• Estimated trophy difficulty: 5/10 (personal estimate) (Platinum Difficulty Thread)
  • Offline trophies: 43 , 4 , 2
  • Online trophies: 5 , 1 , 1
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 80+ hours (Estimated Time to Platinum Thread)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 24 story mode, 1 after story mode, 1 survival mode, 1 time attack mode, 101+ online matches
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: No
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, Storybook Ending X-TREME must be done on highest difficulty
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes, NA PS3, NA Vita, JP PS3, JP Vita
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats



Arcana Heart 3 Love MAX!!! is the follow up to Arcana Heart 3. It's a rebalance of the original with some new modes and some system changes, such as the new Arcana Eclipse. The trophy list, previously all character based, is now Arcana based, so it will be a little different this time. You can look at the following sites for a rundown of the system mechanics:

Arcana Heart 3 Wiki: Tutorial
Arcana Heart 3 Wiki Main Page

Warning for people wanting to boost trophies! This game has stacking trophy lists - JP PS3, JP Vita, NA PS3, and NA Vita are all separate. On top of that, this game has no cross-region netplay. That means that anyone with a JP copy CANNOT play online with someone with an NA copy. Vita copies also cannot play with PS3 copies! As of now it's unknown whether the EU version will have its own servers as well.

All inputs in this guide will be done using the Blazblue system. From a neutral position, you have
7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3
where 4 is back, 6 is forward, and 8 is up. Therefore, 236 will be a fireball motion from down, down-forward, forward.


All steps are concurrent, as there's no real order to anything.

Training Mode
Practice or leave it on, it's your call. After 15 minutes, you'll have:
No Train No Gain

Story Mode
While there's no trophy specifically for clearing it with all characters, you will need to do so for the CG trophy. Make sure you get the bad end once, and clear it once on the highest difficulty. There's also an Arcana trophy that is much easier against the boss of Story mode (See Tag! You're It! ). Once you've done all this, you'll have:
Storybook Ending
Storybook Ending X-TREME
I...I Just Couldn't Look Away...

AFTER Story Mode
When you get to the hot springs scene, be sure to wipe away a ton of steam. After this, you'll get:
Chillin' in the Hot Spring!
Hey, No Peeking!

Time Attack Mode
Aim to clear it under 10 minutes, and you get:
It's Okay to Bust that Ghost, Right?!
Faster! Faster! Go Go GO!
Over Before It Began...?

Survival Score Attack Mode
You're allowed to continue infinitely, but if you have trouble with the final two fights, see the trophy guide for details. Clearing it gets you:
God is Dead...

Trial Mode
Pick a character you really like, and aim to get all their gold medals. After this, you get:
I am Become Death...
Bronze Arcana
Silver Arcana
Gold Arcana

Network Mode
When you're ready for it, start fighting online. Win 100 ranked matches, play at least 1 player match, and fight against all characters, and you'll have:
If That's What You Think, Then Good For You!
Good Morning, Angels
Plays Well With Others
Throw Down the Gauntlet.
Rank and File
Fear no Foe!
Just Getting Started, Buddy!

You'll have likely gotten a few of the Arcana-specific trophies in the above steps. All these trophies can be accomplished in any mode except training mode. If you're in 2P VS mode, they can be unlocked with the second player fulfilling the requirements.
Love Conquers ALL!
Spear of Destiny
Blessing of the Bodhi Tree
Forced Bravado
Unblockable Hellfire
Tag! You're It!
Run Silent, Run Deep
Mr. Bubbles!
You've Got the POWER!
Divine Intervention
The Snow Queen
...Meet Irresistible Force
7 Deadly Sins
The Three (Five?) Stooges
...Sincerest Form of Flattery
When the Pupil is Ready, the Master will Appear
Voice of Hope and Reason
Harvest Festival
Synchro Rate: 100%
*Mumble* *Mumble*
Ah, the Smell of Napalm!

