- Estimated trophy difficulty: Not enough votes (Forum thread) Personal vote: 7/10
- Offline: 17 (1 , 9 , 5 , 2 )
- Online: None.
- Estimated amount of time to : 10-25 hours (Depending on skill) (Forum thread)
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 Campaign (2-3 recommended), All songs in Quickplay
- Number of missable trophies: 1 - Fluid Intelligence
- Glitched trophies: None.
- Does difficulty affect trophies?: Expert & Super difficulties required for
- Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats.
- Extra equipment needed?:2nd controller or PS Vita required

Started on Kickstarter and funded by fans, Harmonix revives a cult classic again with Amplitude (2016)! This game was originally on the PS2 but has made its way back on this PS4 with a brand new song list, new modes and a new, sheer look. Fans of old and new will crank up these jams as they mix along the neural pathways of an unconscious patient that needs to be revived in order to realize her true meaning...and yes, that's the story behind the campaign. Blast your way to victory with Amplitude!

Although Amplitude has a short list of trophies, the list isn't easy. Most of the trophies you will obtain just by playing the game and learning the songs. Others, you'll have to go out of your way to get them. There are two major trophies that will either make or break the game for you. One is beating campaign under certain conditions and the other is beating every song on Super Mode. See the Trophy Guide for more details.

Step 1 - Complete Campaign on any difficulty and unlock FreQ Mode
*Skip this step if you're ready to play on Expert difficulty*
The Campaign in Amplitude is fairly short, but becomes more challenging as you move up in difficulty. Beginners are advised to play through on the lower difficulties and even practice on songs you're stuck on in Quickplay (Since the games offers no Practice Mode). Campaign has 3 regions, 5 songs per region, for a total of 15 songs. However, 3 are Bonus Songs and are only accessible after obtaining 10 Score Bars in each region. Your goal this time is to play through the Campaign, unlocking any miscellaneous trophies as you go and complete it. It doesn't matter if you don't unlock the Bonus Songs. Just make it to the end of Campaign. You can retry/fail as many times as you like. Also, watch out for the end of Dalatecht. It's tricky! You may unlock Comprehensive Treatment during this run. If not, it will be unlocked after Step 2.

By the end of this run, you should unlock:

  • Pathway Restored
  • Emergency Care
  • Accelerated Response
  • Synesthete

Step 2 - Complete a full 15 song Campaign on Expert & unlock Super Difficulty
*Skip this step if you're ready for the next step*
This run is a bit tougher. Restart Campaign and choose Expert difficulty. This time, you MUST access and clear all of the bonus songs. To do that, you'll need 10 score bars per region. Score bars increase depending on your score in a song. Continuously streaking and using Multiply nanotech boosts will increase your score. You only have 4 songs per region to get 10 score bars. The max you can have is 12 bars per region, so you can only miss TWO score bars. Basically, you'll need to 3-bar two songs and 2-bar the other two songs (or any combination that will result in 10+ score bars) in order to unlock the Bonus Song. This has to be done in every region. What's tough about this run is that the last region, Limbic System, has incredibly tough songs on Expert. Many will struggle trying to obtain 10 score bars in this region. Digital Paralysis and Dalatecht are the toughest to score on, so it would be best to practice the songs in Quickplay before taking them on in Campaign. You'll need about roughly 2500+ points to ensure 3 bars on each song. Some exceptions are easier songs like Perfect Brain, which doesn't have as many notes. You can also retry a song during this run if you didn't score enough points. Be sure that the retry is done BEFORE you clear the song. Otherwise, you won't be able to go back and play it. Once you clear Campaign this time, Super Mode should unlock. Like the end of Dalatecht, watch out for the same effect during the entire last Bonus Song, Wayfarer.

By the end of this playthrough, you should have:

  • Comprehensive Treatment

Step 3 - Complete a full 15 song Campaign on Expert without failing, retrying or quitting.
Here's where one of the REAL challenges are in Amplitude. You must do what's mentioned in Step 2. Only this time, you cannot fail, retry or quit the game. If you do, you must start the Campaign all over again. The reason why Step 2 is important is because you also need to access the Bonus Songs along the way, which means that you need to obtain 10 score bars in each region. This all must be done flawlessly without restarting the song in any way. This will be incredibly tough for most players and a bit of a challenge for veterans. Use nanotech boosts wisely to help you get out of trouble.

By the end of this playthrough, you will have:

  • Fluid Intelligence

Step 4 - Clear every song on Super difficulty.
This is yet another tough trophy to obtain. This time, choose "Quickplay" and go down the list of songs, clearing them all on Super difficulty. There are 30 songs total and you need to clear all of them on this difficulty. On Super, you start with a Multiply boost and every boost on all of the songs are only Multiply. However, there is no life recovery for clearing a string of notes. Also, there are no energy restoration checkpoints. These conditions make the songs even tougher to clear. You can only miss 9 times in a song, but there's a way to get an "extra chance" to help you clear the tougher songs. Refer to the Closure trophy for more information. Also, during this run, turn FreQ Mode on in Options and play and clear a song in that mode. You can turn off FreQ mode if you like, but I would highly recommend it from here on out.

