• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Platinum Difficulty Thread)
  • Offline trophies: 26 (6, 14, 5, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 50+ hours (much shorter if you don't take the time to read everything)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 2 ([I Refuse] , [Throwing Away Everything...] )
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No


Ar Nosurge: Umareizuru Hoshi e Inoru Uta is a game set in the same universe as the Ar Tonelico games that came before it. While it is directly related to the (Japan-only) Vita game Ciel Nosurge, it feels and plays just like the your typical Ar Tonelico game. However, the downside of it being a "sequel" of Ciel Nosurge is that almost all of the characters in Ar Nosurge are recurring characters from the Vita game. Unless you have played through it, you will be confused about the plot throughout a big chunk of the game. I would say you are only getting about half of the enjoyment if you start out with Ar Nosurge first. (Although not that people with non-Japanese PSN accounts could do anything about it at this point).

The major difference between this game and the regular Ar Tonelico series is that you simultaneously control two parties, and you must constantly switch between the two (called Zapping) to advance the plot. Not that only items and (non-equipped) item are shared between the two, so you have to grind for exp and DP twice, and that you should make each strong equipment twice if you want both sides to have them equipped. Once you can no longer progress on one side, there will be a yellow box with EPISODE REACHED written on it. That means that until you can't make any more progress in the story with the current party until you zap to the other party and play.

In addition, each battle party consists of only two characters, genome (ones with the power to use song magic) and her partner. The two parties in this game are Delta&Casty and EARTHES&Ion. In other words, the only battle characters you get to control are Delta and EARTHES, for better or worse.

Anyway, with some minor changes in game system and terminology, you can pretty much think of this as an Ar Tonelico game, fighting battles, collecting conversation topics, and diving into genomes to gain stronger song magic. Oh, and Cosmospheres are called Genometrics in this game, and they are actually a bit more complicated this time, because it requires you to sometimes travel in between different people's Genometrics, Zapping to the other battle party to dive on their side and then Zap back, etc. It can be quite confusing if you don't understand what you're reading, so I've provided a simple guide here.

Simple Battle Explanation

There are three difficulties in the game, with the easiest being Normal. Normal is a bit too easy, but there's really no reason to go out of your way to make the game harder for yourself, other than to help you get certain trophies.

The big yellow bar at the top of the battle screen (above) shows you the number of enemy waves, as well as how many enemies and where there are, but the bar only shows the 10 closest waves. The total number of waves is the number shown in the top left corner map screen when not in battle (image below).

While there is a turn limit per battle, there is no limit to the number of waves you can clear, it's possible (and it happens often) to kill off all enemies within an area in one single fight.

During battle, as the song magic gets stronger, the yellow boxes in the bar will gradually turn orange, and that signifies the enemies inside orange boxes will perish if Cas or Ion releases the song at that particular moment. But because the bar only shows 10 waves, there's no way to verify what will happen for the rest of the waves not on screen.

The bar wrapped around the character's portrait shows the Genome's health. If that bar ever drops down to 0, it will be a gameover, so try not to let Cas or Ion get hit too often.

Battles are not in real time, but the chain gauge drops down pretty quickly, so don't waste any time between action inputs if you're trying to build up a chain. Delta or EARTHES can keep on attacking until there are no more attacks left on the buttons. However, don't forget that you can still hold and use the attacks in that menu as long as you have some left in the gauge on the lower right corner.

Japanese Wikis that I found helpful:


Step 1 (Play through the game and get all trophies):

This game is actually really simple in terms of trophies. As long as you play through normally and doing everything to a reasonable amount, you will be well on your way to . However, please note that there are two missable trophies, so keep them in mind as you play. I'm sure you don't want to play through the game all over again for one of the missable trophies near the end of the game.

For a quick reference, the two points that you should be aware of are:
1. When you first switch to EARTHES and Ion's side from Delta and Casty's side ([I Refuse] )
2. When you are talking to Shurelia after the creation of a new planet. ([Throwing Away Everything...] )
Please refer to the respect trophy descriptions for details.

Other than the two trophies mentioned above, everything else is not missable, so you can go back and get them at any time. However, if you do everything as soon as you're able to, you will get your even before the clear data save screen. Oh, and make sure that you synthesize Reincarnation before facing the final boss!

For your reference, while you can fight the final boss with either Delta's party or EARTHES's party, you only need to do so on Ion's side, so there's no need to see Delta's ending unless you really want to. But that's what Youtube is for

Step 2 (Cleanup):

If you didn't get all trophies by the time you finish the game for the first time, go back to your most recent save and continue working on trophies that you have yet to obtain. If you you have gone past the point of the missable trophies without backup saves, then you will have no choice but to start all over again.

[PST Would Like to Thank CookieOnFire for this Road Map]

Ar Nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star Trophy Guide

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26 trophies ( 14  10  )

  • Acquired All Trophies

    [Obtained All Trophies]
    [Obtained all trophies]

    Earn all other trophies for this . If you work on all the trophies as you play through the game, it will unlock during the scene right after the credits.

