Story 07 Trophy

  • Story 07


    Awarded for completing Story Mission 07.

    Things get tough from here on. In this mission, you are effectively making a retreat, but you bump into RD, an AC from the Tutorial and have to face off in the underground subway system, and also you have to get through the network under almost constant attack. The sucker punch is a showdown with the Chief in the same area as where you fought him in Mission 01, but he is hyper nerfed now; you will need to be very quick to dodge his attacks and focus on hard hitting short range weapons to bring him down. Once he is defeated, he does the classic 'I'm not really dead' thing and comes at you again, but he just does charge attacks so this part is easy and thankfully he will not come back again after this second phase. This is also as good a time as any if you have been extremely stingy with your credits to blow a few hundred thousand on better armaments.

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