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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Personal Opinion) (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 45 (26, 16, 2, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 20-25 hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1, plus mission select for misc trophy cleanup
  • Number of missable trophies: None, mission select is available
  • Glitched trophies: None as of latest patch (07/10/21)
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No


Welcome to the Aragami 2 Trophy Guide. The ninja assassin sequel to the 2016 game Aragami. It is a third person stealth game where you play as an assassin with the power to control the shadows, just like the original. The game is very straight forward and is split via an interactive mission board, that sees you visiting various regions to undergo missions as you tackle the games story. From a trophy perspective, there are no missables, no difficulty related trophies and all missions can be replayed at any point to help with collectibes and all miscellaneous combat related trophies etc that you will need on your journey to the platinum.


Step 1: Complete the Game, Complete 10 S-Rank Missions and Get All Collectibles (Golden Statues & Blueprints).

Straight forward enough here, just play through the story and where possible focus on obtaining the 10 S Ranks required for the Master Ninja trophy_silver.png  trophy so see that for details. Also as you play find as many collectibles as you can to reduce the time required post game clean up. I have added into the guide collectible videos that will help with this process.

Credit to Skryux for kindly letting me use his videos.

During this step you should be looking to earn the following trophies:

Story Related:

Awakening trophy_bronze.png 
Revenant trophy_bronze.png 
Lady trophy_bronze.png 
Embers trophy_bronze.png 

Burning trophy_bronze.png 
Family trophy_bronze.png 
Ruse trophy_bronze.png 
Hatching trophy_bronze.png 
Bonds trophy_silver.png 
Denouement trophy_gold.png 

Collectible Related:

Secret Seeker trophy_bronze.png 
The Hidden Village trophy_silver.png 
Pilgrimage trophy_silver.png 
A Pleasant Stay trophy_silver.png 
Hollow trophy_silver.png 
Forest Spirits trophy_silver.png 
War Engines trophy_silver.png 
Left Behind trophy_silver.png 
Secrets of the Earth trophy_silver.png 
The Lookout trophy_silver.png 
The Lion’s Den trophy_silver.png 
Heart of Fire trophy_silver.png 

Step 2: Cleanup all remaining trophies and reach Rank 30

Once you complete the game, depending on what you have left to do, this is where you will spend a bit of time cleaning up any misc trophies and probably trying to hit rank 30. You may find that a lot of misc trophies outside of story and collectibles, you will have unlocked as you have progressed the story but please reference the Guide for info on what you may need regarding abilities or where to obtain certain trophies. As hitting rank 30 may be the last trophy you need, you can either rerun Mission 20 for 450xp which you can earn in less than 2mins or you can rerun the final mission which will net you around double the amount (850-900xp) but will take anything between 5-10mins. With this in mind, neither method takes too long and if you S Rank a lot of missions on route to finishing the story, you may find you are at around level 25-27 when you finish the story.

Reach Rank 30:

The Spirit of Vengeance trophy_gold.png  and whatever else you require to Legend trophy_platinum.png.

Aragami 2 Trophy Guide

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45 trophies ( 16  26  18  )

  • Unlock all achievements

    The Platinum is yours, congratulations. On earning all other trophies, this one will be yours.
  • Complete the Prologue

    Story-Related, Cannot Be Missed.

    Once you have played through the start of the game (tutorial) the trophy will unlock.
  • Complete Chapter 1

    Story-Related, Cannot Be Missed.

    Complete Chapter 1 to earn this trophy.
  • Lady


    Complete Chapter 2

    Story-Related, Cannot Be Missed.

    Complete Chapter 2 to earn this trophy.
  • Complete Chapter 3

    Story-Related, Cannot Be Missed.

    Complete Chapter 3 to earn this trophy.
  • Complete Chapter 4

    Story-Related, Cannot Be Missed.

    Complete Chapter 4 to earn this trophy.
  • Complete Chapter 5

    Story-Related, Cannot Be Missed.

