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    Awarded for destroying all Zodiac members.

    The Zodiac AC's are extremely powerful and are unlocked by completion of the Order Mission 72. There are 12 Zodiac AC's in total and 9 of them are located in the following Order Missions:

    Order Mission 72 - AC Capricornus
    Order Mission 74 - AC Taurus
    Order Mission 76 - AC Leo
    Order Mission 79 - AC Aries + AC Virgo
    Order Mission 81 - AC Pisces + AC Libra
    Order Mission 83 - AC Sagittarius + AC Aquarius

    You will only encounter the remaining 3 Zodiac AC's in Story Mode by completing a set criteria of mission constraints, and they will replace the enemy that you would normally encounter in the corresponding level, more details below:

    AC Cancer
    Location: Story Mission 01
    Mission Criteria

    • Take under 5k damage
    • Destroy ALL enemies
    • Reach the train in under 5 minutes

    The Zodiac AC will replace the AC in the tunnel at the end.

    AC Scorpius
    Location: Story Mission 04
    Mission Criteria

    • Kill the 2 scavengers
    • Ignore all other enemies
    • Reach the city in under 5 minutes
    • Take under 10k damage

    The Zodiac AC will replace the Police Captain in the City.

    Lastly, AC Gemini is encountered twice. The criteria is almost the same with the only difference being for taking out the smaller enemies in front of Father's base.

    AC Gemini
    Location: Story Mission 06
    Mission Criteria

    • Take less than 5k damage
    • Destroy all 4 bases
    • Destroy LLL
    • Ignore all other units

    Part 2

    • Take less than 10k Damage
    • Destroy all 4 bases
    • Destroy LLL
    • Destroy all enemy units

    In both instances, AC Gemini will replace the Guardian AC.

    As with pretty much every other combat scenario, the principle of being able to advise on an effective strategy can only be defined by knowing what your strongest suit is. I can only suggest that you work out what your best method is and match your loadout to your style, then let them have it. Ultimate Weapons will not serve you well here as Zodiac AC's are normally super agile and will kill you while you try to hit them with a Mass Blade or whatever.

    Upon your 13th victory your trophy will unlock, along with another Ultimate Weapon, the Giga Missile.

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