• Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10 (Trophy Difficulty Thread)
  • Offline trophies: 10 (7, 2, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 1-2 hours playing + 6-8 hours idle (Estimated Time to 100% Thread)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 each for both modes of Honeycomb and Many playthroughs of Fishing
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A
  • Do trophies stack?: N/A
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A


anywhereVR is a free VR app currently available on the Japanese PSN Store courtesy of SonyMusic. It’s essentially a landscape viewer with contemporary music from Japanese composers. The app also includes two minigames: Honeycomb, which is essentially hexagonal Minesweeper; and Fishing, which involves waiting for a QTE to show up. The experience is very relaxing overall and the trophies contained within are incredibly easy to earn. While there is DLC available, none of it is required to obtain the 100%. This game uses the Dualshock 4 for movement. There is an app available on the Google Play Store that works with the app, but it is not required at all to get the 100%. The game is entirely in English, so don't worry about the language barrier.

NOTE: According to Maxie the Mouse on PSNP, the headset is not at all required to play the game. I have tested this out and I can confirm that it is true. The game simply gives you a warning to plug in the headset that can be safely ignored with . Camera movement is handled using if you choose not to use VR and in fact, I recommend playing this way since the app has a problem keeping your headset calibrated and it can be difficult if not impossible to recalibrate it correctly without closing and reopening the app.

Note: These steps can be done in any order or even switched between at any time if you get bored with one before you’re done.

Step 1: Easy Stuff:

First, you will want to open your menu with and watch the credits as well as register a favorite music track or movie.

You should obtain the following trophies in this step:

Registered Traveler
Appointed Traveler

Step 2: Fishing:

Now that you have the quick trophies out of the way, you will want to go into Fishing and keep doing it until you have all of its trophies done with. It is all completely luck-based, so this could take you anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour or more.

You should obtain the following trophies in this step:

Legendary Fisherman
Drifter Fisherman
Master Fisherman
First-time Traveler (if not gotten yet)

Step 3: Honeycomb:

Now that you’ve finished Fishing, it’s time to go into Honeycomb. Your main objective here will be to catch a queen bee, so you’ll want to play several levels of Normal mode to stock up on nets (I recommend going until at least Level 20). You’ll also want to play a game of Challenge mode, but you can just uncover random tiles and lose on purpose as you just have to play it once for its trophy.

You should obtain the following trophies in this step:

Queen’s Beekeeper
Novice Beekeeper
Challenger Beekeeper
First-time Traveler (if not gotten yet)

Step 4: The Grind (It’s Virtual):

Assuming you don’t have absolutely godawful luck, you will likely be nowhere close to the 100 movies watched that you need for Career Traveler, so you can either enjoy yourself with the app over time to slowly grind the trophy out or you can leave your controller and/or headset for roughly 8 hours or so to let the trophy grind itself out.

You should obtain the following trophies in this step:

Career Traveler

[PST Would Like To Thank Walt the Dog for this Roadmap]

anywhereVR Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

10 trophies ( 7  )

  • Watched credits to the end

    From the main menu, you will want to go into Games and Tools and select Credits. Just let them run to the end and you’ll have your trophy.

  • Registered a favorite

    From the main menu, you will want to go into Games and Tools and select either Music or Movies. Simply highlight a selection and press to register it as a favorite and you’ll have your trophy.

  • First legendary fish caught

    This will likely be the last trophy you get from Fishing. Legendary fish are extremely rare and can show up on any rarity tier as they are tied to the size of the fish relative to the rest of its species. Personally, mine was a 2-Star fish. As such, you should be aiming to get as many fish as you can from each catch to make this go by more quickly. You’ll know you have a legendary fish as there will be a crown next to its length and you’ll hear the trophy pop.

  • First flotsam caught

    Just catch any inanimate object floating in the water in Fishing. These can show up at any rarity tier, are indistinguishable from normal fish before being caught, and can range from ordinary things like an old shoe or a popped life buoy to a crown and even a submarine (how you managed to pull that up, I don’t know). Just get your first flotsam and you’ll have the trophy. I had several of these by the time I was done with Fishing, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

  • 20 types of fish caught

    Just get 20 different species of fish in Fishing. You’ll know when you got a new fish because there will be a NEW icon at the corner of the fish’s picture. To check your progress on this, just go into Gallery. To make this go quicker, you can try to get multiple fish within a catch by pressing the button when your hook is over two or more fish.

