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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10 (Platinum Difficulty Poll)
  • Offline trophies: 20 (3, 8, 8, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0, local multiplayer only
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 6-8+ Hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 10 Games, though 20 is Recommended
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty settings


You've seen the show and now it's time to put your own brain to the test! Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader puts you, your knowledge, and your ability to pull random facts out from the cobwebs of your brain to the test as you answer 11 questions per show, each ranging from a 1st-grade level up to a 6th-grade level. You won't be by yourself though, as you'll have a classroom of 6 5th-grade students to help you cheat your way to victory by answering the questions for you. Well, as best they can at least. Will you be able to make it through all 6 rounds without getting any questions wrong? Or will you put on your dunce cap and claim the title of Not Smarter Than a 10-year-old? There's only one way to find out!


Good news players who haven't been to 5th grade in 20+ years! You can cheese your way through the questions in this game. In a perfect world, 1st graders nowadays would still be learning their basic reading and writing skills, but apparently, they've moved on to bigger things, like super rare constellations and not-so-basic level chemical compounds. This game does not have a timer for the questions and once they're asked, you can take as long as your heart desires to answer. This means you can easily skedaddle over to the world wide web and look up any questions you might be stuck on (without having to pause the game), making this by far one of the easier trivia-oriented games available. Depending on how you play will determine what your overall grind will be like, so read below for the recommended steps on how to make your path to platinum as non-trivial as possible. 

Step 1: Play a Minimum of 10 Games of Exam Mode Getting No More Than 3 Questions Wrong

Exam Mode is the single-player mode of the game and is played just as the show was; you play until you either win or get a question wrong. In this Mode, you'll be going for your A+ Grade for "A+" Student trophy_gold.png. As mentioned just above, you can search the internet for the answers to any questions you're not completely sure of, which will aid in the "no more than 3 questions wrong". The A+ Grade will take a minimum of 10 games to get (giving no flubs happen along the way) since you need to answer 100 questions and each game consists of 11. If you don't get the required rating in this step, you will have 7 more opportunities to get it in Step 2, but it's honestly a lot easier to do solo. Don't use any of the cheats available in the game (where the students help you) and you'll be guaranteed to get the "Independent Student" award every game, whether you win or not. Don't worry about the "Reference Checker" title here as it's insanely easier to get in Study Mode. This step will also make a decent dent in your progress towards Graduated trophy_gold.png, making the grind in Step 2 far less tedious. 

As long as you complete your games to 100 questions without getting more than 3 wrong, you will earn:

Exam Time trophy_bronze.png 
In The Honor Roll trophy_gold.png 
Smarter than a 5th Grader trophy_silver.png 
"A" Student trophy_gold.png 
"A+" Student trophy_gold.png 
Self-Sufficient trophy_gold.png 
1st Grade trophy_silver.png 
2nd Grade trophy_silver.png 

Step 2: Play At Least 10 Study Mode Games and Grind to 6th Grade

Again, if you happened to miss more than 3 questions in Step 1 and missed out on your A+ grade, you'll have 7 more opportunities to get it here. Study Mode is the multiplayer mode of the game and allows you to play with 1-8 players. Only one controller is needed for this so don't worry about needing any extra peripherals. To maximize your point payout, you should only play 8-player games except for when you go for Exam Practice trophy_bronze.png (that requires 1 player only in this Mode). The more questions you get right, the higher your point payout will be and all player's points count towards your total, so feel free to use the Google/Bing trick even through this step (though you'll be wanting to get as many questions right as possible anyways for Prodigy of all Trades trophy_gold.png). If you missed "A+" Student trophy_gold.png, try and have any (or even all) of the 7 avatars that you did not play with in Step 1 go for it. You'll also want one player to use all 3 of their cheats every game for 10 games so they earn the Research Checker medal at the end of the game. Be sure to also have one player answer the very first question wrong and have any player bonk their bobblehead a few times to clean up some of the miscellaneous trophies easily. These 8-player games can be a bit time-consuming, but it makes the grind to 6th grade a lot quicker than playing solo. 

After this step, you will earn:

Exam Practice trophy_bronze.png 
Study Session trophy_bronze.png 
Full House trophy_silver.png 
Librarian trophy_silver.png 
Byoing trophy_silver.png 
Unlucky trophy_silver.png 
Prodigy of all Trades trophy_gold.png 
3rd Grade trophy_silver.png 
4th Grade trophy_gold.png 
5th Grade trophy_gold.png .
Graduated trophy_gold.png 
Avatar of Learning trophy_platinum.png 

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? Trophy Guide

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20 trophies ( 3  )

  • Unlock all other trophies.

    Earn all of the other trophies in the game to unlock this Platinum. 
  • Play "Exam" Mode.

