• Estimated trophy difficulty: 6.5/10 (Platinum Difficulty Poll)
  • Offline trophies: 30 (26, 1, 3)
  • Online trophies: 21 (17, 4, 1)
  • Approximate amount of time to : 20 - 90+ Hours (Estimated Time Poll)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 2
  • Number of missable trophies: None, you can re-play missions via chapter select.
  • Glitched trophies: None, but apparently some people have trouble getting Medalist to unlock
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, Hardcore mode
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheat codes


Developed by FROM SOFTWARE, Armored Core: Verdict Day is the expansion (and "fixed", for a lot of players) version of Armored Core V, the fifth numbered game in the series. It is also the 15th installment in the Armored Core series overall. The Armored Core series are games featuring mechs that go back to the PSX era, where the main point is the amount of customization at hand and, for the recent entries, the action-packed multiplayer that can be really damn fun if you give it a try.

One thing to keep in mind for this trophy guide is that you can completely ignore the story mode until you are a high-rank player by getting medals in the online portion of the game (of course, with the help of friends), so while it is possible to leave the story related trophies for last (you'll probably have to do that anyway, due to the Berserker trophy), it is recommended that you do the story missions right away so you get a hang of the game mechanics and such. You'll have to grind a lot of money to buy all the stuff in the game, so you can decide to grind for everything once you finished the story mode and then not worry about money ever again, or jumping into the multiplayer and doing the online trophies first, it's all up to you. Also, the game has a lot of DLC, but most of it is just visual stuff, with the only real useful one being the "more UNAC slots" one.


Step 1: Creating/joining a team, getting to know the workshop, uploading a territory, and playing through the Story mode, customizing your UNAC when you get the chance

When you first start the game, it will basically make you go through a registration form to have your stuff all set up. In this step, you can get three trophies at once if you join a high ranked team (A rank or higher), otherwise you'll just get one trophy. After completing that part, you'll be thrown into World Mode, where you'll be able to see how the current war is going (there's a new war going on every week), and see all the main options. Take this chance to go to the workshop (first option) and see what all the choices have to offer, while also doing some minor customization for the trophies. After that, jump to the story mode (Main Menu > Sortie > Story), where you'll be put in the shoes of a new mercenary and its two operators doing various jobs for different clients. Either way, to make things a bit easier, ALWAYS scan (R3 and L2/R2 once the bar is full) the enemy AC's to know what element it is weak to (Kinetic, Chemical or Thermal). I say this because that info is REALLY helpful when you have to do the subquests and/or if you die the first time against it. Also, always kick (hold ) the enemy's AC/mech when at range, since it deals a lot of damage, and even more if you're using heavy legs or tank legs. After a certain point, you'll get the chance to customize your UNAC, so go into the workshop, select the last option, and you should see the option to customize your UNAC. Also, having a UNAC with two Autocannons and Tank legs can do wonders for the story mode.

During this step, you will earn the following trophies:

Custom Territory
War Reporter
First Down
Player Rank E
Mission: 01 Clear
Mission: 02 Clear
Mission: 03 Clear
Mission: 04 Clear
Mission: 05 Clear
Mission: 06 Clear
Mission: 07 Clear
Mission: 08 Clear
Mission: 09 Clear
Mission: 10 Clear
Story Missions Clear
Intel Gatherer
Team Rank E
Team Rank A

Step 2: Either complete 100% on the Story mode, or jump into online sorties

The reason why i put 2 choices, is because you can do either thing after finishing the story mode, with each having it's advantages and disadvantages. If you get 100% of the story done, you'll get access to all the parts before doing the online portion, but you'll need the help of another player to make things easier since some of the subquests can be really annoying when doing them yourself. On the other side, if you jump into the online, you can get experience with real players or "easy" money when facing AI opponents, and then you can use the data from your battles to expand your UNAC's operations, which will give you more choices at the time of customizing it, and make it more capable for story subquests and online battles. It would also give your team the chance to reach rank A, if you weren't in a high rank team already. It all depends and what you decide.