Mop Up
Use VS mode to grind out unique pre-fight scenes, link animations and some more CG. Use Time Attack/Survival mode to grind LP for your chosen character and to unlock memories for that trophy. Be sure to watch all memories to complete the CG gallery. There are a couple miscellaneous trophies for winning rounds with special moves, which you should have gotten early on, but get them in VS mode if you need. This is the final step, and the longest. Here you will get:
I Was Just Looking!
It's Moving...
Mycana, not Ourcana
Critically Acclaimed
Of Critical Importance
With Our Powers Combined!
Un-Natural Female Enhancement
You Only Have Eyes For Me!
You're the Only One for Me

And finally:
Threads of Fate Bind Us Together



[PST Would Like to Thank Akari for this Roadmap]

Arcana Heart 3: LOVE MAX!!!!! (NA) (Vita) Trophy Guide

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56 trophies ( 48  3  )

  • Conquered the beast that is Arcana Heart 3: LOVE MAX!!!!!

  • Finished Story Mode

    See Storybook Ending X-TREME .

  • Finished Story Mode on the highest difficulty.

    Story mode is a series of battles that ends with a fight against Ragnarok. He's rather annoying to fight if you aren't used to the game mechanics, but you can use homing jumps to fly up to the cores to hit them. When all the cores turn invincible and he brings his staff down, jump up and use homing to fly around the top of the screen to avoid his unblockable lasers. If you're having a lot of trouble killing him, you can use the Metal Arcana and use the Arcana Blaze (activate Extend Force with A+B+C, then do 236A+B+C) to do a huge amount of damage.

    Clearing Story mode on any difficulty will earn Storybook Ending , and clearing it on the hardest difficulty of 8 will earn you this trophy. You can set it to 1 round to make Story mode faster.

  • Experienced the bad ending in Story Mode.

    To earn the bad ending, you must defeat Ragnarok with a time out victory. You can do this easily by setting difficulty to 1 and round length to 30, then use the Metal Arcana's Arcana Blaze and just run around the screen. Hit him some more if he does damage to you. Be wary, if you get the bad end, you will not unlock the ending CG for the character you used, so you'll have to clear Story mode with them again.

  • Finished the AFTER Story Mode.

    AFTER Story mode is a series of story events. Every character has their own, and there is a prologue and 2 epilogues, so there are 26 scenes. Each character scene has one battle, which should be easy to clear. Clear those 26 scenes for this trophy.

  • Defeated Kamui in Survival Score Attack Mode.

    In Survival Score Attack, you fight against every character in a row. The second to last fight is Angelia with Mildred, and the final fight is Kamui in an ultra powered up mode. Either of these can kill you very quickly, so here's a strategy that will work for this, and most other modes. I will be referring to this strategy a lot for other trophies as well:

    Use Angelia, with the Metal Arcana. Use 4E to charge up your super meter, and just try to get to 3 bars. In Survival Score Attack, you keep your meter even if you lose and continue, so focus on getting 3 meters at top priority. Try not to use your Extend Burst! Once you have 3 meters, activate Extend Force with A+B+C and then use her Critical Heart, 'A Maiden's Heart is Fickle!', which is done with A+C B A+C. If you're having trouble with this command, it also activates by mashing A+B+C quickly. The EF version of this move will do anywhere from 60-100% damage, depending on the character. Your goal is simply to spam this move as often as you can. Play defensively while you wait for it to charge up again, running away if you need to. If you can't survive long enough for your EF meter to come back (or you've accidentally bursted), the non-EF version of this move still does significant damage, so go ahead and use that too.

  • Defeated Parace L'Sia in Trial Mode.

    See Gold Arcana .

  • Obtained all bronze medals in Trial Mode with one character.

    See Gold Arcana .

  • Obtained all silver medals in Trial Mode with one character.

    See Gold Arcana .

  • Obtained all gold medals in Trial Mode with one character.

    Each character has 10 trials, with 3 different levels of each. They will usually ask for simple things like 'use jump cancels 10 times', or 'win with only arcana attacks', but there are some difficult ones mixed in. All strategies are based on using Angelia, and in some cases the God is Dead... method. Here are the harder ones:

    Win by Perfect - You only actually need to win 1 round with this, so you can either just play really well, or just use the Metal arcana to charge up 3 meters in round 1 and then blast them with her Critical Heart Extend in round 2 for a perfect.

    Win in 10 seconds or less - Just like above, use her Critical Heart to kill them instantly in round 2.

