Purification with Ion Trophy

  • Purification with Ion


    Chatted a lot with Ion in Purification.

    [Purificationist with Ion]
    [Talked with Ion a lot during purification]

    Shortly after you start the game, Delta will be able to perform purification with Ion in the form of entering baths together. About halfway through Phase 1, You will be able to have conversations during purification, and those topics can be found as shining blue orbs on the ground, obtained after story events, and after completing certain synthesis. You will need to speak to Cas and Ion 70 times each for their respective Purificationist trophies. There are 91 possible conversation topics with each of them, so that gives you quite a bit of leeway. There are a few missable topics, but as long as you keep your eyes peeled for those shining blue orbs and then do most if not all the synthesis in the game (which are required for other trophies anyway), you should have no trouble.

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