During this step, you will earn the following trophies if you complete 100% of the story:

Subquest Master
Story Master


If you choose to do the online first, you will earn:

Normal Sortie
Normal Sortie Victory
Special Sortie
Special Sortie Victory
Squadron Sortie (optional)
Contract Completed

Step 3: Getting the trophies you didn't get on the earlier step & grinding for money, or Unidentified Weapons fights

Yep, another double choice step. Besides getting the trophies you didn't get back in the last step, you now have the chance to either grind for money to buy everything, or test your luck against the Unidentified Weapons. Just like in the last step, each has its own advantages. If you choose to grind for money to buy everything, it would require plenty of time, but after you're done, you'll never need money again and you'll only worry about which parts you are going to take with you when you get the chance to face the UW's (Unidentified Weapons). On the other side, if you do the UW's first, you'll more than likely get money AND battle data, which will help you buy stuff and expand your UNAC, while also clearing the online portion of the game and most of the difficult trophies for the game. Again, it all depends on you.

During this step, you will earn the following trophies, if you choose to grind for money and buy the upgrades:

Parts Master
Emblem Master
Architect Master
Territory Master


If you choose to do the Unidentified Weapons first, you will earn:

Ruins King
Wasteland King
Contamination King
Marsh King
Frost King
Polar King
Desert King

Step 4: Winning a sortie with an all-UNAC team, and doing Hardcore mode

Now that you're done with almost everything the game has to offer, it's time for the luck challenges. You need to go on a normal online sortie with 4 UNAC's on your team, and if you're lucky, you'll land a fight against AI enemies, which don't really pose a threat. Of course, you can also land a fight against another team of players which, more often than not, will destroy your team. Then, there's the ultimate challenge that is Hardcore mode. You can try that mode right after finishing the story mode, but i advise that you leave it for last because it requires great amounts of skill in order to overcome since the AI can decide to screw you over out of nowhere. You can't use another player or UNAC to help you, and you can't grind for money because once you're done with a mission, it disappears and only leaves you with the remaining ones. There's also the fact that you have a limited amount of lives in this mode. You die? One life less. You abandon the mission? One life less. No lives left? Game over, time to start over again. You can read up some helpful tips on the respective trophy section.

During this step, you will earn the following trophies:

Squadron Sortie
UNAC Operations
Operator Master

Step 5: Clean-up

During this step just go for any trophy you're missing. It's likely that you're probably missing the Three Forces trophy, and that's because the trophy won't pop until the game deems you worthy, but it's more than likely that you will get it after a week of playing.

During this step, you will earn the following trophies:

Three Forces
Perfect Mercenary

Before going in for the trophy info, i would like to thank the players OldManAhab, Fei_Larco and chelonianfriend for the various tips and videos.

Armored Core: Verdict Day Trophy Guide

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51 trophies ( 42  7  )

  • Awarded to those who have acquired every trophy.

    This is the platinum, and if you got it, congratulations!
  • Awarded to those who have joined a team.

    I would say that this is unmissable, but there’s the chance that you could just start the game as a mercenary without any team, therefore you would not get it. Otherwise, you can get it when you start the game.
  • Awarded to those who have assembled an AC.

    You can get this right away when you start the game, if you select the very first option twice when you start playing.
  • Awarded to those who have colored an AC.

    Unless grey, worn-out mechs are your thing, you’ll eventually want to give some color to your AC, and you can do this at the very beginning by selecting the second option in the workshop.
  • Awarded to those who have edited an emblem.

    In the workshop, besides customizing your AC by changing parts and painting it, there’s also the option to create your own emblem if you don’t like the preset ones. There’s no need to make a "work-of-art" from the very beginning, since you get to unlock more options as you progress through the story. So just making a white circle by itself should be enough to get the trophy. Just like the other three trophies up above, you can get it from the very beginning.
  • Awarded to those who have joined a team affiliated with one of the Three Forces.

    When you create/join a team, there’s an option where it shows which of the three main factions the team is affiliated to. However, you won’t get it right away when you select a faction, but rather after some time has passed and you made some progress in the story mode. Since the game has to “deem you worthy” of joining whichever faction you chose, and you’ll get a notice on the main screen when this happens.
  • Awarded to those who have gone on a normal sortie.

    Refer to the Contract Completed trophy for more info.
  • Awarded to those who have been victorious on a normal sortie.

    Self explanatory, go on a normal sortie and win.

    Refer to the Contract Completed trophy for more info.
  • Awarded to those who have gone on a special sortie.

