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    How to unlock Omnipotence

    As always, the Platinum is awarded for earning all other trophies in the game.

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  • easy or hard plat?
  • easy if u took advantage of the Olympian difficulty glitch
  • what kind of advantage?
  • this glitch that i think will be patched february 9th com/watch?v=cwRWxOEPrzM
  • I like the game but its really glitchy, cant get sea ship trophy, lockbox trophy or all rare weapons trophy, and sometimes i get stuck in the wall and i cant get out. Hope they update it soon.
  • four trophies, platinum included are unobtainable .
  • Why are they unobtainable
  • Ummmm Comment #6 it's just 2 that are untainable & that's the "Treasure Hunter" & "Divine Wrath"...because I have every single trophy EXCEPT these to do I will have to edit for the patch this week to get them..,
  • This game is full of bugs and 2 trophies are unobtainable (Treasure Hunter and Divine Wrath).
  • Finally patched, got my Plat today! you have to visit the sea area again for that trophy, you're welcome. :)
  • As of 27-Feb-2015 use version 1.02 and do the Olympian glitch exactly as shown in the video on the Olympian trophy (you should have an auto-save during the god fight when you're huge). Beat Zeus and bam. If you die you'll spawn back at the beginning of the game and you'll simply need to reload that save from the Zeus battle and try again.
  • i did the glitch today 03/14 and still works fine to me!
  • no thanks
  • Great game (aside from the crashing). I can confirm Olympian glitch still works as of 12/24/2015. Happy hunting
  • Fun and unique game, glitch still works so use that for the trophy, but only took one play through and will probably play it again in the future.
  • Platinum #335

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