Safe Trophy in Anna: Extended Edition

  • Safe


    Complete the game with the "Just a scratch" ending.

    How to unlock Safe

    You will reach a part of the game where you have to take leaves and place them in pictures on the wall. Make sure you save the game before you attempt this just in case you go wrong or are not quick enough. Once you have finished this “Leaf puzzle” you will be able to go into the stockroom. When you get in the stockroom you will have to use the lamp to disperse the darkness that is taking over half the room. Once the darkness disappears, there will be a door in the far left corner of the room. Simply exit the sawmill through this door to unlock the ending.

    For the door to appear, you need to reach the stockroom and disperse the darkness BEFORE you have a strange vision, where your torchlight turns red and there are signs that appear all over the walls. For most people, this door will probably not appear on your first go, as the “red visions” event is random and can appear quite quickly. To solve this it's best to load up an earlier save. Now that you know what to do next, go through the game as quickly as possible and you should be able to reach the Stockroom and disperse the darkness before everything changes to red. If it still doesn't appear, load up an even earlier save until you can get through quick enough for the door to appear.

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