-Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Personal Preference)
-Trophy Breakdown: 11 ( 7, 3, 1)
-Offline (breakdown): 11
-Online (breakdown): 0
-Approximate amount of time to 100%: Hours: 10+
-Minimum number of play throughs needed: 1
-Number of missable trophies: N/A
-Glitched trophies: N/A
-Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A


Armageddon Riders is a very fun game. It is a sandbox racing type similar to carmaggedon. The trophies within the game aren't too hard but are very time consuming. It will take you longer than 10 hours+ due to the Geek Trophy. But like I was, you should also be kept entertained with them 10 hours+ while going for 100%

Armageddon Riders is a bloody car battle for fans of fast driving, with no rules and no brakes! You're driving a killing machine on the streets of a dead city. Your enemies are zombies and marauders. Outrageous speed, rivers of blood, brutal cars, equipped with instruments of destruction: spikes, saws and blades, and don't forget the boosters. Hundreds of hungry zombies roam the streets, jumping on cars and trying to get to the drivers. To survive there and return to tell the tale is a real challenge.

Road Map

Step 1: You start by being introduced to the game by completing a mission and various in game tutorials showing you what to do. After completing the mission I would get used to your map and areas and what things mean. Even though there is an in game tutorial talking about different mission types etc there is no Legend/key or information showing what various things mean on your map. The guide below will help you out.

Red Skulls (Blimps/Circles): These are main missions and will always have a red directional path leading to the nearest one. Follow that path and click + to start a new mission

Stopwatch: This is basically mission select. It lets you select what missions you want to do if you fail or want to redo one. It looks like rings of blue circles with a blue arrow pointing to it

Yellow Dollar sign: These are side missions that are unlocked after completing a few main missions. These are yellow rings with yellow arrows pointing to them when you're near them and are very good for earning extra cash

Green Wrench: This is your garage where you are able to upgrade your car as well as change skins and swap vehicles

Red Arrows: These are rival vehicles, smashing into these will contribute to the Blonde trophy

Pink Arrows: These are rival vehicles, smash these to obtain skins for your current car.

Step 2: Once you are associated with all objects on your map by following the key/legend above. Then I advise you to drive around to get used to your surroundings. In the process jump ramps and kill zombies in order to gain progress towards the Exorcist and Aviator trophies.

Step 3: Once you have had your fun, know your whereabouts and know what different things mean on the map, you can go and start destroying the pink arrows (classic cars) to obtain the skins for your current cars. Once you have all four start working on the main missions. Once you get enough money, don't go and buy the new car straight away. Just upgrade the car you're given to its maximum

Step 4: Basically all trophies are collect 'x' amount of this, destroy 'x' amount of this etc. so over time trophies are going to pop without you even realising you were working on them such as geek, Exorcist and Aviator trophies. After a while of completing all main missions you're going to want to work on side missions in order to obtain more money to upgrade your vehicle; this will work towards the Rockefeller trophy.

Step 5: Basically just continue playing all main missions and other trophies will come with time. Once you have all other trophies, Fanatic will pop and you will have gained your 100% in AR.

[PS3T Would Like to Thank CreativeRhino for this Roadmap]

Armageddon Riders Trophy Guide

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11 trophies ( 7  )

  • Get all in game trophies.

    This trophy is basically like a platinum for the 100% game. Get all in game trophies and you will receive this. All in game trophies aren't just the 10 trophies in the official trophy list but there are also other requirements you will have to fulfill to obtain this such as: Spend a Million, Drive 1000 KM, Jump 100 metres high

  • Complete main missions.

    Main Missions show up on the map as red circles. When you get near one it will show a red ring on the floor with a red arrow pointing to it. Your map will automatically show the route to the nearest Main Mission to you. Complete all of these to receive the trophy. Side Missions are in yellow and they do not need to be completed in order to unlock this trophy, but they doe give out a lot of money.

