Road Map

-Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 4/10
-Offline: 14 (7 , 7)
-Online: 0
-Approximate Amount Of Time To 100%: 15+ Hours
-Minimum Number Of Playthroughs Needed: 1
-Number Of Missable Trophies: 0
-Glitched Trophies: 0
-Does Difficulty Affect Trophies?: No
-Do Cheat Codes Disable Trophies?: None available
-Hardware required?: Second controller for local co-op

Step 1: Play the campaign
Play level 1-14 at any difficulty. Over this course you will unlock all abilities, all vehicles and the SP and co-op missions. At the end of this step you should have the following trophies: Earth Saviour, This stuff is good, Collector, First Blood and probably a few more.

Step 2: Complete the Baghdad and Tokyo missions
In these missions you have to survive several waves of enemies without any checkpoints. Once you lose all units or miss any time limit, you'll have to start that mission again from the beginning. At the end of this step you should have the following trophies: Mayhem Unleashed, A Bridge Too Far and Mayhem Rearmed.

Step 3: Play the co-op campaigns
Grab yourself a second player and complete both co-op campaigns locally, which are similar to Baghdad Mayhem and Tokyo Raid. This is unlikely to be doable alone with two controllers, as the Tokyo mission can get a bit hectic at the end, even for two players. At the end of this step you should have the following trophies: Twin Commander and Help me out here!

Step 3: Grind tower kills and cleanup
Replay campaign levels or missions until you get Avenger. Get the remaining trophies, if any.

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Anomaly: Warzone Earth Trophy Guide

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14 trophies ( 7  )

  • Complete Single Player Campaign

    Finish all 14 levels on any difficulty.

  • Destroy 5000 towers

    Self-explanatory. Unfortunately there is no counter visible, but if you completed the campaign and all SP and co-op missions, I would assume replaying Baghdad Mayhem less than 10 times should be sufficient, depending on your 'recklessness'. YMMV...

  • Complete Baghdad Mayhem


    Fight against 10 waves of towers and power generators on a time limit, without a checkpoint. You stay on a large map, the generators spawn at random places, and towers you didn't destroy won't disappear by themselves at the beginning of the next wave. So try to keep the number of towers down, otherwise it will overwhelm you later on. The ETAs on the tactical map help you to stay within the time limit. Although this mission is available after level 6, it gets easier once you have finished the main campaign and have unlocked all abilities and vehicles.

  • Complete Tokyo Raid


    Complete 18 varying objectives on each island or 'wave', again without a checkpoint. Be careful, some are timed and in some you'll have to hurry (protecting the transport chopper), if you miss this it will result in an instant "game over". Although this mission is available after level 12, it gets easier once you have finished the main campaign and have unlocked all abilities and vehicles.

  • Complete Baghdad Mayhem Rearmed


    Similar to Mayhem Unleashed, only with 18 waves and stronger enemy resistance. Available after completing the single player campaign.

  • Use 4 different abilities simultaneously

    Rather self-explanatory. Once you got the final ability in level 8, spam all 4 abilities before the first one runs out. The easiest way to get this is to wait and play Baghdad Mayhem after the campaign, where you will have all 4 abilities available right from the start. Select Baghdad Mayhem, select any vehicle (one is sufficient), leave tactical map, spam all four, trophy...

  • Collect 15 Carusaurum Caches

    Basically unmissable. You need to collect (read: pass by and shoot) Carusaurum in exchange for money in this game. Introduced in level 3, you should get the trophy a few levels later.

  • Use one Smoke Screen ability to protect 6 units


    It has to be one smoke screen only, six units, covering them all, at the same time. Not two screens, and not simply passing though. Once you have the ability and 6 units and use a sharp turn like a U, place a smoke screen in the middle to cover them all at once.

  • Fully upgrade a unit (3 stars)

    Upgrade any unit three times. Although you might get this eventually with a combat unit in Baghdad Mayhem or Tokyo Raid, the cheapest way is to use a supply unit for 25$ per upgrade. It gets even easier in Baghdad Mayhem after the campaign, select Baghdad Mayhem, select supply unit, upgrade thrice, trophy...

  • Collect 20 abilities

    Basically impossible to miss. Friendly forces will drop abilities either in scripted events or when you destroyed a tower. Simply collect 20 of them.

  • Destroy 10 Towers

    Unmissable. Unless you quit after the first level.

  • Complete both co-op modes


    Play Baghdad Mayhem (10 waves) and Tokyo Raid (18 waves) in co-op. These missions are identical to their single player counterpart. Player one can deploy "Repair" and "Air Raid", boost "Smoke Screen" and "Decoy" and modify the convoy setup, while player two can deploy "Smoke Screen" and "Decoy", boost "Repair" and "Air Raid" and modify the path. Communication between players is the key here.

    It has been reported that playing the second campaign only is sufficient for gaining this trophy, but I haven't verified it myself. Any feedback is appreciated.

  • Boost 20 abilities while playing co-op mode


    Co-op mode introduces the concept of ability boosting. One player can deploy an ability, the other performs the same command on his controller to boost it. If you are going for Twin Commander, you will get this eventually, but if you cannot wait or don't have a second player available, this is also doable alone with a second controller. Select a co-op mode, select a vehicle and a path and ignore them, move both commanders close to each other, deploy any ability and boost it, until you run out of abilities or boosts, quit mode and repeat. This shouldn't take more than a few minutes until the trophy unlocks.

  • Earn 10 gold medals within the campaign

    There are three types of medals.

    • Ruthlessness: relates to the number of towers you destroyed. For a gold medal you have to destroy all towers, thankfully those who are unreachable do not count to the totals.
    • Efficiency: how many of your units survived. For a gold medal all your units have to reach the target/exit.
    • Directness: take the quickest path. For a gold medal rush through to the objective, take no detours. Check the ETA display on the tactical map for the quickest route.

    Earn any ten gold medals for the trophy. As ruthlessness and directness contradict themselves in most cases, medals are cumulative. Play a level once for gold ruthlessness and efficiency, and a second time for gold directness, to get all three gold medals for a level.

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