    Complete Chapter 5 to earn this trophy.
  • Ruse


    Complete Chapter 6

    Story-Related, Cannot Be Missed.

    Complete Chapter 6 to earn this trophy.
  • Complete Chapter 7

    Story-Related, Cannot Be Missed.

    Complete Chapter 7 to earn this trophy.
  • Complete Chapter 8

    Story-Related, Cannot Be Missed.

    Complete Chapter 8 to earn this trophy.
  • Complete Chapter 9

    Story-Related, Cannot Be Missed.

    Complete Chapter 9 to earn this trophy. This is the final chapter in the game and will unlock when you have completed the final boss.

    The final boss in the game (Tsubuyaku) is pretty straight forward if you use stealth and attack him from above where he is on lower ground or areas below you. He has 3 stages to the fight but fortunately they are all the same as in you can still kill him using stealth once each life is removed.

    The large open area you start in he is at the opposite side to where you start the fight. Be aware that once the fight starts the area is populated with enemies that will attack you once you are spotted. Ignore these and just keep to the shadows breaking line of sight. If for some reason you are spotted, just stay hidden (use height to your advantage) until they lose their aggro meters and continue to persue Tsubuyaku.

    Now using your Shadow Leap r2.png skill, navigate to the highest points in the area. There are large pillars and platforms you can leap/teleport to so once you approach Tsubuyaku a yellow pointer will be above him to highlight where he is.

    Please note that he is invisible and shifts about the area he is located in so use your Shadow Vision to locate him and when ready, leap from above and when prompted press square.png to 'kill' him and wait until the cutscene plays out.

    The next stage, he is or should be at the opposite side of the area now (where you started originally) so repeat the process as above. He has 2 lives and each successful kill, removes one of them. Once the two lives are removed (2 small dots next to his health bar) you will need to kill him a third time to end the fight and complete the game.

    If done correctly and you keep the fight to as much stealth as possible you should have no issues defeating him swiftly. From this point the story and cut scenes will play out and the credits will roll.
  • Complete your first mission

    Story-Related, Cannot Be Missed.

    Upon completing your first mission after the Prologue this trophy will unlock.
  • Obtain an S-Rank in 10 missions

    To obtain an S Rank in a mission, you need to get through a level undetected, by knocking out and hiding enemies or by using stealth abilities to get you from start to finish with as little fuss as possible. This is a very straight forward trophy, despite the requirements which early on in the game you will probably be able to earn quite quickly as missions are short and pretty simple with few enemies. You aren’t timed in any mission so don’t worry if a mission takes you 5 minutes or 55 minutes, just play stealthily and be efficient with enemy interaction, should you have to be. I reccomend avoiding combat completely, because the fighting mechanics are the game is pretty poor and if you are overrun, you will die quickly so avoiding this, will definitely help in achieving S Ranks. One final note to remember is you can rerun missions should you miss out on an S Rank and also each level is pretty short so as there are no checkpoints you’ll be able to do these fairly quickly.
  • Kill 300 enemies

    This will come naturally playing the story. There are plenty of enemies to kill so either make sure you are doing this regularly or just play until it pops. To kill an enemy, press square.png when prompted.
  • Knock out 100 enemies

    As with killing enemies, knocking them out will come over time and more so if you tie this in with the S Ranking each mission. To knockout an enemy, press triangle.png when prompted.
  • Eliminate 25 enemies while airborne

    To kill an enemy from above, simply jump off a ledge, wall or roof and as you fall you will be prompted to kill them as you land. Do this anywhere throughout the game on 25 enemies and you will earn ths trophy in no time.
  • Eliminate 25 enemies while grabbed to a ledge

    This is an easy one this. Just hang ofd a ledge, press r2.png when you see a green circle prompt near one, then wait for an enemy to be standing close enough to kill them. You will get a prompt to kill or knockout, make sure you press square.png to kill them.
  • Eliminate 10 enemies while clinging to a wall