    Do 10,000 damage in one combo without Arcana Blaze/Arcana gauge - To do this, use Angelia's Ending Sadness, which is done by holding A, B, or C. If you hold it for 50 counts on the clock and release, it will gain a super flash and become unblockable. Use this and it will do 12,800 damage, earning you the medal.

    Clash 20 times - This one gets a special mention because it's an easy way to earn the Spear of Destiny trophy as well if you use the Thunder Arcana. You'll be fighting Kira who is attacking nonstop, but you can basically just spam the B button to clash her moves. For Spear of Destiny , do 623E when you clash to get the trophy easily.

    Do a jump attack into ground attack chain 3x in 1 combo - For this, you should use the Time Arcana. The Arcana Blaze (activate EF with A+B+C, then do 236A+B+C) freezes them in place for a long time and all hits count as a combo, so just do something simple like [jA (land) 5A] x3.

    Connect with 7/10/13 different attacks in one combo - This one is tricky and may take a few tries to get used to. Use the Time Arcana and activate the Arcana Blaze. Hopefully you got them on the ground, or else you'll have to try again. Here's a combo that will work:
    Jump homing to them jA (land) 5A 5B 5C 6C 5E (small pause) (hold 2) 2A 2B 2C 2E (small pause) 8A (wait to land) 214A+B 41236A+B.
    For the super followup, 41236A+B is done just after Merlin grows to full size. Be sure you do [2]8A straight up. If you do [2]9A, you will go through them and be too far to do the Merlin super.

    For Trial 10, you'll fight Scharlachrot in permanent EF for Bronze, Angelia with Mildred for Silver, and Parace L'Sia for Gold. Bronze and Silver shouldn't be too hard, but Parace L'Sia will be incredibly difficult. Unlike in vanilla AH3, she does NOT lose life when you continue, so you'll need to win a full 2 rounds against her. She breaks through your guard easily, bursts out of most combos, is invincible a lot of the time, and can do massive damage even from full screen, so it is tough to fight her normally. However, here's a strategy that works:

    Use the Metal arcana, and use the strategy outlined in God is Dead... . Use the first round to charge up as much meter as you can - if you can get more than 1-1.5 meters charged, you're doing ok. Your best window for this is when she has 3 meters and uses them to curl up in a ball of ice and heal. Otherwise, play extremely defensively and just fit in charging when you can, but don't bother trying to attack too much, because she will almost always recover before you and hit you back. If she's locking you in place, try spamming your 214A+B super (Merlin), which has a lot of invincibility and a decent hitbox. It will knock Parace far into the air on hit and give you time to charge a little bit more meter. You'll likely lose the first round without getting to 3 bars, so your next hope is to finish charging to 3 meters in round 2 and start your Critical Heart spam. It's possible for it to get a counter hit and kill her in 1 use, but this is rare, so bank on needing to use it 2+ times. She's fully invincible during teleports or other moves, so she can dodge them frequently. Just turtle up and try your best to land your Critical Heart as often as you can, and eventually you'll beat her.

  • Cleared Time Attack Mode within 20 minutes.

    See Over Before it Began...? .

  • Cleared Time Attack Mode within 10 minutes.

    Time Attack mode is 10 fights at 2 rounds each, and the final fight is against Fiona. After you beat her in the first round, Mildred will come and help her, and you need to win 2 rounds against Fiona with Mildred. Use Angelia and the strategy from God is Dead... , but since in this mode you gain super meter much faster than normal, you can use any other Arcana that you are familiar with. One or two simple combos will be enough to get you to 3 meters, and then you can go ahead and use her Critical Heart Extend to win quickly. With this method I got it in ~8:30, so you have quite a bit of wiggle room to get under 10 minutes.

  • Practiced for 15 minutes straight in Training Mode.

    As it says, go into training mode. Leave it on for 15 minutes for this trophy.

  • Played a match in Network Mode with a custom Super-Duper Awesome Title.

    You can set your title in Options -> Title Options. Change it to anything you want, and then you'll get the trophy after fighting one match in any mode.

  • Fought and defeated all the characters in Network Mode.

    Despite the description, you only need to fight against all characters, not defeat them. And oddly enough, your own characters count, so you just need to fight one online match with every character. If you need to boost this, use this thread to find a boosting partner.