  • Get all rare artifcats.

    Rare artifacts are similar to how pick ups looks. But they look slightly different. They are star shaped, looking similar to a starfish and are purple. There are 25 to be collected and once collecting everyone of them the trophy will pop. Here is a picture of what they look like:

    I have also included a video for the location of all 25 rare artifacts. Which my youtube pal, FrankNStein has kindly let me use.

  • Geek


    Play for 10 hours.

    Pretty Self Explanatory really. If you press start and go into game materials you will find a section named 'trophies' this will show progress bars on how much you have played of the game. Just play the game and this will pop up with time. Leaving the game paused will not work. The 10 hours will only count from live gameplay.

  • Collect all skins.

    Skins are basically paint jobs for your car, each car has around 4 skins (paint jobs) and there are 8 vehicles to obtain. Skins are collected by destroying marked vehicles in sandbox mode. Sandbox mode is basically while roaming around the streets as this allows you to cruise the streets while not doing missions. The marked vehicles are the little Pink arrows on your map. Chase them down and smash into them to destroy them and attain that skin. Remember you can only obtain skins for the car you're driving when you crash into a marked car. So make sure you're driving the car you want a skin for before hunting down a pink arrow. After you have destroyed one, another will appear until all skins have been attained for that vehicle

  • Destroy 50 cars.

    Various other drivers cruise around the Map in Sandbox Mode. They are marked on the map by Red arrows. Just chase them down and smash into them until it comes up with "Akari" Destroyed, or whatever name that driver has. Do this 50 times to obtain this trophy. Better weapons, vehicles and boosts will make this trophy easier

  • Crush 6666 zombies.

    Basically the whole of the cities pedestrians have been transformed into Zombies. You cannot miss these at all. They basically walk the streets and roads. Just smash into one with your car and it will count as Crushing one zombie. Kill 6666 for this trophy to pop. Zombies also give your Car energy (boost). So you'll be hitting them over and over anyway. Don't go out of your way to kill them as this will just come with time while completing missions and chasing down marked cars

  • Jump for 2865 meters.

    The city has a lot of various ramps and jumps around it. When playing a race as one of the missions more ramps are added to the map throughout the course of the race. Once again don't go for this trophy just let it come with time and if you have completed all other, obviously go back for it. Missions can be played again once completed and will be showed by blue rings. If you find a mission or race where there are plenty of ramps and jumps you could just go to that mission and carry on replaying it to get those meters quicker

  • Earn a Million.

    Cash is gained throughout the game by completing various objectives. Completing main missions will give you the most money and also while playing missions you can see yellow pick ups that look like dollar signs, collect these during the mission to add more to your total. Yellow side missions can also be played to gain more money as well as destroying other cars etc. This will come over time as you're playing the game.

  • Destroy 10 wanderers.

    See Hipster

    Wanderers are a type of car, the look similar to Army type hummers.

  • Destroy 50 sharks.

    They look similar to Ford GT/Corvettes

    Rival cars all have different names starting with Wanderers, Akaris, Nukems, Sharks and Classics. When you first start you will notice that all of the Red arrows driving around the city are akaris and the pink ones are classics. The two car related trophies require that you destroy the Sharks and wanders. Both of these can be found in various missions such as arena, theft etc. But the best mission to do this is Port: Guard. It's a side mission found in the Port area. Once available, play this; the only car that you have to destroy are sharks and wanderers. Other in game trophies require you to get other cars such as Nukem, Megrat etc. This is best done by going to mission select and choosing City>Testosterone. This is an arena match where you have to destroy 5 other vehicles to win. Just farm this for the vehicles you need and once finished press to restart as your progress saves after every match rather than quitting and starting it back up. I advise doing this at the end when you have nothing else to do. If you want to know what a vehicle looks like go to your garage and look at the locked vehicles and their names; this will tell you what a Megrat, Shark, akari etc looks like etc.

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