    When up close against a wall, you will hug it automatically and when an enemy passes close by, press square.png once prompted to kill them.
  • Eliminate 10 enemies while hiding in tall grass

    The game has long grass everywhere and they are placed in most places to help you stealthily navigate past enemies. You will probably get this really early if being stealthy. Simply wait or lure enemies over to the grass and kill them when prompted to.
  • Craft your first Equipment piece

    Located in the Hub Area:

    Early on in the game you will be introduced to the Blacksmith, Sakura. Once available you can craft equipment by spending gold on the blueprints (collectibles) you find. Straight forward enough, all you have to do is craft one piece of any equipment type and you will unlock the trophy.
  • Apply your first Essence Runes

    Located in the Hub Area:

    Essence Runes are unlocked via the collectibles you find in the world. They have a positive and negative rating depending on what they are, for example STEAL gives a Stealth +10% rating but an Attack -10% so choose what runes you want to equip to suit your playstyle. The trophy pops upon crafting and applying your first one.
  • Purchase a Support Item for the first time

    Located in the Hub Area:

    Support Items are things like Poison Needles, Vitality Potions etc. Purchase any of these from Sakura the Blacksmith to unlock the trophy.
  • Apply a Dye for the first time

    Located in the Hub Area:

    Later on in the game, Danjuro becomes available opposite the Blacksmith to allow you to purchase dyes which basically allow you to alter the colour of your outfit/weapons. Do this for the first time and the trophy will be yours.
  • Unlock an Ability

    Located in the Hub Area:

    Abilities are unlocked with ability points you gain from ranking up. Spend your first point(s) when possible to earn this trophy.
  • Unlock a Shadow Power

    Located in the Hub Area:

    Shadow Powers are earned in the Ability Tree and the first one you unlock is Whisper. This allows you to lure enemies over to your position for quick stealth kills. As soon as you buy this, the trophy will unlock.
  • Reach Level 30

    This will probably be your last trophy in the game. I was level 24 when I finished the game and had to grind XP to hit Rank/Level 30. Depending on how you play, will determine how much time you need to put in at the end to earn this, hence saying it may be your last trophy.

    The two known quickest ways to earn XP are repeating missions over and over.

    Method 1: I did Mission 20 Secret of Daikizo Mine which if you rush from start to finish can be done in under 90 seconds and will earn you around 450xp. This took me an hour to get to Rank 30.

    Method 2: However for more XP you can do the last mission Tsubuyaku, which if you do quickly and efficiently can be done in around 5-10mins for around 850-950xp so the choice is yours. As soon as you hit Level 30, the trophy will pop.
  • Find a hidden collectible

    Collectibles in the game are either golden statues or blueprints which look like a flat sheet and there are a total of 76 to find.

    There is a trophy tied to each region once you find all the collectibles in each one. They are tracked on the map and they aren't missable so you can replay missions to get them. Please be mindful though that if you die in a mission and have collected the collectibles, they reset so you will have to go back and get the ones you didnt collect. The missions aren't too long so by using the videos provided for the collectibles, you shouldn't have any issues getting these as you play. To make the collectibles a bit easier to find, there is an upgrade to the passive ability that shows collectibles via your Shadow Sense called Enhanced Senses. By having this equipped, it highlights collectibles in green (like the gold when using shadow vision) when you are near them, making it easier to find them.