    Warning for people wanting to boost trophies! This game has stacking trophy lists - JP PS3, JP Vita, NA PS3, and NA Vita are all separate. On top of that, this game has no cross-region netplay. That means that anyone with a JP copy CANNOT play online with someone with an NA copy. Vita copies also cannot play with PS3 copies! As of now it's unknown whether the EU version will have its own servers as well.

  • Played your first Player Match.

    Go online, find a player lobby, join it, and play one match. It doesn't matter if you win or lose; you'll get this trophy when you finish.

  • Played your first Ranked Match.

    Play one ranked match online for this trophy. It doesn't matter if you win or lose.

  • Won your first Ranked Match.

    Play a ranked match online and win for this trophy.

  • Played in 50 Ranked Matches.

    Play 50 ranked matches for this trophy. It doesn't matter if you win or lose.

  • Unlocked all of the illustrations in Gallery Mode.

    The CG Gallery is filled in as you use characters and Arcanas, and when you use their super moves. There are also listings for memories and story mode. To fill Visual Gallery 1, use all characters/Arcana and clear Story mode with all characters. Special note: Three characters have extra cut-ins related to using their special moves. Clarice gets one for using Il Flaco or Il Rapimento, one for using Il Chroma, and one for using Il Risveglio. Scharl gets an extra one for using her Critical Heart. Maori has two extra from her Critical Heart (or from using both her 2 supers).

    To fill Visual Gallery 2, unlock all memories, and start watching them all through. Choices don't matter, the CG will unlock regardless. You will want to watch all their main story memories, and then at least some of the Sub memories - check back to the gallery frequently and see if you have the CG unlocked, as you don't actually need to watch them all for all characters to unlock all their CG.

    See I Remember EVERYTHING! for info on memories. When watching them all, you will want to turn off auto-save to speed the process.

    Gallery trophies unlock when you enter the gallery and see the 100%. If you get 100% complete while being inside the gallery (watching memories, for example), exit to the main menu and come back in.

  • Unlocked all of the link animations in Gallery Mode.

    This list is the same as Arcana Heart 3. Each character has a list of animations that play while they are fighting. They are unlocked during Story mode, VS mode (p1 only), and network mode (p1 AND p2). Most characters have the same general initial ones - Normal, Advantageous, Very Advantageous, Disadvantageous, Very Disadvantageous, Attack 1, Attack 2, Attack 3, Taking Damage, Win, Loss. Attack 3 is often unlocked by using their Critical Heart, Critical Heart Extend, or a high combo Arcana Blaze. Then, every character has a couple of extra ones. Here's a general list:

    • Perfect Victory (Win by perfect, 1 round ok) - Heart, Kamui, Fiona
    • Straight Victory (2 round minimum, win without losing a round, no rounds can be perfect) - Saki, Maori
    • Critical Heart Victory - Clarice
    • Special Victory 1 - Konoha, Mei Fang, Lilika, Lieselotte, Yoriko, Kira, Petra, Zenia, Angelia, Elza,
    • Catherine, Dorothy, Akane, Nazuna, Parase L'Sia, Scharlachrot, Eko, Weiss
    • Special Victory 2 - Konoha, Mei Fang, Weiss

    Special Victory 1 for everyone other than Konoha, Mei Fang, Akane, Elsa, Petra, Weiss: Set it to 2 rounds, lose the first round, win the second round, and then win the 3rd round with under 25% health and with a super move or greater. For Konoha and Mei Fang, do this but with 1 round. For Akane, Elsa, and Petra, do this but do not lose a round. For Weiss win the final round with a perfect and Critical Heart (NOT Critical Heart Extend)

    Special Victory 2 for Konoha and Mei Fang: Do as above. For Weiss, you must do the above without losing a round.

    Gallery trophies unlock when you enter the gallery and see the 100%.

  • Unlocked all of the "Memories" side-stories.

    Each character has 5 main story memories, which are long story scenes (some with a quick battle) and 10 sub memories, which are short story scenes. They are unlocked randomly after each victory over the computer in Story, memories, Score Attack, and Time Attack modes. They also unlock regardless of which character you're using. You will get a few while going through Story mode and Time Attack mode, but you have still have a bit of grinding ahead of you to unlock them all. The best way to do this is just to speed through Time Attack/Score Attack over and over.