    Refer to the Contract Completed trophy for more info.
  • Awarded to those who have been victorious on a special sortie.

    Same as above, go on a special sortie and win.

    Refer to the Contract Completed trophy for more info.
  • Awarded to those who have earned any medal on a sortie in World Mode.

    The fastest way you can get this is by doing normal sorties and winning 3 times with a specific AC type (Light, Medium or Heavy). This should net you a medal right away, and if not, there’s also medals for winning 5 and 10 times, so just keep doing sorties.
  • Awarded to those who have gone on a normal or special sortie with four or more players. (Mercenaries or UNACs will count as one player.)

    Like most of the trophies, this is pretty straightforward. Just go on a sortie of any kind with 3 more players (or UNAC’s), and the trophy should pop at the end of the mission.
  • Awarded to those who have created a UNAC by customizing its operations.

    After some progress into the story, you’ll get to customize your own UNAC, which is an AC controlled by the AI that works as your partner. You can customize it as you would your own AC by selecting the very last option in the workshop, but that’s only ¼ of the job. The other ¾ of the job consists of going into the operations options and spending some time messing around with chips to make it act exactly how you want it to, and you get new chips by leveling up sections in the “expand UNAC” option from the workshop. It can be really tricky to program it, but if you just want the trophy, move one chip or two around and it should pop.
  • Awarded to those who have joined a normal or special sortie as an operator and been victorious.

    While this trophy itself can be earned separately, I recommend that you read the Operator Master trophy if you want to get 3 trophies in one sitting.
  • Awarded to those who have served as operator on a squad that includes a UNAC and been victorious.

    Same as above, refer to the Operator Master trophy.
  • Awarded to those who have customized their territory and uploaded their data to the server.

    In the main menu, there’s an option called Territory, and in there you can customize your team's territory. For the trophy, you just need to hit the Upload option and the trophy is yours.
  • Awarded to those who have accepted a contract as a mercenary and gone on a sortie.

    Refer to the Contract Completed trophy.
  • Awarded to those who have accepted and successfully completed a contract as a mercenary.

    Armored Core, in its current state, is more of a multiplayer game than a singleplayer game, and as such, is more focused on the online aspect which is clearly obvious in the way the main menu is designed. Besides the story and hardcore mode, there’s five game modes:

    - Free battle: This is located in the main menu, and it’s just the typical VS mode. No trophies attached to it, so just play it if you feel like it.

    - Mock Battle: As the one from above, it’s not necessary for any trophy, and it’s mostly battles against someone of your own faction for the sake of practice. It can come handy for money though, since there’s no ammo or reparation costs but you still get rewards on cash if you win. Keep In mind that, even if it has its own separate option to create one, the one who joins the match would be doing it by selecting a NS.

    - Mercenary Reg: In this mode you can get yourself hired by another player and help him either by joining him for a story mission, or by joining his team for a NS or a SS. It’s basically a mode to help people while not being part of any of the factions(though you can still be a mercenary even if you belong to any of the three factions). Keep in mind, though, that it nets you less money than any of the other game modes, so you should take that into account if you want to keep playing as one after you get the two related trophies(one for getting hired and the other-this one- for winning the mission you’re hired for).

    - Normal Sorties (NS): This is the go-to option to play online. In this mode you can get 3 other group members and either face against 4 other players from a different faction or against AI opponents, which consists mostly of just the regular enemies you see in the story mode, no AC’s over here. There are also two sub-modes in this which consist of:

    a) Straight up battle, in which you have to destroy all your enemies to win.

    b) Hacking, in which a team tries to capture a point by standing around it for a certain time, meanwhile the other team does what it can to defend those points. Of course, most of the time this just devolves into a deathmatch, since once the attacking team defeats the defending team, it's over; and if the defending team defeats all members of the attacking team(which is the only thing they can do, anyway), then it’s over as well.

