Estimated trophy difficulty:
Trophy Difficulty Rating (4/10 Personal estimate)
Offline: 12 (1 , 4 , 7 )
Online: 0
Approximate amount of time to 100%: 5-6 hours
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
Number of missable trophies: None, level select is available
Glitched trophies: None
Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats

Arkedo Series - 03 Pixel! is the third game in the Arkedo Series of games, following on from 01 Jump! and 02 Swap!. This particular game is a fun, heavily retro styled 2D platformer with crisp and colourful graphics, a nice upbeat soundtrack and responsive gameplay. It will take gamers who are old enough, back to happy memories of games they played years ago on the SNES or Mega Drive for example. I feel this game is suitable for all gamers who enjoy platformers and retro games in general.


Step One

Ultimately the aim is to unlock the bulk of, if not all the trophies in one playthrough. The trophies relating to the Useless Relics along with the "Literate tomcat" and "Magnificent" trophies will be easily obtained if you use the Useless Relic Guide I have prepared, during your playthrough.

Ensure that you progress through the levels at a steady pace, re-reading signposts, and re-entering mini games if you die between checkpoints. Don't just steam through levels as you could potentially miss some exclamation mark (!) blocks, which would therefore lead to the requirement of a second playthrough. I have detailed in the trophy guide below the signposts and blocks that I feel could pose a problem.

You don't need to worry about the trophies relating to kills as they should come naturally as you progress. More detail on these is contained in the trophy guide.

Step Two - Mop Up

The most likely trophies you will be missing, if any, at the end of your playthrough will be the "Fearless tomcat" and "Roaring tomcat" trophies. If this is the case use the location I have described for the "Roaring tomcat" trophy to grind the rest of your kills, you can acquire around 15 kills in a matter of seconds utilising that location.

[PS3T Would Like to Thank Puzzler for this Roadmap]

Arkedo Series: 03 Pixel! Trophy Guide

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12 trophies ( 1  )

  • Complete all the levels.

    This trophy is unlocked upon completion of the game's six levels; Grassland, Caves, Big tree, Sky, Space and City. The trophy will unlock as you watch the ending storyboard.

  • Collect all the Useless Relics in one level.

    Please refer to "That’s completely useless".

  • Collect half the Useless Relics.

    Please refer to "That’s completely useless".

  • Collect all the Useless Relics.

    There are three Useless Relics contained in each level. They can be identified in levels due to their blocks having an empty middle, like an empty box. You will notice all the rest have their middles "filled in". You need to use to zoom in on them and click to enter and complete the mini-game.

    I have written a detailed guide clearly explaining where all the Relics are located in all six levels, see the link below:

    Useless Relic Guide

    It's worth noting that all three trophies relating to the Useless Relics do not unlock upon completion of a level, but will unlock once you enter the next, or in the case of this particular trophy, while the ending storyboards are playing. You need to reach a checkpoint or reach the end of a level for your Useless Relics to save.

    Lastly, Relic progress can be checked at the level select screen. If you have all the Relics for a level you will see three chests next to the level name.

  • Kill 200 foes.

    Please refer to "Fearless tomcat".

  • Kill 1000 foes.

    You kill an enemy by either jumping on their head or using the "roar" feature. The 1000 kills are cumulative across all levels and kills between deaths do count towards your total. If you haven’t unlocked this by the time you unlock "Coming Home", you can either play through the levels again or alternatively use the location I have described for the "Roaring Master" trophy, to grind out the rest of your kills.

  • Kill 25 foes by roaring at them.

    Please refer to "Roaring tomcat".

  • Kill 100 foes by roaring at them.

    When you kill an enemy by jumping on its head, you'll notice the bar in the top left of your screen will fill up. Once it is full you can let out a roar to kill single or multiple enemies using . The 100 kills are cumulative across all levels and kills between deaths do count towards your total. You should have no problems unlocking this during your playthrough of the six levels.

  • Kill 8 enemies with a single roar.

    For this trophy you need to kill 8 enemies in one single roar. The first opportunity to acquire this, is via a location in Level 2: Caves, detailed below:

    After the first checkpoint, 5 duck enemies will be conveniently placed in close proximity to each other. Use these enemies to fill your roar bar, and progress past the signpost that reads "New weapons have been shipped! That dirty cat will no longer jump on our heads!", just past here are 8 mushroom enemies lined up in a row.

  • Read all the signs.

    Nearly all the signposts are extremely hard to miss and are in plain sight as you progress through the levels. There are a few signposts that have the potential to be missed, however if you are using my Useless Relic Guide they are all detailed in there, with the exception of one, detailed below:

    • Shortly after the first Useless Relic on Level 4: Sky you will come to a pool of water with three breakable blocks above and a block in the middle of the pool. Drop off the ledge to your right, down to a signpost that reads "We are nice for now but the next, be REALLY careful ok?".

    The last signpost in the game reads "OK, this one is really tough! It is time to see who the city’s boss is!", the trophy will unlock after reading this if you’ve got them all.

  • Achieve all the hidden pixel mini-games.

    The hidden pixel mini-games are what you complete upon finding Useless Relics and the blocks containing an exclamation mark (!). They are all very easy to complete and should pose no problems to the average gamer. However if you feel you can’t complete a mini-game in time, use the escape button during the mini-game to back out and try again. Failure to complete a mini-game in the allocated time results in a portion of health being deducted.

    As long as you don't plough through levels without looking for the Exclamation Mark boxes, finding all of them is similar to the signposts, they are mostly in plain sight as you progress through the levels. There are a few however that could potentially be missed, so if you're missing this trophy at the end of the game, try these:

    • Level 3: Big Tree
      Right after the signpost that reads "Still Intoxicated? Did you really search within yourself?", head down through the breakable blocks, past the two springs to the right.
    • Level 5: Space
      Shortly after the signpost that reads "Pro-tip: Briefly push cross button to perform a useful mini-jump!", you will progress upwards through a narrow chamber in the dark, the block is in the top left of the chamber.
    • Level 5: Space
      During the dark maze section (See reference in the Useless Relic Guide). Ensure you take this section slowly and search thoroughly.

Secret trophies

  • Destroy 200 breakable blocks.

    These blocks are visibly cracked and will crumble away when you run over them. Walking over them is safe and the blocks will remain intact.

    You will have no problem whatsoever unlocking this during one playthrough.

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