Use all adrenalin devices Trophy in Anarchy: Rush Hour

  • Use all adrenalin devices


    Use each adrenalin device at least once.

    How to unlock Use all adrenalin devices

    There are 5 Adrenalin Devices available.You can use them only when you have "Adrenalin" available in HUD bar - the lower left corner of screen, below the map.

    • Booster Device - Just HOLD to use. Gives you a great amount of speed.

    • Air Control Device - HOLD plus in direction of your choice. Can be used after you are airborne or if your car gets tilted on it's side. Allows you to control your vehicle while in the air.

    • Shockwave Device - Press on the D-pad to use. Generates a shockwave type explosion, that pushes all cars around you away.

    • Repair Device - Press and HOLD on the D-pad to use. It repairs your damage the longer you hold it.

    • Front Brakes Device - Press on the D-pad to "Hop" forward or, UP motion with "SIXAXIS" to perform a "Jump".

    • Strike Device - Press on the D-pad to perform a "Forward Strike", used to ram and do heavy damage on other cars.

    To get the trophy to unlock, you will need to have purchased all level 1 Devices and level 3 for Air Control and Front Brakes. In Air control you only get to steer with level 1 and turn with level 2, while level 3 lets you tilt. You will need to tilt to perform a "Spin". For Front Brakes you need level 3 because that is when "Jump" becomes available. Simply use all the features of all the devices and the trophy is yours.

    Note: They do NOT need to be performed in succession or in one sitting.

    Note: You can NOT get this trophy to unlock in "Tutorial" or "Multiplayer".

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