    - Special Sorties (SS): This is where the main point of the online focuses. You get to launch a SS every time you win six NS. Anyway, what I was saying, this part of the online is the most important part of the multiplayer. It is also divided into two modes, like the NS.

    a) To put it short, the three factions fight for the towers you see on the World Map, but before getting to the towers, you must first conquer the territories of your rivals, and you can do so by selecting this option, in which you’ll be(probably) put in your enemy’s territory and have to subdue their defenses by either destroying them all or hacking your way in(of course, you’ll have to watch for the attacks still). If you win, you leave your enemy with less territory to defend and gain more chances to win the current war.

    b) However, that’s not the only mode that the SS has to offer. Since you’re relying on what the servers decide, you can either land into the mode above or be put against an online boss battle (the Unidentified Weapons), which are extremely difficult when compared to the ones you face in the story mode and, while it is possible to solo some of them, it is highly recommended that you get a team of 4 experienced players to do them. Besides stronger versions of the ones you face in the story mode, there’s also unique boss battles in this mode, and it’s better that you go well prepared if you decide to face one of them. You’ll find tips for facing the bosses in their respective trophy sections.

    Note: For the trophies relating to the NS, SS and Mercenary Reg., you’ll get them once the results screen for the mission come up, so don’t be afraid if they don’t show up right away.
  • Awarded to those who have taken a screenshot.

    In the online mode, if your AC is destroyed and there’s still other allies fighting, you won’t fail the mission right away (unless you’re the leader on a SS), but rather get put into a glorified Spectator mode where you can wander around the battlefield and watch the battles from the frontlines. In this mode, you can also take screenshots by entering picture mode with the L1 button, so you can get to be, as the title says, a War Reporter. Keep in mind that picture mode doesn’t show in the story missions. Of course, you could just take the easy way and make a picture of your AC in the Workshop, but where’s the fun in that?
  • Awarded to those who have battled against an AC and destroyed it (any mission type).

    As the title say, just destroy any AC in any game mode. You’ll get this pretty quickly in the story mode, since you face your first AC in the third mission (1-3, not mission 03).
  • Awarded to those who have attained a player rank of E or higher.

    Your Player Rank increases by either:
    1. Playing through the Story Mode
    2. Doing subquests from the Story Mode
    3. Getting medals in online sorties (The medals only give experience the first time you get them, so there's no use in trying to farm an easy one)
    You’ll reach Rank E by just progressing through Story missions.
  • Awarded to those who have attained a player rank of S.

    This is one of the harder ones, and you’ll get it by being really good at the game since you need to do all the subquests, get rank S on all the Story missions, and get plenty of medals. The first two parts you’ll probably have to do either way because they have trophies attached to them, so the medals are the only thing you should keep an eye out for.

    There's also an easier way to get this trophy, and that's by being carried by an experienced player during all the story mode to get all the subquests and S-ranks done with minimal effort on your part, but considering how alive the online in this game is, the only way to do it is by agreeing with someone else to do it.
  • Awarded to those who have been a member of a team ranked E or higher.

    Refer to the Team Rank A trophy for more info.
  • Awarded to those who have been a member of a team ranked A or higher.