  • Chatted a lot with Cass in Purification.

    [Purificationist with Cas]
    [Talked with Cas a lot during purification]

    See [Purificationist with Ion] .

  • Chatted a lot with Ion in Purification.

    [Purificationist with Ion]
    [Talked with Ion a lot during purification]

    Shortly after you start the game, Delta will be able to perform purification with Ion in the form of entering baths together. About halfway through Phase 1, You will be able to have conversations during purification, and those topics can be found as shining blue orbs on the ground, obtained after story events, and after completing certain synthesis. You will need to speak to Cas and Ion 70 times each for their respective Purificationist trophies. There are 91 possible conversation topics with each of them, so that gives you quite a bit of leeway. There are a few missable topics, but as long as you keep your eyes peeled for those shining blue orbs and then do most if not all the synthesis in the game (which are required for other trophies anyway), you should have no trouble.

  • Synthesized many items with Nay.

    [Barely Eating]
    [Synthesized a lot of items with Nay]

    This is the last of the four synthesis trophies that you will earn in the game. The reason for that is because Nay's last few recipes won't become available until you see some scenes near the end of the game. You must synthesize 39 of Nay's recipes in order for this trophy to pop.

  • Synthesized many items with Kanon.

    [Compulsory Compassion for Birds]
    [Synthesized a lot of items with Kanon]

    Synthesize 39 of Kanon's recipes for this trophy. It unlocked in the first half of Phase 3 for me.

  • Synthesized many items with Tattoria.

    [Synthesized a lot of items with Tattoria]

    This is the first of the four synthesis trophies that you will earn in the game, and it popped for me in the second half of Phase 2. You must synthesize 39 of Tattoria's recipes in order for this trophy to pop.

  • Synthesized many items with Sarly.

    [Science-y Girl]
    [Synthesized a lot of items with Sally]

    Synthesize 39 of Sally's recipes for this trophy. It unlocked in the first half of Phase 3 for me.

  • Chained a few in a single battle.

    [Beginner Chain]
    [Reached a reasonable number of chains during one battle]

    See [Mania Chain] .

  • Chained quite a bit in a single battle.

    [Pro Chain]
    [Reached a good number of chains during one battle]

    See [Mania Chain] .

  • Chained a lot in a single battle.

    [Mania Chain]
    [Reached a considerable number of chains during one battle]

    Unless you get extremely lucky, you probably won't be able to get this trophy until near the end of the game. As soon as your attack lands on an enemy, a bar will appear over the enemy, and you can continue your attack chain until the bar depletes. However, defeating all enemies in wave or breaking any one enemy's guard will cause the chain to break. Also, the chain bar depletes very very quickly in real time, so you have to be fast with your button prompts. This is one of the few times that you maybe need to bump up the difficulty of your game, because it's way too easy to break enemies' guard and the attack chain if you're overpowered on Normal.

    What I did is to use EARTHES, cranked up the battle difficulty up once from Normal, created 3 different cathodes (Delta's and EARTHS's weapon) with ???+1 skill, and equip those 3 into the button slots. That will increase your total number of or powerup attacks from 1 to 4. During battle with a fresh wave of 5 or more enemies, when the bar at the bottom right corner is full or close to it, start quickly activating followed by , for 4 times. After that you should have 60+ chains. At this point, keep on spamming (hold) and then . If for some strange reason you still don't reach 100 after the bar at the bottom right depletes, you can still activate a friend attack for extra hits, as long as the chain gauge is still not yet empty.

  • Burst a little in a single battle.

    [Built up a reasonable amount of burst during one battle]

    See [Burstist]

  • Burst quite a bit in a single battle

    [Built up a good amount of burst during one battle]

    See [Burstist] .

  • Burst a lot in a single battle.

    [Built up a considerable amount of burst during one battle]

    For this trophy, you need to build up 300,000% of burst, and then release the song magic. At the very last part of the game, enemies will come in 50 waves, so there's absolutely no reason why you wouldn't get the trophy naturally, unless you're disgustingly under-leveled. You can get the trophy much earlier as well if you crank up the difficulty, but make sure that you can survive enemies' attacks, and that you can keep bonuses going so battles don't end prematurely.

  • PHASE 1 completed.

    [A World Starting to Move]
    [Phase 1 Complete]

    Simply complete Phase 1 for this trophy.

  • PHASE 2 completed

    [The World Accelerates]
    [Phase 2 Complete]

    Simply complete Phase 2 for this trophy.

  • PHASE 3 completed.

    Simply complete Phase 3 for this trophy. This pops right after the series of final battles, so it will come up sooner than ending trophy(s).


Secret trophies

  • Succeed in reviving Prim.

