
Upon completing Step 2, you will earn: 
Step 3: Post game cleanup
It's likely that you will have already got the majority of these trophies from your other playthroughs but now is the time to do the cleanup! Reload your save data from your just after you finished your first playthrough (as it's likely you'll have done more of the cumulative trophy requirements in that playthrough) and check the individual trophies for more information on what you need to do to get these last few trophies.
Upon completing Step 3, you will earn:

Ary and the Secret of Seasons Trophy Guide

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39 trophies ( 12  22  2  )

  • You achieved all the trophies in the game

    Congratulations! You have done it all and now know the secret of seasons.
  • Jump 1000 times

    You'll be jumping a lot in this game so this will come naturally as you play.
  • Finish the game in less than 5 hours

    Whilst this may sound daunting, I sped through the game in around 3 and a half hours. I would suggest combining this with Distracted Intolerant trophy_bronze.png & Pride Fighter trophy_gold.pngThat means ignore all sidequests and complete the game without dying. The best way I found to do this is to have two playthroughs running alongside each other, and make use of the games many save slots. Use the first save slot as your main playthrough, and once you know where to go and have gotten through a dungeon and solved all the puzzles, load your speedrun save and go through it as fast as you can whilst it's still fresh in your mind. I'd also suggest making saves throughout your speedrun of the dungeon before and after completing the trickier platforming/puzzle sections. In between dungeons, ignore most combat encounters (aside from those forced on you to progress) as they will just slow you down and you can easily run away from them. Another tip is to make sure to activate the fast travel locations ASAP. After the first dungeon you will start to see an icon on your map that looks like a shield with wings. Go there and talk to the character by the Carriage and he will give you a fast travel ticket. This can then be used in the menu to instantly take you back to that point. Each area has one of these carriages so make sure not to skip them as it will save you a lot of time later on when you need to backtrack.
  • Cast each season sphere 200 times

    This trophy will likely be the last one you get in the game if you do not focus on it earlier. This requires you to cast 200 of each of the 4 different season spheres. You begin with 1 but will eventually unlock all 4 when challenging the dungeons. Whilst you will need to cast these to solve puzzles and in some combat encouters, it is unlikely you will get this naturally. Sadly there is no way of tracking how many times each sphere has been cast so I would suggest that whilst you are travelling throughout the world you keep casting spheres as you go, rotating between the 4.
  • Kill 500 enemies

    This trophy will not come naturally as you play through the game, as you will likely kill far less than 500 enemies whilst completing the game. A good spot to grind this is in the Ostara Region. Just a short way from the Spring Temple is a village taken over by hyena's and just outside the gates of this village are two huts with a couple of hyena guards. Take down those from one hut, then move over to the other. Lots of hyenas will spawn out of these huts, and a few more will come out from the gates. Once they are all dead, fast travel back to the same area to respawn them all and go again until the trophy pops.
  • Complete 10 quests

    Story Related
    There are more than 10 quests throughout the main story so this will come naturally even if you are avoiding side quests.
  • Cast all seasons in one place

    After you have access to all 4 season spheres, simply cast all of them within an area to unlock this.
  • Destroy 100 spheres with black crystals

    Black crystals look more purple, and are found throughout the world and within dungeons. When a sphere you have cast expands and touches one of these crystals it will break and be destroyed. It's unlikely that you will manage to get this through normal play so when you find a black crystal start casting spheres while standing near it. Annoyingly there is a cool down to sphere casting so this will feel like quite an annoying grind.
  • Take down an enemy from afar

    The slingshot can be found within the Chapel in the Lammastide region. It is in the same place where you obtain the bracelets that allow you to move golden objects but a bit further in after solving a few puzzles. Once you have this you will need to kill an enemy from as far away as possible. If you've killed someone and thought you were a long way back, move back further and try again! Sadly there's no marker telling you distance so you need to measure this by eye. I would also recommend purchasing one damage upgrade for the slingshot before attempting this. Annoyingly the slingshot does not do a lot of damage so do not try to get this trophy by shooting a hyena. Instead you should use this on the small racoons that sometimes accompany them or on a mushroom as these will die in one hit. Personally, I got this in the Lammastide area within the hyena camp near the beach. There is a racoon standing on top of a watchtower and you kill shoot at him without alerting any of the other enemies.
  • Kill 5 enemies in less than 15 seconds