  • First "Queen Bee" captured

    In Honeycomb, you have to use a net to catch a Queen Bee from a covered tile. There is no way to know whether a tile has a regular bee, a queen bee, or nothing at all, so there is a degree of luck to this trophy.

    I would recommend that you use Normal Mode and wait until around Level 21 before you start going for this so you have an excess of nets to work with. Pricey403 has also found that Queen Bees would not start appearing until Level 21, giving another reason to wait until then. This isn’t terribly hard to reach if you have a cursory understanding of how Minesweeper works. If you don’t, here are some tips to help you out:


    • When you start, go for the center of any hexagonal shapes you find if the level starts off blank. These tend not to have bees and can often help determine where they might be, especially if one of them is a blank tile, in which case you’ll uncover every tile within the area bordered by a numbered tile.
    • Pay attention to the numbers of tiles, especially at edges. If you notice that there are exactly as many covered tiles and/or bees surrounding the tile as the number of the tile, mark every uncovered tile around it. For example, if there’s exactly two covered tiles around a 2 tile, mark the remaining two tiles as you’ll know there are bees there.
    • Also pay attention to the tiles around marked tiles and bees. If you see a 1 tile next to a bee, that means that every covered tile around the 1 tile can safely be uncovered, which will reveal more tiles. If you see a higher-numbered tile next to a bee, check how many bees/marked tiles are around that tile and uncover all remaining tiles if the numbers match.
    • If you notice that you got an extra life in a level and you didn’t have full hearts beforehand, purposely fail the level and select to continue. This will refill your lives. Assuming you reach the point threshold again with full hearts, you’ll get an extra heart slot permanently, which is far more useful than a mere refill.
    • Don’t worry about failing. Losing all of your lives lets you continue with a refill. Even if you have to leave at some point, the game will still save your progress. If you’re low on lives, it may be best to just purposefully fail the level and select to continue so you can get a refill of all of your lives. This is especially useful if you managed to get a life bar extension or two via reaching point thresholds with full hearts.

    Once you get to Level 20 or so, you have one of two options: you can either just start using nets on suspicious tiles instead of marking them and hope you get a queen bee that way or just go net-crazy on a stage and hope you get a queen bee at some point. Either way doesn’t take very long, but the latter method carries the risk that you might clear the level before you find the queen bee if you end up marking all the right tiles, so the former method is recommended.

  • Played Challenge Mode

    Just play a game of Honeycomb in Challenge mode. Once the game ends, this trophy will unlock, so feel free to go nuts and just touch random tiles until you lose.

  • Played Normal Mode

    Just play a game of Honeycomb in Normal mode. Though you can feel free to just touch random tiles so you lose quicker and get the trophy, it’s best to play legitimately as this is the best mode to get Queen’s Beekeeper in.

  • Watched a movie

    See Career Traveler.

  • Watched 100 movies

    In order to get this trophy, you’ll have to watch 100 movies. This is the trophy that you’ll be going for throughout the entire game, as the movies are just the background that runs while you do anything in the game. In fact, it’s likely that you’ll get First-time Traveler while doing either Fishing or Honeycomb. Each movie lasts about 5 minutes, so you’ll be looking at around 500 minutes, or 8 hours and 20 minutes at the least to obtain this trophy, and that’s assuming you haven’t used / by accident or on purpose to switch between movies, which does not count towards the trophy and can waste a large amount of time if done often.

    Thankfully, for those that don’t want to spend an obscene amount of time staring at bodies of water and listening to calming music, you can always just let the headset sit somewhere and go about your day while the movies cycle automatically, as the app will still do its thing even when the camera can’t see the headset - and even when there’s nothing in the headset. That said, I recommend just playing without the headset plugged since as noted in the roadmap, it is possible to play the game in its entirety this way, thus saving power.

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