- Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10 Trophy Difficulty Rating
- Offline trophies: 1 , 1 , 13
- Approximate amount of time to 100%: 6-10 hours (Estimated Time to 100%)
- Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 (with some save reloads)
- Number of missable trophies: 14 - Anna My Love, Black Night, Safe, Ghostbuster!, Sherlock, First Take, Straight to the Goal, Jump in the house, Way of the Sabot Maker, Bookworm, Anna Fhtagn, Once Upon a Time, Scientific Method, That’s All Folks!
- Glitched trophies: None
- Does difficulty affect trophies: No
- Do cheat codes disable trophies: No


Anna: Extended Edition is a psychological horror game that is set in an abandoned sawmill. The game is very vague and without a guide, it would be difficult getting all the trophies. However, with a guide the game is made very easy, as long as you take advantage of save points you can complete this to 100% in one and a bit playthroughs.

Step 1:

The only thing you can really do is play the game! As you work your way through, make sure you get all the collectibles listed. Refer to the individual trophy descriptions for more information on how to earn the specific trophies. See That's All Folks! trophy description for how to get 100%. Following this will also net you the 100% trophy as well. Below is a list to show what order you should be earning the trophies in:

Jump in the house
Its dark here
Once Upon a Time
First Take
Black Night
Anna Fhtagn
Anna, My Love
Straight to the Goal
Scientific Method
Way of the Sabot Maker
That’s All Folks!

At the end of this you should have a brand new 100% completed game, congratulations!

Remember you have plenty of save files to play with, so make sure you save often, as this can be abused to make the game easier. For a mini guide on when to save, please refer to the That’s All Folks! trophy description as I have included a mini guide on when and where to save/reload.

If anybody is interested in a step-by-step guide then Marona over at steamcommunity has made one that can be followed for PS3 as well: LINK

[PST Would Like To Thank ClungePumper for this Roadmap]

Anna: Extended Edition Trophy Guide

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15 trophies ( 13  )

  • Complete the game with the "The Truth" Ending

    There are 8 endings in the game and to unlock this trophy you need to finish the game with either “The Truth” or “The Whole Truth”. “The Whole Truth” ending requires you to complete the game with all the books read, all the notes and all the intuitions. “The Truth” ending requires you to get the same, minus some intuitions. So purposefully don’t find or combine some to get “The Truth” instead of “The Whole Truth”. If you are following the guide then this trophy will unlock when you go for That’s all Folk’s! at the latest as it's required for the 100% trophy.

  • Complete the game with the "So Soon" ending.

    To unlock this trophy, when you reach the Attic for the first time go to the Door on the far side and select “Yes” when it tells you that you may not be able to go back inside. This ends the game and unlocks the trophy.

  • Safe


    Complete the game with the "Just a scratch" ending.

    You will reach a part of the game where you have to take leaves and place them in pictures on the wall. Make sure you save the game before you attempt this just in case you go wrong or are not quick enough. Once you have finished this “Leaf puzzle” you will be able to go into the stockroom. When you get in the stockroom you will have to use the lamp to disperse the darkness that is taking over half the room. Once the darkness disappears, there will be a door in the far left corner of the room. Simply exit the sawmill through this door to unlock the ending.

    For the door to appear, you need to reach the stockroom and disperse the darkness BEFORE you have a strange vision, where your torchlight turns red and there are signs that appear all over the walls. For most people, this door will probably not appear on your first go, as the “red visions” event is random and can appear quite quickly. To solve this it's best to load up an earlier save. Now that you know what to do next, go through the game as quickly as possible and you should be able to reach the Stockroom and disperse the darkness before everything changes to red. If it still doesn't appear, load up an even earlier save until you can get through quick enough for the door to appear.

  • Find all supernatural events in a single playthrough

    There are 16 supernatural events that happen at certain points during the game. Its best to save your game after each one so you know you have witnessed one and can cross it off the list. Best practice is to check on the list below when you enter a new room and wait until you see ALL the events before moving on. Some people have reported it taking up to 15 minutes to see one, so just have patience and wait around. If it is taking even longer, then you can load up a save and go into the room again and wait.

    Inside the first room once you enter the sawmill:
    1. Fast knocking noises, like footsteps, it stops when you walk to the stockroom door.
    2. A white cloud like streak of dust coming towards you and the screen will flash white.
    3. A mannequin will appear near the stove and catch fire.

    In the workshop:
    4. Mannequins will be kneeling down facing the wall, one will fall over.

    In the Attic:
    5. Loud heavy breathing behind you, turn around to see a mask.
    6. Pile of rocks on the floor, hands will come out of them.

