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  • The Beast


    Kill 6,666 people in Campaign

    As it states, you will have to reach a total of 6,666 enemies killed in campaign. Do not be alarmed though, as after you complete the game you can use chapter select to complete any level of your choice and add to the number of killed enemies. The best place to farm kills for this trophy is the crane section of chapter 2 (Thanks to billgolden78 for the tip). All types of kills count towards this trophy. It will take 5-7 playthroughs in total ( if you choose to play through the entire game instead of farming kills). It does involve a bit of grinding but those who enjoy the game will find it to be quite easy.

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  • almost got it
  • well done the game almost twice and still ~ 1400
  • This is a really pain-in-the-ass trophy :S Almost done with my firs playthrough, and hav killed just about 1400 peoples... anyone got some tips on the best level to farm?
  • i'm on 2300 :/ ... heard that the best farming place is in 2nd level the crane part
  • grrr
  • Best place to farm this is in the DLC chapters if you have them. The second level has a few infinite enemy spawns that you can just milk until you run out of ammo.
  • just 3.000 kills an I'll get the plat^^;
  • Do you have to get all 6,666 kills in one playthough?
  • No, multiple play-throughs will stack your kill count. You can view your progress from that statistics menu. It is impossible to get 6666 killz in one playthrough.
  • 6.5 Play through for this but finally got it.
  • Do your Partners AI kills contribute to this number or is it only your kills?

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