Eternal Memories Trophy in Amnesia: Memories

  • Eternal Memories


    Unlocked Memories of every character

    How to unlock Eternal Memories

    You will earn nearly all of the game's CG images by playing through all of the Endings for each character. The last few will be unlocked upon completion of both minigames. Note that Toma and Shin have an additional CG image located in Ukyo's route.

    Kent has one that you're not likely to get during your playthrough of his path. To unlock it, go to his section of the Album, select the first picture from the third row, and replay the scene it's from, then choose the dialogue you didn't pick before.

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  • hi. I have a problem getting this trophy. I already completed the endings for each character, and I have pending only the second image of bonus after finalizing all endings. Any idea how to fix it?

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