    This will likely come naturally as you play, as most enemies go down in just a few hits. If you haven't got this after completing the story, see Combo Renegade trophy_bronze.png .
  • Roll 100 times

    You can roll by pressing circle.png and you'll mainly do this in combat to avoid attacks. You should get this naturally by playing but if not roll around until you get it.
  • Defeat your first Mandrake

    The Mandrakes are much larger enemies that only appear in specific areas in the wild but are quite frequent within several of the temples (especially the Spring Temple). They do double the damage of a regular enemy to you but are slower. Once you have purchased the sword damage upgrades they will die in just 3 hits.
  • Slide without interruption for 5 seconds

    Although you can slide down lots of different areas, this is only obtainable within the Spring Temple. At the start of the temple you will climb a staircase, once you reach the top do not jump up to the flame above and instead carry on walking forward and the floor below you will collapse! Now let yourself slide all the way to the bottom and the trophy will pop.
  • The Stork Towers are very high towers that you will see whilst playing through the game and moving through the regions. All will have a treasure chest at the top, and they can only be climbed once you have all 4 season spheres available to you. These (in my opinion) are the toughest platforming tests in the game, and require using all the skills you've acquired throughout the game. Therefore I would suggest doing these post game. They are not only found in the open areas leading up to temples and towns and are quite easy to spot due to their height. Only one real hint, and that's to remember that two spheres cannot cross over the same area so you can control how large an sphere grows by blocking it's expansion with a second sphere.
  • Let 25 enemies perish by other enemies

    This will likely come naturally, as certain enemies explode causing damage to their friends around them, and some plants fire projectiles that you can lure other enemies into the line of fire. If you do not get this whilst playing see Combo Renegade trophy_bronze.png.
  • Create a mushroom chain reaction

    Throughout the game you will encouter these mushroom enemies, and the blue ones are quite explosive! The best place to get this trophy is in the desert area on your way to the cartographer. You will find many of these mushrooms here, then you need to try and get them to follow you. Once you have a good group of these more explosive mushrooms chasing you, kill one of them and stand back. They should explode, causing their friend to explode, and so on. This should pop after getting 3 mushrooms to explode in a chain reaction.
  • Break 6 pots at once

    This can be obtained as soon as you gain the sword at the start of the game. Within Ary's house are 6 pots together blocking a secret tunnel, smash them all in one swing and the trophy is yours. This is also obtainable throughout the game if you do not get it here, as groups of pots are littered throughout the temples.
  • Finish the game without completing any side quests

    The description for this trophy is misleading as you only need to start a side quests to void this trophy. Therefore, do not pick up any collectibles and do not speak to any unnecessary NPC's. That being said, there are a few that may seem like side quests that are actually part of the main quest and do not void this trophy. They are;
    • Going Down - When you have to speak to the NPC by the elevator in the tower early on to help him fix it.
    • Sheep Search - After talking to a sheep guard to try and progress the story, he will ask you to talk to the locals to find his colleague.
    • Dress for the Weather, Cold Front & Hot Brew - You will be asked to get a main quest NPC warm clothes and a hot drink during a main story quest. These three are all found in Lammastide Town.
    All the other missions activate automatically as you progress through the game. If you have done this correctly, the trophy will pop during the end credits.
  • Open 1 chest

  • Open 25 chests

  • Open 50 chests

    Chests are found everywhere! In the open areas they are marked on your map so are easy to hunt down, within temples there is no map so it is a little more tricky. However you will find chests in almost every nook and cranny so make sure to go out of your way to pick these up. If you haven't got this after completing the game, you can go back and find any remaining on the map in the post game free roam.
  • Gain 1 life heart

  • Obtain all the hearts

    To obtain life hearts you need to destroy the giant red crystal clusters that you will see throughout the regions. These are marked on your map, however you will not have the ability to destroy them until you have reached the end of the first dungeon, the Summer Temple. Once destroyed they will be greyed out on your map, and you will know you have destroyed them all in a region once the weather changes ie. in Lammastide the snow will melt and it will be nice and sunny again! Make sure to also destroy the crystal clusters at the end of each dungeon before leaving or else you will need to backtrack all the way through to reach them again.
  • Finish the game without dying once

