The Force is strong Trophy in Angry Birds Star Wars

  • The Force is strong


    Unlock all of the bonus scores within the multiplayer mode

    How to unlock The Force is strong

    After all of the levels are complete in a Score Attack match, each player is awarded bonuses based on their performance in the levels. Fastest Finish!, Longest Flight!, and Highest score with one bird are awarded every round. If you are only needing the TNT or blaster bonuses, start a 1 level Score Attack match. If the level chosen does not have what you need for the bonus, exit the level and start a new match until the level has what you need for the bonus.
    There are 10 score bonuses in multiplayer. All of them can be earned in Score Attack. They are:

    • Fastest Finish! - Finish the level in the shortest amount of time.
    • Longest Flight! - Have the longest flight with one bird.
    • Highest score with one bird - Get the most points with one bird.
    • No ability used - Do not use any of your birds' special abilities in a level.
    • Less than 50% birds used – Use less than half of the birds you are given to clear a level.
    • TNT takes out all pigs – Use TNT to pop all of the pigs in a level.
    • Total TNT and pig takeout – Destroy all of the TNT and pigs in a level.
    • Hit by a blaster, take out a pig! – Pop a pig after being hit by a blaster.
    • Multi-TNT explosion! – Explode multiple TNT boxes with one bird.
    • Direct hit on a pig - Have a bird pop a pig with a direct hit.

    Well, look at you! is unlocked after your first Level of Score Attack.

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