By the end of this, you'll unlock:

  • Super FreQ Out
  • Closure

Step 5 – Miscellaneous trophies & Clean-up
Going for the remaining trophies won't be too much of a hassle. Some may have some trouble on Golden Child and Luminary, but after some practice, they are very obtainable. They can be done on Expert, but Super is recommended. If you haven't gotten Overachiever and/or Accelerated Response, do so now. Aggregate Results is 45000 cumulative points across all 30 songs. If you're going for Luminary, you should have it by then. Total Awareness should unlock either before or during this granted if you unlocked ALL of the Bonus Songs.

You should unlock:

  • Overachiever
  • Golden Child
  • Total Awareness
  • Aggregate Results
  • Luminary

Step 6 – Multiplayer
Now that you've gotten all of the Single Player trophies, it's time to get these now. There are only three to obtain, but one's a bit tricky and may even require another person. It has been reported that Imperturbable has trouble unlocking. For a more detailed explanation and method of unlocking it, refer to the trophy guide. Group Therapy may require another player since you'll need to streak quite a bit in order to get 4000+ points.

Finally, after this, you'll unlock:

  • Aggressive Tendencies
  • Imperturbable
  • Group Therapy
  • Superhuman

[PST Would Like To Thank conkervertex for this Roadmap]

Amplitude Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
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17 trophies ( 2  )

  • Collect all other trophies.

  • Complete a song in any mode.

    This is very simple. Just pick a song on any difficulty (whether it be Quickplay or Campaign) and clear it. The trophy will unlock immediately after the song is completed. Perfect Brain is the easiest. So pick it and complete it.

  • Restore a broken streak using Cleanse or Flow.

    Playing through the game will unlock nanotech boosts. Cleanse should be the first one you unlock. It will appear on the tracks as you play. Just clear a string of notes with the boost connected to it, then move over to another track. Start stringing those notes and then miss one. Immediately press or to deploy the boost and it will clear the track for you. At this point, your streak wasn't broken. Move over to another track and clear all of the notes. The trophy should pop just as you restored your streak again. This also works with Flow as well.

  • Clear two consecutive sequences on opposite sides.

    This trophy requires to to clear a track on one end (left or right) and then immediately go to the opposite side of the song track and clear the sequence there. If successful, the trophy will pop. It's best done when you hit a checkpoint on one side, then go all the way over on the opposite side to clear the other sequence. You may get this one by mistake during your Campaign run(s).

  • Clear two consecutive sequences and use Eject, Disrupt, or Cleanse against an opponent in between.

    The best way to do this is to pick up a Cleanse boost and have your opponent in one of the middle tracks. Make sure there's an available track next to your opponent. Now, start the sequence on your track and complete it. Then, immediately go behind your opponent, deploy the Cleanse boots, wiping out their track and then quickly switch over to the track next to you and your opponent and fully clear out the sequence. If done successfully, the trophy will pop. This may take a few tries, but it's not as hard as it seems.

  • Score 4000+ on a song as a team.

    When choosing your ships, press to switch to Team Play Mode. Both you and the other player must be the same color. Now, start a song and streak as much as you can. This would be best to play on Super since you'll get plenty of Multiply boosts. Achieve over 4000 points and the trophy will pop.

  • Get 100% Sequences Cleared on a song.

    Best done on an easier difficulty if you're having trouble. Just continue to streak sequences until the end of the song. You can't miss anything and even if you do, be sure to have a Cleanse or Flow boost handy in case you break your streak. If you miss with no boost, restart the song and try again. it may take some practice, but can be obtained over a short period of time.

  • Keep your streak and earn 100+ points through Disrupt.

    The description for this trophy is misleading. The way to unlock it is that you must have a streak going and the other player will then deploy disrupt on your track. You must keep your streak by clearing out the sequence and then moving on and clearing out the very next sequence entirely. Keep streaking without breaking out. Only then will the trophy pop. It is also recommended to have a Multiply boost on hand to help you get over 100 points.

    Pyramat offered an awesome tip about this trophy:

    The trick is that you have to activate disrupt in the second half of the first track, complete the entire second track, and then switch to the third track without breaking your streak. The reason I wasn't getting it is because I was activating disrupt too early, and it stopped before I completed the second track. I'd recommend doing the trophy on Break for Me on Advanced difficulty as I did in the video, as it allowed me to activate disrupt on my second controller while still hitting notes on my main controller towards the end of the first track.

    Video on how to do this here

  • Get a triple gold bar rating on three different songs.

    This will require you to get a really high score on 3 songs. You can see how many bars you have by looking at the songs in Quickplay. Songs like Perfect Brain only requires about 2100+ points to gold bar while others may need 2800+ points. You only need 3 songs for this, so I would recommend the easier ones (Perfect Brain, Wetware, Dreamer). Keep up your streak and use Multiply boosts if you have them to increase your score. If you somehow don't have this by the time you unlock Super difficulty, you can try it there. Just be mindful of Super difficulty's rules.

