Catch Master Trophy in Ape Escape (PS3)

  • Catch Master


    Reached 100% completion.

    How to unlock Catch Master

    To achieve 100% completion, you must capture every monkey in the game (see "I See All" for information on the Hidden Monkeys) and get a Gold Medal on all 15 levels. As mentioned in the Roadmap, getting the Gold Medal scores in every level is the most challenging aspect of the game.

    Tips for achieving the Gold Medal scores:

    - The biggest key is to not get hit and put together a big combo in each level.

    - You will get major points if you capture any Hidden Monkey or the Specter lookalike monkey during a combo.

    - Make sure to become familiar with the Exploring sections of the levels, so that you can shoot as many objects, enemies, bananas, and monkeys as you can. These are not worth a lot of points, but they can often add up to several thousand points throughout a level, and can be important to getting a Gold Medal score, especially if you get hit a few times and break up your combos.

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