Baby Mozart Trophy in Among the Sleep

  • Baby Mozart


    Find and play all the instruments in the game

    How to unlock Baby Mozart

    Chapter Selection: Home & Playground

    This trophy is for playing all the instruments in the game and requires two different chapters which are, "Home" and "Playground". These instruments are musical instruments that are the following:


    • Upright Piano
    • Xylophone

    In the second chapter titled "Home", is after you have found your teddy bear in the laundry room. Unlock the fence near the stairs and then head downstairs. Continue through the hallway and enter the room that you see at the end. Once you walked into the living room, turn towards your left to find a upright piano. You'll need to play this piano, so climb up the piano stool and hold and move the button up to open the piano lead. Press again to interact with piano keys, a save icon should pop up at the bottom right corner of your screen indicating that it's been saved.

    In the third chapter titled "Playground", as soon as you start the chapter. You'll see a toy xylophone lying on the floor near your right. Walk up to the xylophone and interact with it to make it play its sound effect. If you have interacted with the piano from the previous chapter and then interacted with this toy xylophone, you will unlock this trophy.

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  • he means a slide, not a seesaw. It's right at the start of the level.

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