    This trophy could be pretty time consuming since it involves plenty of online grinding to get. However, the grinding part can be easily bypassed by just joining a team that’s already Rank A or higher, so you’ll be better off searching for one. Also, I've been informed that there's a glitch where if you go Merc. and a team who's rank A or higher hires you, after a few times of doing sorties with them you'll get the trophy as well.
  • Awarded to those who have cleared Story Mission: 01.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    An easy way to go through this mission is to sit back and let the enemies fight between themselves, and then destroy the remaining ones.
  • Awarded to those who have cleared Story Mission: 02.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    This is one of the trickier missions, and I recommend that you go with Heavy Biped (or Reverse-Jointed) legs since there's a lot of enemies in the map, and you'll likely get swarmed more than a couple of times. The order in which you clear the points is not important, but I recommend to do D first then A last due to the turret in D and the snipers on A. Keep an eye out for scrap parts and shoot recon units every time you approach a point so you don't get ambushed. Also, bring a KE shield and CIWS.
  • Awarded to those who have cleared Story Mission: 03.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    This is one of the difficult spikes from the story mode. After a certain point, you’ll suffer an ambush, and it is really hard to survive it at that point, so you’re better off taking cover behind the buildings until a certain someone lends you a hand, at which point you should do exactly what they say if you want to finish the mission.
  • Awarded to those who have cleared Story Mission: 04.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    A small, but helpful tip: When you see that it starts to spin, wait one second and then dodge to the side, otherwise you’ll take plenty of damage. It’s pretty tricky to get the timing down, but it’ll make the fight a lot easier. Anyway, max out TE defense, bring a BR and a shield, and bring CE rockets (manual aim). If you’re fast enough, it should net you an easy S-rank, as long as you’re lucky enough to not get hit by the cartwheel.
  • Awarded to those who have cleared Story Mission: 05.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Destroy the heavy turrets as fast as you can, then take out the rest.
  • Awarded to those who have cleared Story Mission: 06.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Bring the parts with the highest AP and your strongest KE and CE weapons as this mission will be a kind of endurance test. I advise against using tanks though since you’ll want to be able to move around.
  • Awarded to those who have cleared Story Mission: 07.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Bring KE weapons. You’ll face some enemies and a boss. For the boss, you have to be patient until it stops spinning, that way you can deal a lot of damage.
  • Awarded to those who have cleared Story Mission: 08.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    You’re more than likely to fail this the first time so, if you get to the second time, bring your strongest Sniper Cannon, a TE shield and CE missiles, and then go fast to the front wall and aim at where the first AC spawns, then quickly go to your right and aim at the gate to take out the tank first. At last, turn around and use your CE missiles on the last AC. It would also be more effective if you bring a BR in your weapon bay.
  • Awarded to those who have cleared Story Mission: 09.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Like in mission 02, go with heavy legs and weapons that deal the most KE, or CE, damage and vertical CE missiles.
  • Awarded to those who have cleared Story Mission: 10.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    It can be overwhelming the first time, but bring some KE rifles with plenty of ammo and power. Bring CIWS, dual piledrivers for the first phase, and a dual auto-cannon tank UNAC. Also, the moment you see a “standing-still-and-shining” animation from the boss, BOOST AS FAR AS YOU CAN. You can (and have to) trigger this by getting really close to him, but don't go too far since after that, you get some precious seconds of free damage. Also, after clearing it for the first time, you can use this mission for grinding easy money, since the parts that you get can be sold at a solid 1.5 million Au.
  • Awarded to those who have cleared all Story Missions.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    You'll get this once you complete the story mode.
  • Awarded to those who have viewed the news under Player Information.

    In the main menu, there’s an option for Team/Player Data. Select it and go to Player Data, then go to the news section. It should pop right away.
  • Awarded to those who have acquired all AC parts.

    Even though it’s a bronze trophy, this one is pretty damn time consuming since you get parts by completing story missions, buying them from the Store in the Workshop, doing subquests, going up in Player Rank, and from sub-objectives in online battles (though they aren’t unique). You should get this by going for the other trophies anyway, and if not, just grind some money and go on a shopping spree once you get to S-rank. Keep in mind that, for the weapons, you only need one of each kind for either the right or left arm, you don’t need both of them.
  • Awarded to those who have acquired all emblems/pieces from the shop or enemy ACs.

    You’ll get emblems by beating story missions and by buying them from the shop. You'll need about 5 or 6 million Au to buy them all.
  • Awarded to those who have maxed out all grades through UNAC expansion.

    The UNAC expansion section let’s you get better chips for customizing your UNAC’s operations by upgrading them with money or loading operation data. This is probably the one part where you’ll have to grind for A LOT of money, and i mean A LOT since you'll need about 50 or 60 million Au to upgrade them all. You can also upgrade them by selecting the first option and loading the data from your online battles, so you won't need to grind for money, but you'll still need to do a lot of online sorties.
  • Awarded to those who have served as operator on an all-UNAC squad and been victorious.

    Besides being a combatant and a War Reporter, you can also be an operator who acts as a strategist for your allies from outside the battlefield. However, it’s not something you can do anytime you want, since you need to have five members in your squad and you'll get assigned automatically. As the description says, you have to be the operator in an all-UNAC squad and win. Sounds easy, right? Just slap the best parts you can get into four different UNAC’s and bam! Sorry, but no. Unless you buy the DLC for more slots, you only get to have one customizable UNAC, so you’ll have to do it with three other SIGNS UNAC’s (I recommend that you wait to finish the story mode for this since you get better UNAC’s to hire as you progress).