  • Complete Dalatecht on any difficulty in Campaign mode.

    Dalatecht is the final song in Campaign and must be cleared in order to obtain this trophy. You can play Campaign on any difficulty and simply clear this song to unlock it. Watch out for the tricky wavy/dizzy effect the game throws at you near the end of this song. Once you finish it, the trophy will pop.

  • Complete a full 15-song Campaign on Intermediate difficulty or above.

    Just as the description says, you need to clear a full 15-song Campaign on Intermediate or higher. Doing so will not only unlock this trophy, it will also unlock Super difficulty. You'll need to 10 score bars or higher per region to unlock the Bonus Song. All three Bonus Songs must be unlocked in order to play a full 15-song Campaign. If you feel like you didn't score enough points, retry the song BEFORE it ends since you can't go back in Campaign. Use your boosts and keep streaking as much as you can. Once you clear the 15th and final song, Wayfarer, the trophy will pop and Super difficulty will be unlocked.

  • Unlock all songs.

    As you play, you will notice "New Song Discovered" screens. Just keep playing until all of the songs are unlocked. Unfortunately, you have to access the Bonus Songs through Campaign by score enough bars in each region. The Bonus Songs count towards this total as well.You should be able to discover them with no issues if you're following this guide.

  • Get more than 45000 points on the overall leaderboard.

    Point totals are cumulative across all modes. The game will take your highest score on a song and place them on the leaderboard. Get at least 45000 points or more across all 30 songs and the trophy will pop. Using boosts and successful streaking will help you get a higher scores. Expert or Super is recommended. Since you'll be going through those modes anyway, this will naturally pop.

  • Complete a song in FreQ mode on Super difficulty.

    Once you complete a full 15-song Campaign on Expert, you will unlock Super difficulty. By this time, you should also have FreQ Mode unlocked. Clear a song with FreQ Mode on (located in Options) and on Super difficulty. Again, choose Perfect Brain if you're having trouble . The trophy will immediately pop at the end of the song.

  • Get a triple bar rating on all songs.

    Just as it says, you must get 3 bars on every song in the game. Your best bet here would be to get at least over 2500+ points per song (Except earlier songs). When I did this, I was playing on Super since Multiply is the only boost that will show up on the tracks. Best advice here is to keep up your streak and use your boosts. They can help you when obtaining a higher score. The rest is practice, practice, practice.

  • Complete a 15-song campaign on Expert difficulty or above without failing, retrying, or quitting.


    One of the hardest trophies in the game. Just as the description says, you need to finish a full 15-song Campaign on Expert without failing, retrying or quitting. Doing so will result in you restarting the Campaign all over again. The most frustrating part about this is that region three: Limbic System, has some of most difficult songs in the game! And on TOP of that, you need to access ALL of the Bonus Songs *and clear them* during this one run. It is going to take some serious skills and practice in order to tackle this trophy. Here are some useful tips:


    • Keep an eye on your energy. If a track is too complex, move over to another one. Keep moving and streak as much as you can to avoid failing or scoring too little points.
    • Use your boosts wisely. Don't waste a Cleanse boost on a sequence that you can manage. usually Drums and Synth tracks are ridiculous, so use them on those tracks. Use Sedate on those tracks as well to slow down the pace and Flow if you know you're about to break your streak.
    • STREAK THROUGH THE BARRIERS! Every 4th song in each region have barriers you must streak through in order to clear them. Failing to do so will result in MASSIVE energy damage which can cause you to fail. You'll know when a barrier is coming when the announcer tells you to streak through a barrier. Stick to easy tracks (avoiding Drums/Synth/etc.) and make it through the barrier.
    • Use Quickplay and know what you're dealing with. Always use Quickplay as a "practice" run through the song. Once you're ready, take it on in Campaign.

    Above all, stay calm. Keep an eye out for any boosts and be sure to regain energy as fast as you can if you fail to streak through the barriers. Good luck. If I have any more useful tips, I'll place them here.

  • Complete all songs on Super difficulty.

    Another one of the hardest trophies in the game. You must clear all 30 songs on Super difficulty. What's hard about this trophy is that you have no life recovery and you'll need to streak A LOT. There are no energy restoration checkpoints and you are only limited to Multiply nanotech boosts. Easy songs like Perfect Brain and Wetware will be simple to clear in this mode while others like Dalatecht, Digital Paralysis Synthesized and Assault on Psychofortress will prove to be extremely difficult to pass because of Super difficulty's conditions. However, here's a tip from me that can slightly help you in while playing this mode:

    Basically, when you're near death, the energy bar will be flashing red. This means that if you make one more mistake, it's Game Over. However, if you're able to clear a sequence during this state, the bar will stop flashing and you'll recover by 1. So basically, you can clear a song on Super so long as you stay out of the flashing red zone. You can use this to your advantage to skip a tough track and move over to an easier so long as you clear out the very next sequence. So, in essence, you get a slight health "recovery." I'm not sure if this is a glitch or if the developers overlooked it, but hey, use it to your advantage before they decide to patch it.

    Video, thanks to aeiko! Skip to 2:15:

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