    Exam Mode is the single-player mode in the game. Unlike Study Mode, if you get a question wrong in this mode, your game will end early, but all the questions you've answered will still count towards your overall stats. You don't need to complete the mode for this trophy, but you do need to for Smarter than a 5th Grader trophy_silver.png, so it's best to try and get them both together. 
  • Beat "Exam" Mode.

    Exam Mode is the single-player mode in the game and consists of the same 11-question layout similar to Study Mode. Unlike Study Mode though, if you get a question wrong, your game will end early and you'll need to start a new game to get this trophy. There's no time limit to answer the questions so if you get stuck at all, you can easily just google the questions to find the correct answers. As soon as you complete the mode the first time, the trophy will unlock. 
  • Beat "Exam" Mode without using any cheats.

    Luckily for all the players of this game, the cheats only include asking the students for help answering the questions. There's no time limit to answer the questions so if you get stuck, you can just google the answers accordingly (you don't even need to pause the game). Complete the mode the first time without the students' help and the trophy will unlock. 
  • Play "Study" Mode with exactly 1 player.

    Study Mode is similar to Exam Mode except if you get a question wrong, the game doesn't end, you just don't get the points for that question. You can play with 1-8 players, so just play the mode once with only 1 player and when the game ends, the trophy will unlock. 
  • Play "Study" Mode with more than 1 player.

  • Play "Study" Mode with the maximum number of 8 players.

    Only one controller is needed for this trophy (all players will share one). When you start up a game, just make sure you set it to the max of 8 players (this will use all 8 profiles) and when you complete the game, no matter what the scores are, the trophy will unlock.

    This is the recommended mode/player setup to grind out Graduated trophy_gold.png (see that trophy for more info). 
  • Get an overall grade of A or higher with one avatar that has answered over 100 questions.

  • Get an overall grade of A+ with one avatar that has answered over 100 questions.

    It's highly recommended you get this trophy before going for Graduated trophy_gold.png and use Exam Mode to get it. This way, if you run into the unfortunate situation of missing too many questions, you'll have another opportunity to get it while doing the 8-player Study Mode games. Exam Mode will give your score a multiplier as well so even though you're playing solo, you'll still make decent progress towards Graduated trophy_gold.png

    To get an A+ grade, you need to have a minimum Overall Grade average of 97% on your report card (this is also where you can track how many questions you've received). Due to the minimum of 100 questions required, the max questions you can miss before having to play beyond 100 is 3. Luckily, there is no time limit on the questions so if you get stuck on any of them, you can easily just Google the answers so you don't miss any (you don't even need to pause the game). 100 questions will require a minimum of 10 games, so as long as you're playing Exam Mode, you'll also get Self-Sufficient trophy_gold.png while you go for this so long as you don't use the help of the Students while playing. The question progress will only save when you finish a game (whether you win or lose) meaning you can't leave the game early to try and save progress towards the 100-question minimum. 

    If you miss more than 3 questions before reaching the 100-question minimum, you'll need to play a lot more games depending on how much trouble you got yourself in. Just as a reference point for you, this is the minimum number of games you'll need to play if you miss between 3-10 questions so you're not wasting too much of your time:
    • 3 Wrong: 100 Games
    • 4 Wrong: 134 Games
    • 5 Wrong: 167 Games
    • 6 Wrong: 200 Games
    • 7 Wrong: 234 Games
    • 8 Wrong: 267 Games
    • 9 Wrong: 300 Games
    • 10 Wrong: 334 Games
    As you can see, the punishment for missing questions is basically increasing your playtime by a pretty good deal so again, definitely go for this trophy first before grinding out the scores needed for Graduated trophy_gold.png. There's a chance that "A" Student trophy_gold.png won't unlock alongside this trophy as well, but if it doesn't, play one more additional game without missing any questions and the game should register a new score for you and unlock whichever one did not unlock for you initially. 
  • Get "Reference Checker" at the end of a game session 10 times. (Does not have to be in one single avatar)

    You'll be wanting to do this while playing Study Mode. To unlock the trophy, you just need to use all 3 cheats on one player in one single game (Copy, Ask the Class, and Get a Different Question). You don't need to get the answer right, you just need to use the cheats period. The title will only be given to one player per game so if you're playing with multiple people and more than one uses all their cheats, you'll still only receive one credit towards this trophy. As soon as you've earned your 10th Reference Checker at the end of the game, the trophy will unlock. 
  • Get "Independent Student" at the end of a game session 10 times. (Does not have to be in one single avatar)

    If you're following the recommended Roadmap (and the recommendations listed under "A+" Student trophy_gold.png), this will unlock as you go for "A+" Student trophy_gold.png. To earn the Independent Student title, you need to complete a game without using any cheats/getting help from the Students. If you're playing in Exam Mode, this will be easier to get since that's single-player mode. If you're playing in Study Mode, you can only play with a max of 2 players to ensure one of you will receive the title. When you play with 3 or more, modifiers are added to the game that will occasionally split you up into groups to answer the questions. The "Independent" part of the title requires you to answer the questions by yourself and if you're on a team, it won't count. The only modifiers that can potentially work with this are "High versus Everyone Else" and "All Choose for One", but you need to get lucky and be the one picked to be on the solo team. Alternatively, the "Even Group" modifiers can potentially bug out but only if your team's avatars are not shown on the bottom of the screen when you're answering your question. If it's just your avatar that appears, it will count as a solo answer. 

