Attention Grabber Trophy

  • Attention Grabber


    Allow your partner to snipe 5 guys while in mock surrender

    A mock surrender is when your character "pretends" to surrender. To perform a mock surrender press when near a group of enemies who haven't seen you. This is easier done while you are playing with a co-op partner and not the AI as the AI tends to advance instead of sniping. While you are in mock surrender, your partner will have to use his sniper to take the enemies around you. Once he accumulates a total of 5 enemies sniped while you are in mock surrender, YOU will have this trophy.

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  • wow I am impressed by having achieved it because I do not needed a friend to get it ...... I think I have to thank my AI partner hahahahahahahaha!!
  • My gosh, there was nobody to play with you? kkkk Well, I have to get this trophy and still "The Best", "Hardcore" and others, if you want to help me send me an invite ok.
  • Online Campaign CO-OP doesn't work... I guess 2nd controller is the only way for these Campaign co-op trophies

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