    Possibly the hardest trophy in the game but thankfully with the games numerous save slots you can easily reload back to before you die to try again so make sure to save often! Especially before any platforming section involving spikes, as these are an insta-kill. Your number of deaths is logged on your save file so if you think you died but aren't sure save into an open slot and see. There are some occasions where the screen will go black but it does not count as a death, such as the chase sequence at the end of the mine area. If you're not sure if something counted as a death or not, make a save in a spare slot and see if you are still at 0 deaths. I would also suggest trying to break any red crystals you come across through the game for extra hearts, just to give you that security blanket for the boss fights. If you manage to reach the end of the game without dying once, this trophy will pop in the end credits.
  • Witness the season changes

    Story Related
    You will unlock this trophy after destroying all the crystal clusters in a region and see the weather in that region change back to it's normal state.
  • Appear almost identical to Flynn

    Story Related
    This will unlock early in the story after completing the first mission inside your house.
  • Get out of Yule

    Story Related
    This will unlock after sneaking out of Yule and saying goodbye to your mother.
  • Engage Prince Crocus

    Story Related
    This will unlock as you are making your way to the Dome of Seasons. A cutscene invovling Prince Crocus and his carriage will play, and afterwards the trophy will pop.
  • Meet with the Guardians for the first time in a long time

    Story Related
    This will unlock after the cutscene that plays when you first enter the Dome of Seasons and interact with the Guardians inside.
  • Defeat Muscari

    Story Related
    This will unlock after the first boss fight in the game. You will need to use your spheres to make his spikes disappear, and then wait for him to make a heavy swing before getting a few hits on him. Rinse and repeat.
  • Get the Guardians' revelation

    Story Related
    This will unlock after the cutscene that plays upon your return to the Dome of Seasons.
  • Defeat the Autumn Golem

    Story Related
    This will unlock after completing the Autumn Temple. This boss rolls around the arena after you, and you need to make it roll through one of your season spheres to make it vulnerable to attack. In the second phase the boss splits into two, and you'll need to use your winter sphere to create platforms to reach his now separated vulnerable parts.
  • Defeat the Summer Golem

    Story Related
    This will unlock after completing the Summer Temple. However you will need to leave the temple after speaking with the Golem to complete a short quest they provide you before returning and speaking to them again to obtain this.
  • Defeat the Spring Golem

    Story Related
    This will unlock after completing the Spring Temple. This isn't really a boss fight, just a series of waves of regular enemies. You shouldn't have many issues here but look out for those with thorns around them as you'll need to change the season to make them disappear and allow you to attack them.
  • Defeat the Winter Golem

    Story Related
    This will unlock after completing the Winter Temple. This boss comes in two parts, firstly is a chase section where you need to follow the bird as it flies. Platforming up a tower, and then across some planes. The second phase has the bird flying around the arena, before stopping to fire some projectiles at you. Use your slingshot to fire a spring season sphere at it when it is preparing to fire at you, and it will fall out of the sky for you to hit. Repeat until beaten!
  • Defeat the all four Season Golems

    Story Related
    This will unlock after beating all four Temples. If you are following the markers as they come up automatically (I would suggest doing this) it will be after completing the Winter Temple.
  • Finish the ending credits and discover the epilogue!

    Story Related
    This will unlock after the credits have rolled and you are dropped back into the world in free roam. Before that you will need to beat a final boss, The Cartographer. To do this you need to run up to one of it's massive legs and use a winter sphere. This will freeze the leg and allow you to use your slingshot to create platforms. Make sure to only jump between these when the leg isn't moving or you'll fall off and have to start again. After taking down two legs, the boss is beaten and the game is over, congratulations!

Secret trophies

  • Get trapped by Crocus

    Story Related
    This will unlock after the cutscene that plays once you have reached Crocus' castle.
  • Free the children and escape the mine

    Story Related
    This will unlock after the chase sequence in the mine. Do not worry if you fail this on the first attempt when going for Pride Fighter trophy_gold.png , no matter how many times you restart this chase it does not count as a death.

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