- Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 8/10 (Trophy Difficulty Rating)
- Offline: 12 (7 , 4 , 1 )
- Online: 0
- Approximate time to 100%: 10-12 hours (Heavily dependent on skill for gold medals)
- Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 + Level Select
- Missable trophies: None (via Level Select)
- Glitched trophies: None
- Does difficulty affect trophies? No difficulty levels
- Do cheats block trophies? No cheat codes
- Special peripherals required: Playstation Move Controller and PS Eye Camera


This is the PS3’s first entry in the long-standing Ape Escape franchise. However, this game has abandoned the traditional dual-analog gameplay of the previous games, and instead is an on-rails shooter-esque game using the Playstation Move controller.

While the game is definately geared towards a younger audience and isn’t super-challenging to beat, getting gold medal scores on every level is rather challenging and will take more effort than your usual ‘kids’ game.


Step 1: Goodies/Misc Trophies

To start off, go into the Goodies section of the main menu. From there, you can quickly earn the "World Ape Explorer" trophy (by viewing the Monkeypedia), and the "Mumbler" trophy (by using the Record function to record your own capture sound).

Step 2: Play Through the Game

You should now play through all 15 levels of the game. Don’t worry too much about Hidden Monkeys or Gold Medals yet; just get to know the levels and the basic mechanics of the game.

You will get the following trophies during this playthrough (and possibly a few others, although if not they will easily come during your cleanup playthrough):

  • Catch Rookie
  • Monkeys' Regret
  • Specter’s Prize

Step 3: Cleanup, Hidden Monkeys & Gold Medals

At this point, while you may have picked up a few Hidden Monkeys and Gold Medals during your main playthrough, you will likely need to go back through each level to collect all of the Hidden Monkeys, and get a Gold Medal high score, ultimately earning "Catch Master" .

I have written a guide detailing all of the Hidden Monkey locations here:

Hidden Monkey Locations

Getting Gold Medal scores in every level is challenging, but the best advice I can give is to become familiar with the levels, focus on not getting hit, and putting together a big combo at some point in the level. If you can keep a combo going while you capture any Hidden Monkeys and the Specter lookalike in each level, you will get huge points that are a major help towards achieving the gold medal scores. Also, make sure you shoot at all the objects, enemies, banana bunches (which are worth points once you have a max 50 bananas) and monkeys you can during the exploring sections - these are not worth a ton of points, but they do add up over the course of a level, and can make the difference to getting the Gold Medal scores.

                                                   [PS3T Would Like to Thank Sajjio for this Roadmap]

Ape Escape (PS3) Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

12 trophies ( 7  )

  • Reached 100% completion.

    To achieve 100% completion, you must capture every monkey in the game (see "I See All" for information on the Hidden Monkeys) and get a Gold Medal on all 15 levels. As mentioned in the Roadmap, getting the Gold Medal scores in every level is the most challenging aspect of the game.

    Tips for achieving the Gold Medal scores:

    - The biggest key is to not get hit and put together a big combo in each level.

    - You will get major points if you capture any Hidden Monkey or the Specter lookalike monkey during a combo.

    - Make sure to become familiar with the Exploring sections of the levels, so that you can shoot as many objects, enemies, bananas, and monkeys as you can. These are not worth a lot of points, but they can often add up to several thousand points throughout a level, and can be important to getting a Gold Medal score, especially if you get hit a few times and break up your combos.

  • Earned at least 10 gold medals.

    See "Catch Master"

  • Beat the game once.

    This trophy will pop once you beat all 15 levels in the game.

  • Defeated at least 600 enemies.

    This trophy will pop as you play through the game. Shoot, swat, and destroy every robot and projectile that you come across.

    If you do not get this during your first playthrough, you should get it as you replay levels for your cleanup playthrough.

  • Captured all monkeys.

    You will be able to capture most of the monkeys by playing through the game normally – most of them automatically appear in the Capture sections of each level.

    You will also need to unlock and capture all of the Hidden Monkeys – most levels have 2 Hidden Monkeys, and these need to be discovered and hit during the level in order to appear in a Capture section.

    For detailed information and locations on the Hidden Monkeys, please see this guide:

    Hidden Monkey Locations

  • Got back at least 100 bananas.

    This trophy will pop as you play through the game. When a monkey hits you, it will steal a bunch of bananas. Use your slingshot to shoot the monkey before they eat the bananas to get them back.

    If you do not get this during your first playthrough, you should get it as you replay levels for your cleanup playthrough.

  • Captured at least 300 monkeys.

    See "I See All"

  • Pulled off a 40 combo.

    For this trophy you will have to capture 40 monkeys in a row without getting hit. It's worth noting there will not be enough monkeys to get to 40 in the first few levels.

    The best way to do this, is to use your batteries to summon vacuums in capture sections with a lot of monkeys. If you can stockpile 2-3 batteries and avoid getting hit in the Exploring sections, you should be able to get a 40 combo without too much trouble.

  • Viewed the Monkeypedia.

    From the main menu, enter the Goodies section. Then simply click on Monkeypedia to get to that section and get the trophy.

  • Used the 'Record' function.

    From the main menu, enter the Goodies section. Then enter the Record section, and record yourself saying anything (your PS Eye camera has a built-in microphone) to get the trophy.

  • Earned your first gold medal.

    See "Catch Master"

  • Captured your first monkey.

    See "I See All"

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