Secret trophies

  • Counter a fireball thrown by a Scorcher

    Scorcher’s are enemies that hurl fireballs at you once detected. You will see these appear shortly into the story and they tend to be on the rooftops of buildings. In order to counter a fireball, you need to unlock the Ranged Parry Passive Ability from Iwao in the dojo in Kakurega Village. Once you own this, find a Scorcher, have him detect you to start throwing fireballs at you and then press triangle.png to counter and if done right, you will earn the trophy.
  • Perform a Shadow Pull on a Gatekeeper

    Gatekeepers are enemies with the large Ronin hats on that usually stay in a fixed position, unless aggro’d. In order to Shadow Pull one, you need to earn the ability to do so which you will earn late on in the game based on how go about spending and earning Ability Points. Once you have this ability and have it equipped, find a Gatekeeper and press r1.png to have the ability pull the enemy towards you. From here you get the option to knockout or kill them. The trophy will unlock once the animation happens.
  • Charm an enraged Fanatic

    Fanatics are enemies that have glowing eyes and weapons. You will probably interact with these a little later into the game. You need to have two pieces of support items for this trophy which can be purchased from the Blacksmith, Sakura. You need to buy Poison Needles and Beserker Needles. With these in your arsenal, once you find a fanatic, firstly weaken them by hitting them with a Poison Needle and then once their health is low enough (1/2 way), hit them with a Beserker Needle to charm them, which in turn should net you the trophy.
  • Perform a Stealth Assassination on a Nenshö Aragami

    Nenshö Aragami enemies are stealth hidden enemies that tend to be located on rooftops. They can be seen using your stealth vision l2.png where they appear in white like other enemies. Once you locate one of these, simply approach them from behind and kill them. The trophy will pop straight away.
  • Perform a Shadow Kill

    You can earn the Shadow Kill Ability a little bit into the game and as soon as you unlock it, simply equip it in a mission and kill an enemy for the trophy to pop.
  • Equip the armor of a legendary hero

    Located in the Hub Area:

    This is a trophy you will earn late in the game as you need over 15,000 gold and have found the blueprints for each piece of equipment. You need to be vigilant in each mission collecting plenty of gold as you go (green glowing items when you activate your assassin vision) and also from quests as you progress the story.

    Once both blueprints (see collectibles guides below) and enough gold is eaned you can from Sakura (Blacksmith) purchase the following:

    Legacy Hood – 5250
    Legacy Attire – 3500
    Legacy Trousers – 3500
    Orochi Sword – 3500

    Craft each item from the Blacksmith, Sakura and the trophy will unlock when all items are available/owned.
  • Skip a cinematic

    Easy trophy and may be the first or one of the first trophies you earn and may get without realising, simply press the :options: button in a cutscene to skip, which will net you the trophy.
  • Find all collectibles in Kakurega Village

    See Secret Seeker trophy_bronze.png for details.

    For ease of use, I have added the collectibles to a reference thread which has all the videos in order for each collectible:

    Collectibles Guide
  • Find all collectibles in Lone Mountain

  • Find all collectibles in Distant Countryside

  • Find all collectibles in Isolated Village

  • Find all collectibles in Woods of Memory

  • Find all collectibles in Big Akatsuchi Mine

  • Find all collectibles in Devastated Village

  • Find all collectibles in Daikizo Mine

  • Find all collectibles in Highcastle

  • Find all collectibles in Akatsuchi Palace

  • Find all collectibles in Akatsuchi’s Capital

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Aragami 2 Trophy GUIDE FAQ

  • What is the estimated trophy difficulty for Aragami 2?
    The estimated trophy difficulty for Aragami 2 is 3/10 .
  • How many offline trophies are there in Aragami 2?
    There are 45 offline trophies in Aragami 2.
  • How many online trophies are there in Aragami 2?
    There are 0 online trophies in Aragami 2.
  • How long does it take to get the platinum in Aragami 2?
    The estimated time to get a platinum in Aragami 2 is 20-25 hours.
  • How many playthroughs is needed to get a platinum in Aragami 2?
    1, plus mission select for misc trophy cleanup.
  • How many missable trophies are there in Aragami 2?
    There are 0 missable trophies in Aragami 2.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies in Aragami 2?
    Difficulty does not affect trophies in Aragami 2.
  • Are there any unobtainable/glitched trophies in Aragami 2?
    There are no unobtainable/glitched trophies in Aragami 2.

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