Estimated 100% Difficulty: 5.5/10 (Trophy Difficulty Thread)
Approximate Time To 100%: 5-10 Hours
Trophy Breakdown: 7 4 1
Offline: 7 4 1
Online: None
Missable Trophies: None, all trophies are available through chapter select
Minimum Playthroughs Needed: 1
Difficulty Affects Trophies: Yes
Glitched Trophies: None reported at this time


Amy is a Survival-Horror game in which you play a woman named Lana who is trying her best to escort a very special little girl named Amy to the doctor when a viral outbreak occurs. Don't worry, there are plenty of monsters and enemy Soldiers along the way to try and stop you. Amy is immune to the outbreak, and Lana staying by her side makes her immune as well. Be wary though, if Lana leaves Amy's side for too long she too will turn into a monster.

The game itself involves sneaking around, hiding, using Amy's psychic powers, a little combat and solving puzzles. For the most part, you will always be escorting Amy around. There are parts in the game where you will be forced to leave her side, but have to rush to get back before the infection sets in and you die. Most chapters don't take very long to complete as long as you understand the puzzles in the game.


Step 1 - Complete Story Mode On Hard

Every difficulty in the game is available from the beginning, and "Hard" isn't very difficult so I highly recommend knocking out every trophy in one playthrough. There are 6 chapters in all, and each one isn't very long if you know what you're doing. During this playthrough you will earn every trophy in the following order:

Find Me
All Aboard
Where Are You?
Loud And Clear
High Voltage
Blasted Metro
Emergency Exit
Survivor (Easy)
Survivor (Normal)
Survivor (Hard)

Step 2 - Clean Up

If you played through on Hard then you shouldn't be missing anything by now. If you missed any of the miscellaneous trophies you can go back to the mentioned chapters in the trophy guide through Chapter Select.


[PS3T Would Like to Thank Lo Key for this Roadmap]

AMY Trophy Guide

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12 trophies ( 7  )

  • Finish Chapter 01

    This trophy is unmissable. See Survivor (Hard).

  • Finish Chapter 02

    This trophy is unmissable. See Survivor (Hard).

  • Finish Chapter 03

    This trophy is unmissable. See Survivor (Hard).

  • Finish Chapter 04

    This trophy is unmissable. See Survivor (Hard).

  • Finish Chapter 05

    This trophy is unmissable. See Survivor (Hard).

  • Push an enemy onto an electrical device

    "Push" means use one of Amy's special abilities to force an enemy into an electrical device.

    The first opportunity for this is at the beginning of Chapter 03. You will be down on the ground while Amy is up on a platform, which just so happens to have a glyph that gives her an infinite amount of juice to use her special abilities. You will have to use Amy's power to make it back through a minefield while enemies attack you. Just push and move the to select the power. Once you release you can actually guide her ability by using . Just make sure you angle her ability to where it forces the enemy into the mine's proximity and it will get shocked and the trophy will pop.

  • Complete a level without the monsters draining Amy's energy

    Be careful; always have Amy stay behind if you are unsure of what is ahead in the level. Once you have taken out all enemies ahead go back and get Amy now that you know the "coast is clear".

    This can be got in the first chapter. There are very few enemies up until you have to cross the pit with the fire. After you have Amy crawl into the hole and press the button to open the door, leave her in there. Once you go forward you will have to eliminate 5 enemies after a Marcello warns you to run. Kill them, and go back and get Amy. Once the chapter is over the trophy will pop.

  • Avoid being seen by the enemy by concealing yourself in a hideout

    When an enemy spots you, run quickly and hide in a cabinet or under a table to get them off of your tail.

    There is a great spot to earn this trophy in Chapter 02; right after the first checkpoint. You and Amy will come up on a glass window and see an enemy Soldier inside. Crouch by him by clicking and go around the corner to the far window. When you get past the window on the far side, hit the button to make the payphone ring. This will alert the Soldier and he will come out of his room and head your way. Grab Amy and run through the hole in the wall and directly in front of you is a cabinet you can hide in. Note: This has been earned with hiding JUST Amy and leaving Lana out in the open.

  • Find Amy

    Amy likes to hide sometimes during cutscenes. When gameplay starts back, the trophy pops when you find her.

    You will earn this trophy in the very first chapter. After you unlock the electric fence and follow Marcello just go right from the door and use to pull the huge box away from the doorway. Enter the bathroom and a cutscene will start where you find Amy hiding in one of the bathroom stalls.

  • Finish the game in Easy mode

    See "Survivor (Hard)"

  • Finish the game in Normal mode

    See "Survivor (Hard)"

  • Finish the game in Hard mode

    Hard mode difficulty is available from the beginning. You will earn this at the end of Chapter 06.


    • Always have syringes on you when possible.
    • When possible, sneak by enemies instead of fighting them (Watch out for broken glass!).
    • Use Amy's special abilities to your advantage.
    • If your current weapon has been used and you come across a new one, pick it up.
    • Take your time when exploring.
    • When you have to go away from Amy, don't exert yourself too much because it causes you to get infected faster.

    For the final boss, as soon as the elevator opens, run as fast as you can across the hall and open the door to the right. Keep running and grab as many syringes as you can along the way. Run to the right and through the door on the far right side of the room. Go forward and turn right down the hallway and enter the room with the floating fetuses. Run to the back of the room and grab the item on the back wall. Run back out of the room and go left as soon as you exit. You will see two mines on the floor on your left. Run past them and get on the far side. Let the boss get near you, and swing at him, forcing him into the mine's proximity. Once he's electrocuted, hit him while he's down. Keep doing this until he dies. Keep in mind, you have to alternate between the two mines as he won't get electrocuted by the same mine twice in a row.

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