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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 2.5/10 (Trophy Difficulty Thread)
  • Offline trophies: 4 (1, 2, 1)
  • Online trophies: 1 (1, 1)
  • Approximate amount of time to 100% Completion: 15 Minutes (Estimated time to 100%)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: One play on ORIGINAL MODE and one on HI SCORE MODE
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty settings, though in ORIGNAL MODE you are free to adjust # of lives

How many times can someone buy the 1981 arcade game Galaga whether ported or in a compilation? I haven't found that answer yet, though it is hard to see what is so different from the Arcade Archives port compared to the Arcade Game Series: Galaga version already available on PSN. Like other games in the Arcade Archives series the trophy list isn't all that exciting either, despite Hamster's stellar reputaion in regards to faithful arcade ports. The trophy list is short and incredibly simple. 



In ORIGNAL MODE you can access the options and settings by pushing in on tp.png. Feel free to increase your lives to 5 to give yourself a cushion though you won't likely need it. Although you have practically unlimied credits your score resets at Game Over anyways so additional credits won't help in regards to trophies.

Score 10,000 points trophy_bronze.png 
Score 30,000 points trophy_silver.png  
Score 50,000 points trophy_gold.png 
Mark high score trophy_silver.png 
Record score trophy_silver.png 


There's one last trophy exclusive to HI SCORE MODE. You'll just need to score 1,000 points in order to have enough to points to post a high score. You can do this with your eyes closed. I don't meant this figuratively, I actually closed my eyes and played and got well over 1,000 points.
HI SCORE Player trophy_gold.png 

Arcade Archives: Galaga Trophy Guide

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6 trophies ( 1  )

  • The score has been posted to the online rankings in the "ORIGINAL MODE".

    In order to post an online score, you will need to score 1,000 points, which will happen on your way to obtaining Score 50,000 points trophy_gold.png 
  • High score has been updated.

    This can be obtained in ORIGNAL MODE or HI SCORE MODE. If you score 20,000 points, you can update the local high score offline by entering your inititals.
  • The score won 10,000 points.

  • The score won 30,000 points.

  • The score won 50,000 points.

    You will have an easier time completing this on ORIGNAL MODE since you can adjust the number of lives (ships) you start with to 5, though entirely doable on HI SCORE MODE too.

    Beginner Tips:
    • The iconic gameplay mechanic of Galaga is having one of your ships captured but then later freeing the captured ship to then have a twin ship shooter allowing you to plow through enemies.
      • If you are completely foreign to this concept the demo play that plays out at the title screen shows this mechanic.
      • Once a Boss Galaga ship captures your ship, you need to destroy the Boss Galaga ship while it is in flight to free it, not while stationary in formation up top.
      • Careful not to shoot your captured ship either.
    • You can only have two shots on screen at once, or four with twin ships. When enemies are up close this means you can get shots off more frequently, so use this to your advantage as enemies swoop in to formation at the beggining of each stage.
    • The Challenging Stage (bonus stage) will award you with 10,000 points if you get a perfect 40/40. I am personally terrible at the Challenging Stage though and know it isn't critical by any means to get a perfect score. If you have twin ships however, you can get 40/40 with minimal movement on the first Challenging Stage.

  • The score has been posted to the online rankings in the "HI SCORE MODE".

    In order to post an online score in HI SCORE MODE, you will need to score 1,000 points which can be done in a matter of seconds.

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