    Normally, this trophy would be a pain in the butt to get, but thankfully(?), the servers for this game aren’t really lively most of the time, so hop into the game anytime outside of peak hours and hope that you end up with AI enemies for a chance to win. That way you can also get the Operator and UNAC Operations trophies in one go.
  • Awarded to those who have purchased all defense systems and formations for territory customization.

    Another money grinding trophy. You can buy better defense systems and formations for your territory, and by buying them all, you’ll get this trophy. Be warned, the defense systems and formations cost A LOT of money.
  • Awarded to those who have cleared every Story Mission with rank S.

    You’ll get it on your way to Player Rank S. Keep in mind that to get S ranks in story missions you have to:
    1. Get little to no damage (shields should work most of the time for this one)
    2. Not use a big amount of ammo (for AC fights, Sniper Cannons should do the trick most of the time)
    You only need to take those two factors into consideration since your rank at the end of each mission depends on how much money you get, and some missions can be pretty tight on the amount of money you can spend.
  • Awarded to those who have completed every Story Mission subquest.

    You’ll get this on your way to Player Rank S. While some of the subquests can be a real pain, it’s possible to solo them as long as you know what you’re doing. However, knowing what you’re doing won’t really help if you don’t have the right tools, so it’s better to get the “get the scrap part” and the “damage sustained” ones first, so you rank up and get better parts for the time limit ones because those are the trickier ones, alongside the miscellaneous ones. Like the method above, it would also be better if you get someone experienced to make the subquests easier to fulfill.
  • Awarded to those who have cleared Story Mission Hardcore Mode (any type).

    Hardcore mode is the “Hard” mode of this game that you unlock once you complete the Story mode, and it’s REALLY hard to do if you don’t have plenty of experience in online beforehand since the challenges are really… well… challenging. Luckily, there’s different types of settings so you can choose how to face the challenge. You start up with a new AC with scrap parts, and have a limited amount of lives (depending on the type of settings you choose), and the parts you unlock as you progress depend on the type as well. Here are some helpful tips from people who already got the platinum (credit to OldManAhab):

    Do Gambler, invest in a sniper rifle and a laser rifle early on. Improve your laser rifle when you can. Get a gatling sentry when you can, use it on missions where enemies try to swarm you or where you're dealing with multiple ACs. Pick up a shield of every type ASAP. Be sure to get various weapons of various damage types so you can kill ACs really quick, but if you're lacking in money a good laser rifle will do the trick against almost everybody. One-Shot Kill is like Gambler but with one life, which makes a couple missions rather luck-based.

    It’s best that you leave this one for last, unless you are confident enough that you can take it.

Secret trophies

  • Awarded to those who have destroyed Scavenger, Hunter, and Predator in World Mode.

    These guys are the mini-bosses you face in the Story mode. This time, however, not only are they buffed up, but they also come in a squad. Here are some tips:
    This is more an exercise in team coordination than anything. If your team can focus on one target at a time this missions is usually pretty simple. For offence, you'll want rifles and HMGs, ammo is an important factor. There is some leeway allowed, I typically bring a KE shield to deal with the long range enemies, but those high ammo rifles and the high ammo HMGs give you everything you need for this fight. A CIWS can save lives because the Scavenger's missiles hurt, the Hunter's missiles are pretty painful, and the Predators have that attack where they fly at you and shove you out of area by stagger. Yes, that attack gets intercepted by CIWS. What we normally do is hang around the back end and use the buildings as cover from the Hunters. The Predators and Scavenger will approach, just focus them down one at a time. I'd say go for the Scavenger first because that kick can come out of nowhere and wreck someone, use CE. After that, get the Predators, use KE. Try to get them stuck on a building, they have pretty bad pathing. After that, bum-rush the Hunters and watch them melt.
  • Awarded to those who have destroyed To-605A, To-605S, and To-605D in World Mode.

    These guys are the harder bosses from the story mode. More tips:
    This one's a bit iffy because of the two kickers. We've had the most success with two AP/TE-stacked tanks (use TE parts that give the most AP) and two moderately mobile heavies. The heavies are mostly there to divert attention while the tanks devour the kickers. Howitzers do a fantastic job of this. The heavies should bring battle rifles and rifles with shoulders being the user's preference. It's a good idea for the tanks to put ammo in their shoulders, though it's possible without. Rip into the kickers with the howitzers and when they're down just kill everything else at your own pace.
  • Awarded to those who have destroyed Grey Lotus in World Mode.