    Living quarters:
    7. After a loud scream, in the first room you will see some mannequins, turn around for the surprise.
    8. In the dining area where the fire is, wait around and the room will start to burn.
    9. To the right on the entrance is a small area, a silhouette will appear and if you walk towards it you will get locked in place.

    Back in the first Room:
    10. Hands will burst out of the stove when you go near it.
    11. You will hear screaming noises, open the stockroom door and a bush with arms will charge at you.
    12. Writing will appear on the wall next to the broken door, watch it until it fades.
    13. A black portal will appear with lighted pillars to either side, try and enter it.
    14. A ring of silhouettes will spin around you followed by a flash of white. **This event seems to be temperamental. Sometimes you will just hear a noise and your screen will randomly flash white. This is fine, it still counts as it happened to me and I still unlocked the trophy.

    15. Put on the “Mask of Truth” and wait until the room changes and eyes appear.

    16. Look up and chains will come down and grab you.

  • Use "Examine" 100 times in a single playthrough

    To examine an object press the button whilst looking at it. You can repeatedly examine the same item very quickly to earn this trophy in less than a minute.

  • Solve the leaves puzzle without making mistakes.

    This puzzle is required to open up the stockroom for the first time. You should save before you attempt this just in case. To finish the puzzle correctly you need to do the following steps:

    • Use the “Bronze Leaf” on the right hand side picture of the lady running in the forest.
    • Use the “Golden Leaf” on the central picture of the twins above the eye.
    • Use the “White Leaf” on the left hand picture of the man laying down.
    • Walk to the room with the “Puddle”.
    • Use the “Black Leaf” on the picture on your left as you go in.
    • Use the “Silver Leaf” on the last picture around the other side of the “Puddle”.
    • The Stockroom door will unlock ending the puzzle.

  • Complete the game without using the help feature

    When you play through the game simply do not select the help feature from the start of the game to the finish.

  • Complete the exterior section in less than 5 minutes

    You need to get from the start of the game to inside the sawmill in less than 5 minutes. Its best to run through it once slowly making sure you know where everything is, then restarting a new game, skip all the cutscenes and dialogue and rush through to get inside. The time limit is quite lenient and I got this on my first attempt. The steps you need to do are as follows:

    • Use your “Empty canteen” on the “Brook”.
    • Pick up “Maple Leaves” near the rocks.
    • Move the “Flat Pebble” and pick up “Dirty Object” underneath.
    • Use the “Dirty Object” on the “Brook”.
    • Pick up “Pebble” on the ground just past the stairs.
    • Pick up “Wooden Branch” near the tree.
    • Use the “Pebble” on the eye shape above the front door.
    • Use the “Wooden Branch” on the “Gear Piece” nestled in the broken eye shape.
    • Combine both the “Gear Pieces” in your inventory.
    • Use the “Hunting Knife” on the “Little String” which is on the “Little Door” on the side of the stairs.
    • Combine the “Little String” with the “Broken Gear”.
    • Open “Little Door” and use “Wooden Branch” on the “Cracked Wall”.
    • Use the “Cigarette Lighter” on the “Dry Branch”.
    • Use “Repaired Gear” on the “Mechanism”.
    • Use the “Little Boulder” by the front door then enter.

  • Get inside the sawmill

    You will earn this trophy naturally by completing the exterior section and getting inside the sawmill.

  • Reenact all the steps of the Way of the Sabot Maker

    You need to complete 5 steps to unlock this trophy. They are as follows:

    1.“Curious” - Read the book “Lucien and Margherita” which is found near the “Old Saw” in the first room once you enter the sawmill.
    2.“Prayer” - When you get to the Temple, use the Altar.
    3.“Alone” - When in the second bedroom in the living quarters, lock yourself in with the “2nd Room Key”.
    4.“Through” - Use “Anna’s Key” on the “Door on the Wall” in the second bedroom in the living quarters.
    5.“Trapped” - Use the “Mask of the Goddess” on yourself in the Grotto.

  • Read all books and documents in a single playthrough.

    There are 16 books or documents that can be found and read throughout the game. The list below details all the books and where they can be found. The last two you can only get if you are going for “The Truth” or “The Whole Truth” ending as it requires you to reach that far in the game. All the other endings finish before where they are found.

