Touch Not A Cat But A Glove Trophy

  • Touch Not A Cat But A Glove


    Shoot all Maneki Neko cats in the game

    In each of the 7 levels in the game you will encounter little golden cat-like statues. You will have to destroy (by shooting at them) all of them for this trophy. There are 12 in total. Here's a list of the number of Neko cat statues in each level.

    Level 1 (Shanghai Streets) - 2
    Level 2 (In Case of Fire) - 2
    Level 3 (The Zoo) - 2
    Level 4 (Hospital) - 2
    Level 5 (The Mall) - 2
    Level 6 (Shanghai Bund) - 1
    Level 7 (Chinese Temple) - 1

    Here's what a Neko Cat Statue looks like:

    Here's a video guide to all the Radios, Weapon Parts and Neko Cat statues in the game (see The Truth is Right Here to see what a radio looks like):

    Credit to Eli Carrasquillo for the video.

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