    Gallery trophies unlock when you enter the gallery and see the 100%. If you get 100% while still being in the gallery, you need to exit to the main menu and come back in.

  • Used all of the characters.

    Play as all characters. AH3 Love Max seems to be fairly loose on this, so you only need to get as far as the starting battle screen for it to count - you don't need to finish the match. You'll get this while you clear Story mode with all characters.

  • Used all of the Arcana.

    Play as all Arcana. AH3 Love Max seems to be fairly loose on this, so you only need to get as far as the starting battle screen for it to count - you don't need to finish the match. You should get this while aiming for all the Arcana-specific trophies, but ones used in trial mode don't count, so keep track.

  • Won using Critical Heart.

    Critical Hearts require 3 meters. Just get to 3 meters (use the Metal Arcana if you need), then activate any character's Critical Heart and win the round for this trophy. If you can't perform the commands for a character's Critical Heart, use Simple mode and use B+C for Critical Heart.

  • Won using an Extended Critical Heart.

    Just like Critically Acclaimed , but you need to activate Extend Force with A+B+C first. If you can't perform the commands for a character's Critical Heart, use Simple mode. A+B+C for Extend Force, B+C for Critical Heart.

  • Won using Arcana Blaze

    Arcana Blaze is done by entering Extend Force with A+B+C, and then doing 236A+B+C. Use this to win a round for this trophy.

  • Executed an Extended Blast while guarding.

    While blocking, hit A+B+C to go into EF and knock the opponent back for this trophy.

  • MAX!!!!!ed out a character's LP level.

    Max level is achieved at 10,000 LP. Unlike AH3, you can now earn LP while playing offline as well. You earn ~24 LP by playing through Story mode, ~11-19 by playing a match online, 1-4 per match in Time Attack/Score Attack. You also earn 8 LP each time you lose in Score Attack, so one method is to play Score Attack until Angelia and then lose repeatedly. She will kill you quite fast, so you just have to hit every now and then to continue. Alternatively, you can boost this in player matches. Even then, 10,000 is a hell of a grind, so be prepared.

  • Viewed all of the unique character-related pre-fight animations.

    Many characters have a quick dialogue with the other characters at the beginning of a match. You only need to see the dialogue for it to count - you don't need to finish the match. This includes all mirror matches as well. The best way to do this is to start a VS match against the CPU, see the dialogue, and then immediately quit back to Character Select. This is the full list of unique dialogues:

    • Heart vs Heart, Saki, Maori, Konoha, Akane, Lieselotte, Petra, Weisz
    • Saki vs Saki, Maori, Fiona, Kamui, Lieselotte, Petra, Clarice, Weisz
    • Maori vs Maori, Angelia, Kira, Kamui, Nazuna, Akane, Lieselotte, Petra, Elsa, Clarice
    • Angelia vs Angelia, Fiona, Yoriko, Kamui, Petra
    • Fiona vs Fiona, Lilica, Kira, Dorothy, Elsa, Clarice
    • Yoriko vs Yoriko, Lilica, Kamui, Konoha, Nazuna, Akane, Elsa, Clarice
    • Lilica vs Lilica, Kira, Kamui, Konoha, Dorothy, Clarice
    • Mei Fang vs Mei Fang, Kira, Catherine, Konoha, Lieselotte
    • Kira vs Kira, Catherine, Petra
    • Catherine vs Catherine, Konoha, Dorothy, Petra
    • Kamui vs Kamui, Konoha, Nazuna, Akane, Zenia, Lieselotte, Petra, Weisz, Scharlachrot
    • Konoha vs Konoha, Nazuna, Akane, Zenia
    • Nazuna vs Nazuna, Akane, Zenia
    • Akane vs Akane
    • Zenia vs Zenia, Lieselotte, Dorothy, Eko
    • Lieselotte vs Lieselotte, Dorothy, Petra, Weisz, Scharlachrot
    • Dorothy vs Dorothy
    • Petra vs Petra, Elsa, Clarice, Eko, Weisz, Scharlachrot
    • Elsa vs Elsa, Clarice
    • Clarice vs Clarice, Eko
    • Eko vs Eko, Weisz, Scharlachrot
    • Weisz vs Weisz, Scharlachrot
    • Scharlachrot vs Scharlachrot


  • Absorbed thirty attacks using "Rox Kyklos" in a single battle.