    Once you've received this title 10 times on any combination of profiles, the trophy will unlock. 
  • Get "Head Bobbler" at the end of a game session.

    As you play through the game, you'll notice that some of your grade-oriented awards are Bobble Heads. These appear on your desk when you're choosing a category and when you're answering a question. If you press l3.png while at your desk, the Bobble Head will bobble. At any point in a game, press l3.png a few times and when the game ends, the trophy will unlock. 
  • Get "Unlucky" at the end of a game session.

    Do not go for this until you've earned "A+" Student trophy_gold.png as it requires you to miss a question. Not just any question, though, the very first question. When you're ready to not have to worry about answering everything perfectly, start up a game in either mode and simply get the first question wrong. If you're playing in Exam Mode, the game will end automatically and you'll get the trophy quickly. If you're playing in Study Mode, you'll need to complete the game after getting the question wrong and the trophy will unlock once you're on the final stats screen. 
  • Get all 8 Stage "Prodigy" Medals. (Does not have to be in one single avatar)

    The Prodigy Medals are given out at the end of the game to players who earned an "A" in the corresponding subject on their Report Card. To get an "A", you need to have a score of at least 90% in the given subject. Thankfully, you have 8 avatars to get 8 A's, so you'll have plenty of chances to get all of them. Even if you end up under 90%, it's much easier to raise a B to an A than it is to raise an A to an A+. If you have an avatar that's close to 90% in a subject, try and choose that subject as often as possible and do your best to get all the right answers on it (again, you can use Google for this). Once you've earned an A in each of the 8 subjects across any combination of avatars, the trophy will unlock. 
  • Reach 1st Grade in the Permanent Record.

    See Graduated trophy_gold.png
  • Reach 2nd Grade in the Permanent Record.

    See Graduated trophy_gold.png
  • Reach 3rd Grade in the Permanent Record.

    See Graduated trophy_gold.png
  • Reach 4th Grade in the Permanent Record.

    See Graduated trophy_gold.png
  • Reach 5th Grade in the Permanent Record.

    See Graduated trophy_gold.png
  • Reach 6th Grade in the Permanent Record.

    As mentioned a few times in this guide, you'll want to go for "A+" Student trophy_gold.png before going for this trophy so you're not wasting time replaying too many games (and so you can also crank out Self-Sufficient trophy_gold.png with it). 

    When you play through the game, you'll be given a score per question-based on the grade tiers you're playing. Each game, no matter the Mode, has 11 questions:
    • (2) 1st Grade Questions (worth 100 points each)
    • (2) 2nd Grade Questions (worth 150 points each)
    • (2) 3rd Grade Questions (worth 200 points each)
    • (2) 4th Grade Questions (worth 250 points each)
    • (2) 5th Grade Questions (worth 300 points each)
    • (1) 6th Grade Question (worth 500 points)
    If you get them all right, this will of course get you 2500 points per game. Exam Mode will add a x2.5 multiplier to your score for a total of 6250 per game. If you win a game in Study Mode, you can earn up to an additional 250 points. To reach 6th Grade, you need a grand total of 225,000 points. If you earned "A+" Student trophy_gold.png prior to this trophy, you should have a minimum of 62,500 points already, leaving 162,500 left to grind out. Luckily, when playing Study Mode, all of the player's scores count towards your total, giving you potentially 20,000 per game if you're playing with 8 players (dependent on what modifiers appear in the game). Because of this, it's definitely recommended you play full games with 8 players to max out your earnings each time. Don't forget to have one player use their cheats so you can knock out the Librarian trophy_silver.png trophy as well and after about 8-10 games, depending on the final scores, you'll have enough points to reach 6th grade. 

    You can make your games go a tad quicker by changing the "Hold Duration" in the Options Menu to "Instant", but this only saves a few seconds and runs the risk of you choosing either the wrong category or the wrong answer since it registers your input instantly. You can skip 99% of the dialogue which will save about a minute or two each game, but no matter what, you'll be looking to grind this out for a couple of hours. The scores will only save once you complete a game so once you finish the game that gets you to 225,000 points, this trophy will unlock. 

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