    1.“Notebook” - Starts out in your inventory.
    2.“Lucien and Margherita” - Sat on a chair near the Stockroom door.
    3.“About Seals and their Usage” - Hidden under the “Decrepit Boards” in the first room you enter.
    4.“Alchemy and Thaumaturgy” - Can be found in a drawer in the Workshop.
    5.“Far Away and Nearby Fairytales” - On the shelf on the wall in the Workshop.
    6.“Rituals of our Lady” - On a table in the Attic.
    7.“About Masks” - In the wardrobe in the corner of the Attic.
    8.“Of Love and Connected Rituals” - On the bed in the first room of the living quarters.
    9.“Letter” - On the table in the dining room of the living quarters.
    10.“The Beauty She Shines Of” - In the trunk in the second room of the living quarters.
    11.“The Invisible World” - On the shelf of the second room in the living quarters.
    12.“History of Pagan Religions” - On the shelf of the Stockroom once it has altered.
    13.“Legends” - On the bench to the right in the Temple.
    14.“Priest’s Letter” - In the back left corner of the Temple on the floor.
    15.“Contract” - In between the candles along the path in the Grotto.
    16.“Newspaper Page” - At the beginning of the trail of candles in the Grotto.

  • Read all cultism books in a single playthrough

    See Bookworm trophy description.

  • Read all fables in a single playthrough.

    See Bookworm trophy description.

  • Unlock all intuitions in a single playthrough.

    There are 33 intuitions you need to unlock to earn this trophy. You know you have unlocked one when a black eye symbol appears in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. There are two ways of finding intuitions. One is by picking up/reading/examining certain items/books. The other is by combining intuitions you have already found.

    This first list is of the intuitions you can find:

    1.“Maple Leaves 1” - Outside near the “Pile of Rocks” you need to examine the “Maple Leaves” on the ground.
    2.“Woods” - When you use the “Incandescent Ritual Dagger” on yourself above the “Puddle”.
    3.“Stake” - When you use the “Black Leaf” on the “Burning Lady” picture during the “Leaf puzzle”.
    4.“Anna Doesn’t Want That” - Unlocked when you successfully complete the “Leaf puzzle”.
    5.“Wedding Ring” - When you use the “Folding Hunting Knife” on the “Ring” which is on the hand of the “Wooden Mannequin” in the stockroom.
    6.“Name on Wedding Ring” - Once you have the ring in your inventory, examine it.
    7.“Statue” - Walk around the Attic a few times and this will unlock after the voices have stopped.
    8.“Maple Leaves 2” - In the living quarters, pick up “Maple Leaves” lying in the “Cradle”.
    9.“Homicidal Sabot Maker” - Pick up and read the “Letter” which is found on a table in the main room of the living quarters.
    10.“Hate Towards Anna” - Read “The Beauty She Shines Of” which is found in the trunk at the end of the bed in the 2nd room in the living quarters.
    11.“Copper Age” - “Hate Towards Anna” - Read “The Beauty She Shines Of” which is found in the trunk at the end of the bed in the 2nd room in the living quarters.
    12.“Me As The Sabot Maker” - Use the “Mask of the Assassin” on yourself in the same room where you find “The Beauty She Shines Of”.
    13.“Black Figure” - Examine the front door where you first entered after it has changed colour.
    14.“Reflection” - When you use the “Cigarette Lighter” on the “Basin” in the Attic.
    15.“Maple Leaves 3” - Examine the “Maple Leaves” on the ground in the Temple.
    16.“Sculptor’s Tale” - Read the book “Legends” which is found on a bench in the Temple.
    17.“Priest’s Letter” - Pick up and read “Priest’s Letter” which is found in the Temple.
    18.“Threatening” - Use the “Mask with Black Dress” on the “Chair” in the Attic.

    This list is of the intuitions you find by combining:

    19. “Cradles and Tomb” - Combine both “Maple Leaves” intuitions to create this one.
    20. “Paintings in the Niches” - Combine “Stake” intuition with “Hate Towards Anna”.
    21. “Am I a Murderer” - Combine “Homicidal Sabot Maker intuition with “Me As The Sabot Maker”.
    22. “It Wants Me To Stay” - Combine “Anna Doesn’t Want That” intuition and “Black Figure”.
    23. “The Dark Me” - Combine “Black Figure” intuition with “Reflection”.
    24. “I Want to Stay” - Combine “The Dark Me” intuition with “It Wants Me To Stay”.
    25. “I Removed It” - Combine “I Want To Stay” intuition with “Am I A Murderer”.
    26. “Anna and the Tomb” - Combine “Cradles and Tomb” intuition and “Maples Leaves 3”.
    27. “Encounter In The Woods” - Combine “Woods” intuition with “Sculptor’s Tale”.
    28. “What Does it Mean?” - Combine “Wedding Ring” intuition with “Married”.
    29. “The Statue and I” - Combine “Sculptor’s Tale” intuition with “Statue”.
    30. “Married” - Combine “Name on Ring” intuition with “I Want To Stay”.
    31. “Letter and Storybook” - Combine “Priest's Letter” intuition and “Sculptor’s Tale”.
    32. “Medieval” - Combine “Threatening” intuition with “Hate Towards Anna”.
    33. “Thousands of Years” - Combine “Copper Age” intuition with “Medieval”.