    [Successfully brought Prim back to life]

    As the description implies, Prim can be brought back to life (spoilers! ) by synthesizing the item Reincarnation. It's actually more work than it sounds, because you need to synthesize almost all other items in the game before you can make a Reincarnation. You will get the recipe for it from Ayatane near the end of the game. How it works is that each of the four necessary ingredients are made in synthesis shops, and once you have those four items, the final synthesis will be done by Sally, with the recipe named ????. However, the painful part is that in order to make each of the four ingredients, you must make almost all of the items from recipes in the respective shop.

    Whether or not you make this item will also affect the endings, so if you you want to see what happens when you don't make it, keep a save file right before synthesizing Reincarnation. Keep in mind that Reincarnation is required for the Ion's ending trophy.

  • Saw Ion and Nelo off to the Will of Exapico.

    [Thank You, See You Again!]
    [Sent Ion off to fulfill the wishes of EXA_PICO]

    The requirements for this ending is that you choose to fight the final boss with Ion's party (after the initial short battle with Prim), and that you have made Reincarnation. Also, at the very end, you will have a conversation with Ion, and at the fourth and last dialogue choice, choose "??????????????". This was the last trophy that popped for me besides the .

  • Repeatedly installed to breasts in Purification.

    [Installed Lots]
    [Installed a lot to the chest during purification]

    You must install to the BREAST area for a total of 50 times. The breast area becomes available for the guys once you unlock conversation level 6, and for the girls on level 7. Once you have access, just keep on swapping crystals until the trophy pops.

  • Purchased all regional Nyuroki at shops.

    [Local Nyuroki Enthusiast]
    [Purchased all local Nyuroki in shops]

    For this trophy, you need to obtain all 5 ????? items in the game. They are:

    - ?????????
    - ?????????
    - ?????????
    - ??????? (obtained by synthesizing with Kanon)
    - ????????? (obtained by synthesizing with Tattoria)

    The first 3 ????? in the list can be purchased from stores, but ????????? only becomes available in the second half of Phase 3, so that'st he earliest time you can get this trophy. If you need a visual reference to what ????? are, look no further than every single trophy image in this game

  • Acquired all Friend Skills.

    [I Made Lots of Friends]
    [Obtained all friend attacks]

    There are 4 friend attacks for each battle party, for a grand total of 8. Note that obviously you need to talk to the corresponding characters using the correct party in order to learn attacks. Below is a list along with how to get each attack:

    Ion's side

    ???????? - Tattoria's attack. Obtained through normal story progression.
    ???????? - Neriko's attack. Found in Neriko's Genometrics. Refer to Genometrics guide on Ion's side for details.
    ?????????? - Nay's attack. Talk to Nay some time in Phase 3 to obtain.
    ?????? - Renall's attack. Talk to Renall after she appears in Phase 3, after some events.

    Cas's side

    ?????????? - Sally's attack. Obtained through normal story progression.
    ????????? - Kanon's attack. You are able to obtain it as soon as you are able to access Kanon's store on Delta's side.
    ??????? - Shirotaka's attack. Talk to Shirotaka in his (otaku) room.
    ????? - Ayatane's attack. You can find him in the inn after the event for creating a new planet.

  • Healed the enemy with "Artificial Flower" Song Magic.

    [That's Wrong!]
    [Accidentally healed enemies with the "False Flower" attack]

    First of all, you need to obtain Ion's ???? song magic, and you can do so on Nay's second level of Genometrics, which you can access at the very beginning of Phase 2. Refer to the Genometrics guide for details. Once you have it, you just need to activate it the song when not even a single wave of enemy is defeated, which will heal the enemies instead. This is very difficult, if not impossible, to do, if your level is too high, so crank up the difficulty if that's the case.

  • Heartlessly refused Ion's request.

    [I Refuse]
    [Heartlessly refused Ion's request]


    When you first switch to EARTHES's side from Delta's side, you will have a conversation with Ion. There will be a series of choices to make, but what matters is the last one. Make sure you choose "??????????????" (second option), or else you will have to reach this point again in the story if you miss it. The dialogue will keep on looping until you choose the top option, so there's no need to restart after you obtain this trophy.

  • Reached the end of Ion's Genometrics.

    [A Bright World]
    [Reached the very end of Ion's Genometrics]

    You have to finish the second level of Ion's Genometrics for this trophy. Completion status for other people's Genometrics doesn't matter for this. Refer to the Genometrics guide for details.

  • Reached the end of Cass' Genometrics.

    [A Real Treasure Chest]
    [Reached the very end of Cas's Genometrics]

    You have to finish the second level of Cas's Genometrics for this trophy. Completion status for other people's Genometrics doesn't matter for this. Refer to the Genometrics guide for details.

  • Saw the Shurelia ending.

    [Throwing Away Everything...]
    [Saw Shurelia's End]


    Near the end of Phase 3, you must gather the 7 "pillars", or friends of Ion in order to create a new planet. After that event, make you sure save the game!!! Switch to Delta's side, and talk to Shurelia in the same screen. When given a choice, choose "???????????????", followed by "???????????" to see Shurelia's ending. I'm sure you don't want to play virtually the entire game all over again, so be careful in this part.

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