    Using the Love Arcana Partinias, use its counter move 214E to absorb/reflect 30 projectiles. I did this in versus mode against an opponent also using the Love Arcana, and had them fire 236E projectiles at me repeatedly.

  • Successfully used "Claiomh" three times in a single battle.

    With the Lightning Arcana Bhanri, Claiomh is done by clashing a move and then immediately doing 623E during the clash. You can do this in VS mode against a friend, or you can get it easily during trial 4 silver, where you need to clash 20 moves, and the opponent will be attacking nonstop.

  • Blocked three attacks using "Jinsen no I" in a single battle.

    With the Time Arcana Anutpada, your backdash becomes an afterimage that absorbs attacks. Do a backdash and have your opponent hit it 3x for this trophy.

  • Recovered two thousand health in a single round using the powers of the Arcana of Nature.

    With the Plant Arcana Moriomoto, you absorb life with the 236236E super, which grabs the opponent and sucks life out. Do this one or two times for the trophy during 1 round - be sure to mash the stick during the super to absorb more. Also be sure to take some damage first!

  • Took fifteen thousand points of damage during a single extend force without getting knocked back using the Arcana of Earth.

    Use Scharlachrot with the Earth Arcana, Ohtsuchi, and play VS mode against Angelia with the Metal Arcana. Have her hit you a few times, then charge 3 meters with 4E, then activate Extend Force (A+B+C) and use her Critical Heart Extend (A+C B A+C, also done by mashing A+B+C). As soon as she activates the CHE, activate your own Extend Force and you'll tank the damage and unlock the trophy.

  • Successfully used "Cao Huo Jiang" E button attack to break through an opponent's guard.

    Using the Fire Arcana Lang-Gong, land a fully charged E attack against your opponent.

  • Kept a single "Sicilis" attack on-screen for at least ten seconds.

    This is done with the Wind Arcana, Tempestas. You need to use Sicilis with 236E, then dodge the wind blade for 10 seconds. The easy way to do this is to play Story mode and get to Ragnarok. Break the topmost 2 cores, then use Sicilis and fly around the top of the screen. Because the cores are dead, you'll have full range of motion to fly and you can just fly in circles at the top. You can use anyone for this, but Clarice has the fastest flying speed and makes it slightly easier.

  • Kept one of the Arcana of Darkness's attacks on-screen for at least ten seconds.

    With the Dark Arcana Gier, activate its super art with 236236E, and then hold the E button for 10 counts on the clock before letting go. Don't get hit during this time.

  • Dealt 5,000 damage in one fight using the Arcana of Evil's poison effect.

    With the Evil Arcana Dieu Mort, all fully charged E moves and most specials leave the opponent poisoned. Hit them with a move, let the poison run its course, and then repeat. Must be done in 1 match, so you can use multiple rounds to get this.

  • Used "Pluvia" to evade twenty attacks in a single fight.

    With the Water Arcana Niptra, you can use Pluvia (236E) to leave a small bubble on the screen that absorbs an attack. Use them to absorb 20 attacks in 1 match (multiple rounds ok) for this trophy.

  • Charged one segment of the Arcana Gauge using "Energeia" in a single battle.

    With the Metal Arcana Oreichalkos, you can hold 4E to charge your super meter. Charge 1 gauge worth with this move for the trophy.

  • Healed two thousand health in a single battle using "Baptism".

    With the Sacred Arcana Zillael, you can recover damage you've taken by activating Extend Force with A+B+C. Keep taking damage and activating Extend Force during 1 round for this trophy.

  • Unleash at least one hundred crystals in a single battle using the Arcana of Ice.

    Use the Ice Arcana Almacia, and then spam Kurua (214E) and Kurdi (214214E) to make snowflakes fall during 1 match (multiple rounds ok). They don't need to connect, so you can do it in VS mode and have the opponent block.