  • Finish the game with 100% completion

    This is the most time consuming and confusing trophy. It requires you to get the following:

    16/16 Books Read
    33/33 Intuitions
    16/16 Events
    4/5 Sabot Maker steps
    8/8 Endings
    22/22 Notes

    The Notes do not have a separate trophy attached to them, so I will list here the way to unlock all the notes chronologically. Most of them you will earn naturally but some are missable, so I will list them all here:

    1. First note added at the games start.
    2. Use the “Repaired Gear” on the “Mechanism”
    3. Walking towards the Stockroom door.
    4. Read “About Seals and their Usage”.
    5. Pick up “Key” from “Broken Stove”
    6. Read “Alchemy and Thaumaturgy”
    7. Combine “Bone Hilt” and “Sharp Fragment”.
    8. Use “Wheel” once the “Lamp” is lit.
    9. Use “Incandescent Ritual Blade” on yourself.
    10. Examine the “Wooden Mannequin” in the stockroom.
    11. Light the “Oil Lamp” in the stockroom.
    12. Using the “Cigarette Lighter” on the fully “Repaired Stove”.
    13. Read “Rituals of our Lady”.
    14. Read “Of Love and Connected Rituals”
    15. Examine both “Cradles” in the living quarters.
    16. Read “Letter”.
    17. Use the “Face of Truth” mask in the small room in the living quarters.
    18. Read “The Beauty She Shines Of”.
    19. Read “History of Pagan Religions”.
    20. Light the “Basin” on fire.
    21. Enter the Grotto.
    22. Use your “Axe” on the “Assassin”.

    Most of these you will come across during natural playthroughs, as long as you are collecting and reading the books, there is only a few you can miss.

    You only need 4/5 Sabot Maker steps in one playthrough because the 5th would end the game too early to collect the last books.

    The best way to earn this trophy is to follow the mini guide below. As you go along make sure you collect all the collectibles along the way:

    • Play the game up until you are inside the sawmill. Save your game once inside, then turn around and use the “Front door” to finish the game. This will unlock your first ending (Good Decision). Reload your save.

    • Keep playing until you reach the “Leaf puzzle”. Rush through the game to open the Stockroom and clear the Dark mist. Exit the door on the back left wall for the 2nd ending (Just A Scratch). (If you did not reach the stockroom quick enough reload a previous save and rush through as fast as possible.) Reload your previous save once you have the ending.

    • Carry on until you reach the Attic for the first time. Save your game, then exit through the “Door” to the side. This will unlock the 3rd ending (So Soon?). Reload your previous save.

    • Carry on until you reach the living quarters. Save your game. Whilst there, do you best to keep glancing at the wooden mannequins so the red eye symbol flashes on your screen. If you keep doing this, your sanity meter will drop and you will eventually pass out, unlocking the 4th ending (Expelled). Reload your previous save.

    • Keep going until you are finished in the Attic and drop back down to the first room of the sawmill again. The room will look different. Save your game, and remember this save file. It is VERY important that you remember this save file and don’t overwrite it as we will be coming back to it near the end.

    • Play on until you reach the door where you have to use “Anna’s Key” to get to the Grotto. Save your game. Inside the Grotto, get hold of the “Mask of the Goddess” and put it on yourself to unlock the 5th ending (Sabot Maker’s Way). Reload the last save.

    • Now play through again, this time do not combine any of the remaining intuitions, and put the “Mask of the Goddess” on the “Celebrant”. Carry on with the game but do NOT pick up the last 2 documents on the way. Play through to the end to unlock the 6th ending (The Truth). Reload your previous save from earlier in the game which I mentioned not to overwrite.

    • Now rush through the game doing the bare minimum. Reach the Grotto and put the “Mask of the Goddess” on the “Celebrant” then cross the ravine. You will be blocked by a row of mannequins and this unlocks the 7th ending (Inadequate).

    • Reload your save nearest the end (your original save when you first reached the Grotto). Now play through to the end, finishing off the intuitions and collecting the last documents. By now you will have watched all events, collected all documents, unlocked all intuitions, will have 4/5 Sabot Maker steps, unlocked all notes and this will unlock the 8th and final ending (The Whole Truth). This will also unlock That’s All Folk’s! and your 100%!!

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