    You could say that this is the easiest of the UW’s. It’s the Beyblade-thing boss from the story mode. Of course, since this is the online mode, they buffed the fight by having you face 4 of them. Have everybody pile into tanks with dual autocannons and ammo shoulders. Max out your TE defense and proceed to win.
  • Awarded to those who have destroyed the Spirit Class Moving Fortress in World Mode.

    Rather than a straight boss battle, this one is made up of a stationary objective that has a lot of turrets, so you win when you destroy them all.
    Use whatever you want, but you'll want to be able to move so I'd recommend against tanks. Put a CIWS in your shoulder, it will keep you alive. As long as everyone gets together and tackles one section at a time this isn't too hard, all you have to worry about is the approach. Determine which side your team will tackle first and put the two people who can dodge the huge missiles the most consistently on that side. Have them lead the way and draw missile aggro but take care of the laser cannons. Speaking of which, you don't have to destroy the underside cannons, but doing so is extremely convenient. The five-shot sniper cannons can do some serious work here, but be prepared to get shot a lot.
  • Awarded to those who have destroyed Exusia in World Mode.

    This is the last boss from Armored Core V, who shows up in the online mode of Verdict Day to ruin your day, since it and LiV are the tougher boss battles. It also has A LOT of health.
    Autocannon tanks with TE parts and an AP focus. Don't bother with a CIWS, it's not going to do anything here. Consider KE rockets or KE missiles. Keep your eyes on him at all times. He usually swoops down for a kick after his second pass, but sometimes he'll go for three or four passes with the wing blades. Overboosting out of the way should be enough. Once he's on the ground, dodge. Try not to get caught by the rotating lasers. Exusia likes to focus on one person at a time, so that person should focus on dodging until the shield goes down, which always accompanies a powerful laser shot. Try not to get hit by it, but expect to take a good chunk of damage from it. Once the shield is down, rip into him. Keep firing as long as you can until it hops back into the air. Repeat until Exusia is done.
  • Awarded to those who have destroyed LiV in World Mode.

    Even though it says “King”, it’s actually a woman. Anyway, tips and video:
    Heavy bipeds stacked for TE defense. The head should be the head with the highest anti-jamming, same goes for your generator. To compensate for the general awfulness of this generator, get a low-consume booster. You'll need the energy. For weapons, Knaves/Kinfolks. Max power. Bring the FCS with the longest range and ammo in your shoulders. Some people bring four rifles, but I suggest bringing a TE shield or two just in case things go a little sour. So now just shoot LiV until it dies. Your biggest worry is the melee attack, which is usually preceded by LiV moving towards one player and/or getting close to the ground. That player needs to GTFO and get behind something reliable, as in not a lamppost or that partially see-through wall. Try not to hang around in the jammers, your head and generator should get you out of those just fine. No, CIWS doesn't do anything to the missiles. Also, pay mind to the big laser shots, they really hurt and they curve like arrows in Dark Souls. LiV fires these shots according to a certain tempo, so if you can get that down, you can dodge every shot easily enough, though maybe not that first shot. Keep your distance, keep shooting, and don't try for a kick. LiV's shield is a bit weird, that's about as much as I can say about it. It seems to block shots that have too high of a power, so just say no to sniper rifles.
  • Awarded to those who have destroyed N-WGIX/v in World Mode.

    This is the final boss from the Story mode, though in online version.
    The longer he stays in the first form the less likely you are to finish the mission. HEAT howitzers and sniper cannons do a fantastic job of bringing him out of the air, so have someone dedicated to that. Now, for the second phase, he has almost no KE defense and extreme CE defense, so no battle rifles. At all. The guy shooting down the first phase should bring some rifles or something. Everyone brings a tank with maxed TE defense and dual autocannons. If you don't want to take the risk, bring extra ammo, but the tanks should be fine without. Consider missiles. Dodging the blades can be tricky, but just keep moving and you might survive for ten seconds longer than you should have. Note, in the first phase, if he makes a pass and then pulls up hard, get out of the way, the incoming laser really hurts. Black Glint is extremely prone to glitching, which makes him really easy.

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