  • Successfully used " Sinij" E button attack to break through an opponent's guard.

    Use the Punishment Arcana Koshmar, and use a fully charged E attack on your opponent.

  • Used the Arcana of Sin's passive ability, special attack, super attack, and Arcana blaze.

    With the Sin Arcana Sorwat, you need to use (they don't need to all connect) a fully charged E move, any Arcana special move, any Arcana super move, and then an Arcana Blaze during 1 round.

  • Used "Organon" or "Symposio" to whack an opponent three times on the head.

    Using the Magnetism Arcana Medein, you need to get 3 washing basins to hit the opponent during Organon (214E) and Symposio (214214E, drops many more items). It's random what items will be thrown, and since they need to connect, you may wish to use a character with high life and defense as your opponent, such as Kira/Catherine with the Earth Arcana. The washing basins only hit at mid-screen range, so stay there during your spam.

  • Saw every version of "Phasma" and "Phantasia".

    This is a bit of a grind. You must use the Mirror Arcana Heliogabalus, and use Phasma (236E), air Phasma (jumping 236E), Phantasia (236236E) and air Phantasia (jumping 236236E) against all 23 characters, as well as Ragnarok and Parace L'Sia. They don't need to connect, just activate. Against Parace you'll probably die before getting them all off, so keep continuing until you see all 4 - they don't all need to be done in 1 fight.

  • Use the Halo Arcana, Mildred, and just activate Extend Force (A+B+C) 10 times. Doesn't need to be during 1 match, but you can get it out of the way in VS mode.

  • Executed a 50-hit combo using only the special moves and super moves of the Arcana of Sound.

    This can likely be done against any character, but it's easiest to do against a large character like Catherine, Kira, or Nazuna. Use the Tone Arcana Phenex, and place 5 Canons (236E) in one spot. Move the opponent until the Canons are just behind them, then get in front and use Accentus (623E). You want this explosion to MISS the Canons. Immediately use Vivo (641236E), and you want this explosion to HIT the Canons. If done right, this will get you over 50 hits. Remember, the combo counter must stay blue.

  • Harvested five fruits created by "Maboroshi no Hana" and "Yume no Hana".

    This is done with the Flower Arcana Kayatsuhime. You can place up to 3 Maboroshi no Hana (214E) or 1 Yume no Hana (214214E) at a time. You want them to mature to full growth, and then harvest them by standing close to them and doing Harvest (623E). Each flower has 4 growth phases and grows with time, but will instantly grow forward 1 phase when you enter Extend Force. Harvest 5 fully grown flowers for the trophy.

  • Used Spirit of Tyr Gottfried's Extended Force ten times in a single battle.

    Using the Tyr Arcana, Gottfried, simply activate Extend Force 10 times within one match. You may wish to do this in VS mode with infinite time.

  • Rolled snake-eyes while using "Mitra".

    This one is extremely luck based. Use the Luck Arcana Saligrama, and spam 236236E. Your goal is to get double 1s on the die faces. You will want to do this in VS mode and have the opponent on the far side of the screen blocking to keep trying this. Watch your inputs, because if you do 623E or 641236E by mistake, you'll temporarily raise your luck to get higher numbers on the dice.

  • Used an explosion from "Speed Cannon-Berger" to deflect an opponent's attack.

    This is done with the Fenrir Arcana, Baldur. Speed Cannon-Berger is 236E, and fires a bullet at the opponent. If they clash it with an attack, it will explode, do a lot more damage, and knock them high into the air. Connect with this version for the trophy.


Secret trophies

  • Cleared away all of that annoying steam during the hot spring event.

    The final scene in AFTER Story mode is a hot springs scene. The screen is filled with steam, and you can wipe it away by hitting on the dialogue, then holding and moving the left stick around for a while. You need to do it in a couple of different sections of the picture. If you're using an arcade stick, be sure to set it into analog mode to wipe steam, and digital mode to move around the picture. Also, you must be P1 to unlock this. P2 does not work.

  • Defeated Fiona in Time Attack Mode.

    See Over Before it Began...? .

  • Played in 100 Ranked Matches.

    The trophy says played, but you have to win 100 ranked matches for this trophy. They don't all have to be with the same character.

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